Declare Your Independence from ‘Made in China’

The Fourth of July is waiting for us at the end of this week. And while holidays like this can leave us feeling warm and fuzzy, they are often so swallowed up in commercialism and fake, manufactured sentiments, that ‘we the people’ completely forget the sacrifices, principles and ideals that made Independence Day significant in the first place.

Now before you start scrolling down to leave a comment about how corrupt the Founding Fathers were, let me just save you the trouble. I know. The founders of this nation were not perfect. Democracy is not perfect (nor does it really exist in America anymore). But the intentions were right on. A country where people could live, love, worship (or not), work and die in the manner of their own choosing, without interference from the government, or anyone else for that matter. While this kind of independence might not really exist in America anymore, I’m pretty sure that most people will agree that this is still one of the most free places in the world to live.

But this weekend, while we Americans sit back and blow up hundreds of dollars of fireworks without batting an eye, I won’t be able to help but think about the millions upon millions of people in the world who don’t enjoy these freedoms, and might not ever be able to.

So this 4th of July, let’s pledge to do something different. Let’s really celebrate independence by remembering the way our actions help keep people in another country from enjoying the same basic freedoms we have.

I challenge you to boycott ‘Made in China’ products…clothes, dishes, toys, lawn furniture, electronics and yes, even fireworks. See how many things you can’t turn on, listen to or use when all of the Chinese made products in your home are off limits, and then think about what you are supporting by purchasing these things.

Here are some reasons why you should declare your independence from ‘Made in China’…

Support the Fight for a Free and Independent Tibet

To Prevent Toxic Products from Endangering Your Health

Help to Abolish Slave/Child Labor and Establish Basic Human Rights

Protest Horrific Animal Cruelty

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Chris H.
Past Member 9 years ago

Buying "Made in China" is paying to have your country turned into China's new bitch. Better yet charge the crap on your credit card for complete satisfaction.

Buying "Made in China" is your vote of support for child labour, economic slavery, human rights abuses, unregulated pollution, unsustainable whaling, dolphin killing, and shark finning and approving preventable extinctions plus more disgusting practices.

Vote no to China's record- say no to Chinese made crap. It is the only choice possible for a compassionate and caring people. Say no to Chinese "goods" and Walmarts support of Chinese dirty industry.

Susan Suni Ibarra
Susan Ibarra9 years ago

HAH!! Open a subject and watch the world pontificate through their self centered noses!!!!!!!!! I really think we must ALL be very creful what we say to whom.
I hope I'm very wrong, but it DOES feel like China is trying to take this country over by undermining its economy, - - - - -by having more of their goods being sold and used here, than we have of our own. And I cannot imagine why the republican past presidents didn't have enough intellect to see this!!!!!!

Susan Suni Ibarra
Susan Ibarra9 years ago

we may not be able to stop China's bad behavior. human rights violations and terrible and countless animal rights violations that make us want to vomit all over them from their extreme cruelty,
but we DO HAVE TO cut them way back from this country's economy by refusing to buy their goods that we seem so inundated with. We need to spend money on our own country's gross national product, and push China's dominance in this country AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! It seriously worries me that they
have flooded our country and our economy with their influence.
I consider it to be a true danger to this country!!!!!!!!!!!

Belinda Eastmond
Belinda E9 years ago

Er...correction: if properly DIRECTED... :D

Belinda Eastmond
Belinda E9 years ago

Let us not get confused. There's no way that boycotting Chinese imports is going to correct the behavior of the Chinese government toward its own people. What it CAN do, if properly directly, is force China to enact and uphold product-safety laws, at least for products intended for export. For our own protection, we should boycott all food, pet food, and medicine products until they do - both at the consumer level, and at the industrial level; and boycott any other product (or category of products) that has been demonstrated to be hazardous (like those notorious flip-flops, and toys painted with lead paint).

Note that this will improve food and drug safety for the Chinese people, too, as it will prove more trouble than it's worth to regulate domestic and exportable products separately.

Manuela B.
Manuela B9 years ago

I don't agree completely,because those bans don't hurt the government but the chinese worker,look what happened to Cuba,fortunately Latin america didn't ban Cuba.There must be another way to protest;chinese products because they are cheap and cause unemployment in countrys

James L9 years ago

It's not just China, we need to stop buying anything that's not made in the USA. That means everything from cars on down. Every time you buy a product you should look and make sure it was made in the USA. Every time you buy American you will help save another American job. Try to buy from the smaller stores that use American labor. Stay away from stores that are using slave labor in third world countries, like Wal-Mart. You might save a dollar or two but you could help force Wal-Mart to become a better Company if you buy from American Companies.

We are in for hard times, so the more wealth we keep in our country the better.

Lionel M.
.9 years ago

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."
Yes, there are undeniably many bad things about life in China, but so are there many bad things about life in most countries, including the U.S.A. If there were not such an overwhelming demand for drugs in that land the drug merchants would soon find their business less profitable. To burn crops in Colombia and Afghanistan only serves to arouse hatred, but if there were no market for their produce the business would soon close down. However the leaders of the drug-using lands are too pusillanimous to try to suppress their use. Attempts at seizure at borders are largely ineffective. Impose heavy fines upon any person detected in use. That would be far more profitable that the enormous expense of waging a war that you can never win. Learn history!
Then, how about the evil export of pornography from the U.S.A., its main provider. Too, Hollywood and its miserable lackeys are largely responsible for infecting the world with its lax marital conditions.
Should we boycott American goods in an attempt to force rectification of these and many other evils that the U.S.A. has dumped upon the world? No, sanctions never work and hurt the imposer as much as the imposed.

Brent W.
Brent Wilson9 years ago

Thank you, Amanda R. It makes my hackles rise (or, as we say here, it disturbs my spirit) when I read comments trying to tell me how I envy the freedom of the Developed World and want nothing more than to live the American dream--especially when the writer knows nothing of where I live or why I choose to live there. Without trying to sound self-righteous (although some will tell me I am), there are some of us who left the Developed World to come to the Developing. Why? I wouldn't dare to give a blanket answer. All I can say is that I have had far more job satisfaction and a greater sense of self worth in the two decades since I came here than I did in the three decades I spent in the UK.

Christine T.
Christine T9 years ago

I live in the UK but can echo the sentiments on this page. Some while ago I bought an Estee Lauder powder brush, it was £25!! Guess what, when I was using it I saw...yes, "Made in China". So God knows how the hair was obtained and how much the manufacturing didn't cost.