Democrat Airs ‘Obama Wants To Kill Your Baby’ Ad

Angela Michael says there’s a war on women, but that it’s Obama who is leading the charge — and he’s coming to kill your children.

In a despicably graphic and misleading advertisement, Angela Michael, campaigning as an Illinois Democrat for a place in the US House, says that President Obama and Senator Claire McCaskill have launched an attack on women. The ad is full of untruths and scare-tactics.

If you would like to see the ad you can do so here but the link comes with a trigger warning. For the purposes of this article, the transcript will suffice.

Over a backdrop of carved up body tissue, the ad starts:

There’s a war on women…waged by men…who think a pregnant woman is a broken sex toy…and the way to fix her is to kill her baby.

Don’t be deterred, this is only a drop of the vitriol to come. Michael’s mouthpiece goes on to say:

Obama leads the attack. Obama voted that babies who survive abortion should be left to die.

It’s unclear precisely what this is referring to as Obama has never voted that babies should be left to die.

The closest fit is a bill then-Senator Obama voted against that would have required doctors to attempt resuscitation on aborted fetuses if legislators deemed it viable.

Obama’s reasoning against the bill was clear: he feared it would be used to undermine Roe v Wade which, given the wave of abortion “personhood” restrictions that has since swept the country, was entirely founded.

For the record, Obama has repeatedly stated that he would support legislation that specifically catered to providing assistance to an infant if said infant should survive an abortion procedure, but no such legislation was offered.

The Michael ad continues:

He would kill his own grandchild – he says he doesn’t want his daughters ‘punished with a baby.’

It was really only a matter of time before someone dragged out this little soundbite again.

Obama, while on the campaign trail in 2008, said the following at a town hall meeting in Johnstown, Pennsylvania:

When it comes specifically to HIV/AIDS, the most important prevention is education, which should include — which should include abstinence education and teaching the children — teaching children, you know, that sex is not something casual. But it should also include — it should also include other, you know, information about contraception because, look, I’ve got two daughters. Nine years-old and 6 years-old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at the age of 16. You know, so it doesn’t make sense to not give them information.

While an unusually clumsy phrase for a man whose oration has been so widely praised, the context of Obama’s statement is clear: he is talking about providing information to his children on contraceptives and STD prevention and he does not want his children to be ignorant of these facts. It is not to suggest that he in fact views children as a punishment for a lapse in moral thinking or good judgement, and to infer that he would “kill his own grandchild” is willfully misreading his words.

Letting no facts stand in the way, the Michael ad then sinks to new depths:

And McCaskill works hand in glove with Obama’s crimes.

Send a message that women deserve respect; we’re tired of being used, then told to kill our babies. Don’t vote for Obama or McCaskill. I’m Angela Michael, and I approve this message.

Angela Michael, whose only qualification for Congress seems to be that she has been an “activist for pre-born babies” for the past 20 years , has decided to throw in her lot with nine other candidates including the now infamous Randall Terry. Together they are airing graphic anti-abortion ads across seven states at prime time and throughout morning and evening television.

The candidates are also running ads titled “Abortion Nightmare” and, just so you can really assess the tone, “Muslim Nightmare.”

Terry has even managed to rope in Jane Roe from Roe v Wade who, now regretting her part in the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, has given her name over to the anti-choice lobby.

Angela Michael, in a press release, has gone further to attack Senator McCaskill’s religion, saying:

Claire McCaskill professes to be Catholic, yet she defies the Church, and promotes the murder of unborn babies.

No Catholic can in good conscience vote for Claire McCaskill.

I have seen the devastation brought to women’s lives because of abortion; I have held women in my arms whose lives are shattered because they succumbed to the temptation to kill their babies.

Obama and McCaskill are accomplices in this war on children and war on women.

If a Christian votes for Obama or McCaskill, they are empowering them to wage war on women and babies.

I beg every Christian who fears God and loves life to not vote for Obama or McCaskill.

This is Angela Michael’s shrill platform in its entirety. It hinges on capitalizing on the very deeply derisive issue of women’s rights and right-to-life ideology, and that she, like others in the movement, is masquerading as a Democrat is as insulting as it is transparent.


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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

What the f is "pre-born"? You're either born or you're not. Must be another fake vocabulary made up by the teabag losers.

Robyn Brice
Robyn Vorsa5 years ago

Good grief.

Kathleen S.
Kathleen S5 years ago

Sarah - are you stupid? The world is already so overpopulated. You want more kids on welfare? That really wouldn't balance out with taxes. And more kids pushed into foster care, smaller percent being adopted? Cruel. - The article is about a "democrat" claiming falsely that Obama wants abortions, seeing women as sex toys, those that are aborted alive be left to die, etc.

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill5 years ago

What do you think abortion is? It's the killing of our children! Just think, if every aborted baby had lived to be tax payers, we would be in a whole lot better position right now.

Leia P.
Leia P.5 years ago


Fred H.
Fred H5 years ago

Obama wants to kill your baby?!? Why, that's as misleading as Care2 headlines!

natalie n.
natalie n5 years ago

the desperate lows people stoop to.

Patricia G.
Patricia Gal5 years ago

It's ridiculous and the subject is being overly exaggerated.

Mitchell D.
Mitchell D5 years ago

I think I smell Karl Rove in this!

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke5 years ago

I do not believe this woman, she must be mentally ill. Obama has never said anything like this and never will. This woman is an undercover republican!