Death Threats for Arab Marraige Counselor Publishing Sex Book


Wedad Lootah received death threats after the publication of her second book on sex in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). But she still plans to publish another book, also about sex. Lootah believes that Arab women need more information about sex and sexual health, and she has a duty to provide it for them.

Lootah is a conservative Arab woman who wears a niqab that covers all of her body and face except for eye slits. She is also a marriage counselor who has advised many Arab couples struggling with sex, and grounds her knowledge and beliefs in the teachings of the Quran. Because so little information about sexual education is available, many Arab women and men have sexual difficulties or engage in uncomfortable sexual acts. Lootah is trying to change that.

When her second book came out, Lootah said, “People said I was crazy, that I was straying from Islam, that I should be killed. Even my family ask why I must talk about this. I say: ‘These problems happen every day and should not be ignored. This is the reality were are living’” (

Lootah’s previous books have covered topics such as female orgasm, sexual abuse, infidelity, and homosexuality (which she believes is against the teachings of the Quran), and have sold over 20,000 copies. Her new book is due out later this year.

Advocating for sexual education

Sexual education is an important issue in every corner of the world, for both men and women. How can we ensure that everyone has access to information about their sexual health? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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emily Jean
emily Jean5 years ago

I'm really disliking cultures and religions like these......why are we introducing this religion into australia and America.
I wish these ladies all the best.... Although they think we're immoral, I hope we help them in some way break free . Perfect words Lynne ...

Sarah Hill
Sarah H5 years ago

And this from a religion of peace... NOT

lynne kennedy
Lynette kennedy5 years ago

I should have added to my previous comment
"Why does everybody make such a big issue out of a little bit of tissue"
a quote from Mae West.

wchi wink
.5 years ago

Unfortunately, most Arabic and north African women who speak out the truth are punished or have a fatwa upon their heads! We must speak out for them!
There are women in these countries fighting for years to change archaic laws that keep them under male dominance and worse than slaves! I heard so many stories of these brave women who dare to speak out! - and they know their lives are in danger!

Fernando Nobull
Fernando Nobull5 years ago

I am trully stunned at the bravery of such women who are unfortunate to be born in such horrid cultures.

Parvez Zuberi
Parvez Zuberi5 years ago

Brave women

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

What a brave woman. I hope no one kills her and she can continue her good work, at least for hetereosexual women.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

It must be a very sad life if you are a woman in this country.

Danika Skalet
Danika Murphy5 years ago

I think what she's doing is wonderful, and hope she is given the proper protections to be able to continue her works.

lynne kennedy
Lynette kennedy5 years ago

Brave lady! These people still live in the dark ages mentally because of their oppressed society, they haven't been able to evolve mentally and the religious leaders want to keep it that way through ignorance.
Even religious people have sex, without it no one or anything else would exist - it's a fact of life thanks to God or evolution, yet the Muslims seem to be overly obsessed about it - to the point of neurosis.
The ignorant fanatics are neurotic and want to kill anyone or anything steps out of their "rules" or who wants to gain knowledge and understanding how the human body works even the sexuality of humans.
It will change in time as brave women like Medad come forward to educate and stand up to the mad old cronies.
The majority of young people in these countries have the internet and can access as much information and knowledge to be able to think for themselves and bring about change - which is already happening.