5 Ways Democrats are Listening to the 99%

The Democrats released their 2012 party platform Monday night, and for those voters looking forkey differences between the two parties, they need look no further.

The document takes a broad view of the direction the party wants to take the country. It is fundamentally a political document and therefore short on some of the policy specifics, but there’s plenty of meat in there for party faithfuls and independents alike.

1. Health care: Among the highlights include a renewed commitment to the health care fight and defending Medicare.

We will continue to stand up to Republicans working to take away the benefits and protections that are already helping millions of Americans every day. We refuse to go back to the days when health insurance companies had unchecked power to cancel your health policy, deny you coverage, or charge women more than men.

At the same time, the Affordable Care Act is not the end of efforts to improve health care for all Americans. Democrats will continue to fight for a strong health care workforce with an emphasis on primary care.

The Republican budget plan would end Medicare as we know it. Democrats adamantly oppose any efforts to privatize or voucherize Medicare…

2. Abortion: Democrats come out strongly in support of abortion access, regardless of income, though they stop short of calling for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment.

Democrats will continue to stand up to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood health centers.

We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right. Abortion is an intensely personal decision between a woman, her family, her doctor, and her clergy; there is no place for politicians or government to get in the way.

3. Gay Marriage: The party goes all in, for the first time ever offering formal support for same-sex marriage rights.

We support marriage equality and support the movement to secure equal treatment under law for same-sex couples. We also support the freedom of churches and religious entities to decide how to administer marriage as a religious sacrament without government interference.

4. Labor Rights: The Democratic platform offers good lipservice to the role of labor in our economy and culture, but on this point the platform falls flat on specifics on how the party plans to defend the right to collectively bargain and organize.

Democrats believe that the right to organize and collectively bargain is a fundamental American value.

5. Immigration: And finally, the party reaffirms its commitment to comprehensive, compassionate immigration reform beyond the DREAM Act.

Democrats know there is broad consensus to repair that system and strengthen our economy, and that the country urgently needs comprehensive immigration reform that brings undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and requires them to get right with the law, learn English, and pay taxes in order to get on a path to earn citizenship.

There’s plenty more that voters will hear about in the final weeks of the campaign season. But if Republicans came out strongly in support of the individual liberty interests of the corporate sector, Democrats came out strongly in support of the American people, and that’s a difference Democrats would do well to highlight again and again until November.

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Wendy Schroeder
Wendy Schroeder5 years ago

I think all 5 are good ideas and I think the Republican party is the party of racists, homophobes and religious nuts (not all Chirstians fit into that catagory).

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

Steven, Sarah has been going from blog to blog saying the most wayward things. It sounds like she suffers from the condition we discussed yesterday that has to do with the workings of the mouth and the shut down of a certain other organ. Her complete mischaracterization of issues from blog to blog is entertaining. From what I have learned some trolls are paid by how many posts they make.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Sarah H
There is not a debt problem for America, there is a lack of jobs problem that the Republicans have done nothing to fix after running solely on the promise of jobs in 2010. We have to get rid of the Bush tax cuts, obviously they have not created jobs that were promised and they are just draining the treasury of funds needed to pay down that debt. Never before in American history have the top 1% not been asked to give more during times of war because the wars may be fought for their interests but their children never fight in them. Get America back to full, meaningful employment and get rid of the tax cuts and the debt will come down. If America had the debt crisis the right tries to make everyone believe, investors from around the world would not be buying our Treasury bonds. They buy the 10 year bonds at zero interest and buy 7 year bonds at negative interest (they pay us for allowing us to borrow their money).

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Sarah H
Since the end of the last Bush Fiscal Year on September 30, 2009, the economy has added 4.5 million jobs , has had 11 straight quarters of G.D.P. growth and has had two going on three years of record profits for Corporate America. You would not know this if you listen just to the right and their paid pundits. The corporate members of Alec have hidden $4 trillion in overseas shell-companies and in offshore banks in the Caymans and other locals. They are hoping the Republicans win in November so they can get another tax holiday like the one under Reagan. They hold back those profits instead of investing them here where they earned them for the same stated reason the Republicans in Congress have done nothing to help the economy to heal or to grow jobs, that is to make sure Obama is defeated. Let me reiterate that: the Republican members of congress and the members of ALEC would rather collapse the economy AGAIN rather than helping Obama heal the economy. Republicans would rather leave 14 million Americans unemployed while they bail out the ones who crashed the ec onomy.

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

OBAMA all the way!

Romney - NO WAY!

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill5 years ago

In the list above, where is the economy and jobs? Where is paying down the debt and balancing the budget? or even passing a budget? These are the most important issues facing this country today NOT the ones listed above!

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

I believe in people taking responsibility for themselves. But to do that, you need tools, like a dependable and adequet income, decent houseing, medical care of some kind if your own efforts don't quite get you there.Plus, we need an infrastructure in good repair, an up to date public education, and garenteed and adequet income for the retirees so those of child bareing age can focus on the work that really needs to be done.
The republicans want you to 'take responsility' for yourselves with out supplying adequet or even any tools. They just don't get where they fit into this 'law of attraction' thing any more than they get that if you want 'the trickle down' effect to work, you have to let the WEALTH be re-distributed, downward. And free markets can't exist if your workforce dosen't have a choice as to where they want to work because they're afraid of loseing everything if they quite.

june t.
june t5 years ago

thanks for the article

Leanne B.
Leanne B5 years ago

Great post thanks.

Nadine H.
Nadine H5 years ago