Teens Reject ‘Gay Marriage is Like Bestiality’ Talk


Seniors at DeLaSalle High School were reportedly very upset when during a recent visit from Catholic representatives the officials made a comparison between gay marriage and bestiality.

The Minneapolis school, which bills itself as “a Catholic High school in the Lasallian tradition,” recently welcomed a talk from representatives of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The talk reportedly centered on the topic of marriage, its history and cultural impact. However, when the representatives seemed to suggest that kids who are adopted or live with single parents are “socially unstable” compared to kids with two parents of the opposite sex, and went on to compare same-sex marriage to bestiality, students became visibly upset, began arguing back during the question and answer session, and one student even held up a sign that read “I Love My Moms.”

Reports John Tevlin of the Star Tribune who spoke with DeLaSalle senior Matt Bliss:

A priest and a volunteer couple presented the information. When someone asked a question about two men being able to have a quality, committed relationship, the couple compared their love to bestiality, Bliss said.

“Most people got really upset,” said Bliss. “And comments about adopted kids, I found those to be really offensive. There were at least four kids there who are adopted.”

Hannah, who is adopted, said one of the presenters said that adopted kids were “sociologically unstable.” She called the comments “hurtful” and comparisons between gay love and bestiality upsetting.

“My friend said, ‘You didn’t just compare people to animals, did you?’” said Hannah. “I think everyone has a right to their opinion, and I don’t judge them on it. But we don’t force people to sit down so we can tell them their opinion is wrong.”


At one point, Bliss raised his hand and, “as politely as I could,” began to argue with the presenters. He used his knowledge of history to refute many of their points, and explained that various cultures have accepted and embraced homosexuality going back hundreds of years.

“I think they were surprised by the history I gave them and surprised that I was so calm,” said Bliss. “I don’t think they expected the response they got from the students.”

Kids who were offended by this message were allowed to stay afterward and discuss the stance with the Catholic representatives, but the situation apparently escalated and the officials left soon after.

The archdiocese reportedly put the controversy down to one representative using an “unfortunate example” while discussing same-sex marriage.

However, the overtly political timing of this talk has not been overlooked. Only seniors were invited in for the talk, that is to say only students who may be able to vote in the upcoming referendum that will see Minnesotans decide whether to codify the state’s existing ban on same-sex marriage and write discrimination into the constitution.


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Lynn Carin
Lynn Carin6 years ago

"Freedom of Speech" ~ offensive or NOT!

CV M6 years ago

Good on you kids

Stanley J.
Stanley J.7 years ago

Good for these kids . they have to realize that the church has become a monstrosity of hate and ignorance.

they have to realize that about a hundred thousand kids in the USA have been subjected to the church's BEASTIALITY the rape of children all over the world , and the church has hid these vile crimes.

the rot goes all the way to the top.....................the pope directly involved not in solving the problem - which means allowing priests to have a normal life of marriage etc, but of hiding these vile crimes.



Get out when you can. If enough people do so, the church will collapse - already 1 in 10 Americans are the l3rd largest religion in the USA - ex catholic

Deirdre B.
Deirdre Boyne7 years ago

I admire those students who expressed their opinions and stood up for their beliefs regarding the issues.

John B.
John B7 years ago

I admire those students for standing up thoughtless comments of the presenters.

Miriam W.
miriam w7 years ago

good for these students!

"you may say I'm a dreamer
but I'm NOT the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
and the world will live as one"

Adam G.
Adam G7 years ago

if you choose to believe in a "big invisible friend in the sky" that has no proof to support it's existence, then good for you.
however, until 1. irrefutable proof of your friend exists and 2. it is also proven that he doesn't like people being gay, then you're just spouting irrelevant drivel.
i wonder though, if he does exist & doesn't like it, why did he create so much of it? not just among humans, but also throughout the wide diversity of the animal species that exist on our planet...

Gail G.
Gail G7 years ago

Oh Mari! You said it better than I did or ever could. Green star right back at you, honey. You rock!

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia7 years ago

i think Jesus was awesome, and i bet he's in heaven in a constant state of a "facepalm" because of how bad his followers make him, i am not christain, hell i dont even believe in one god, but i respect the teachings of Jesus and when i spoke to him he told me that all that dogma crap doesnt matter, that the true road to happiness is the gentle things in life, unconditional love for one another (meaning loving another person no matter what for people who just cant seem to understand the phase), sympathy and empathy,compassion, kindness as well as being non-judgemental, so yes a lot of you followers are shaming Jesus with your bigotry. Jesus hung out with and showed these things mentioned above to social outcasts and womenand became angry at the religious leaders and wanted change. in fact Jesus was so busy mentioning how to be a good person that he didnt mention what groups of people to hate, in fact he was so loving he disagreed with hating anyone, even your enemies. If all that Bible crap is true and Jesus really is coming back a lot of you Christians will be "left behind" for your crimes against your God.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia7 years ago

Elanine, this:
"As religions are nothing more than man made rules to keep people frightened in the hopes of keeping them in line and they all bear false doctrines (Teachings of man) I could give a rats diddle about what ANY man has to say I go to the direct source, and that is what does GOD have to say about it, PERIOD!!"
is just so laughable. you are so blinded by religion you cant even see how far the cross is up your ass! i mean really?! if you were so against religion you wouldnt be using religious doctrine to discriminate against gays, in fact you probably wouldn't even care about religion. do yourself a favor and stop lying to yourself, you are following man-made teachings disguised as "god's" word. get over yourself, you're not special nor is your religon. and im sorry if my civil rights is getting in the way of your religious based-bigotry, or you can simply do the world a favor and stop forcing your beliefs down people's throats and expecting them to respect your religion when you have hate in your heart for a fellow being. you are a disgrace to the human race and seriously just shut up, the level of ignorance that comes out of you just makes you seem like a moron. im sure you do some good somewhere and make some people happy but this crap is ridiculous.