Deportations At A Record High: Are We Deporting For Just Any Infraction?


A new report shows a dramatic increase in deportations, with almost 400,000 people being deported last year alone.

Via Politico:

During the fiscal year that ended in Sept. 30, 393,000 people were deported, and half of those were considered criminals. Of the criminal deportations, 7 percent were based on traffic violations, 23 percent were drug violations and 14 percent were drunken driving violations, according to an analysis by the AP.

President Obama has said that his administration’s enforcement policy seeks to target the “worst of the worst” and not individuals who have come to the country to work, but the large number of people who were deported after having committed minor crimes challenges that idea, the report said.

The administration responded by saying they are in fact focusing on the more dangerous criminals, but since their crimes are more extreme they tend to be held in jail longer, making them less likely to show up in the recent report.
While that may address the reason why there are not more serious crimes listed in the deportation files, it doesn’t address the criticism that there are a very large amount of immigrants being deported over what appear to be very minor infractions.  Between a zealousness for deportation and new anti-immigrant laws popping up all over the country, no wonder so many immigrants are fearing law enforcement to a point where they are afraid to even report being victims of crimes themselves.
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Daniel Orozco
Daniel Orozco6 years ago



After we are done with all immigrants in the U.S. we will begin deporting those with European background.

There is ONE earth, one of all colors. I hope you get to see it

Don I.
Don I6 years ago

@Joslynne D,
I commend you for coming to our country legally. What country did yu come from? Did you come here to only get educated, or do you plan to become a citizen? Because it may take a long time to be able to legally enter our country, doesn't mean we should be allowing illegal aliens to enter our country any time they want. I could almost guarantee you the time it takes to be able to legally enter our country would be shortened if we didn't have such a big problem with the illegal aliens.

As far as I'm concerned, our government should NOT be paying immigrants (legal or otherwise) benefits when they enter our country. When my family immigrated from Norway, they didn't get a penny's worth of aid from the government, and that's the way is should be now. If a family didn't have enough money to support themselves, they had to have a US family (or relatives) already in the US, that would sponsor them until they could obtain work and afford to be on their own, OR they weren't allowed entry.

I'm glad to see the government is getting serious about catching and deporting illegal aliens. The billions of dollars that leave our country every year when illegal aliens send their earning back home to their families in their native country, could be put to much better use if kept within our oun countries economy.

Ernest R.
Ernest R6 years ago

Good news at last! Finally the deportations that should have begun years ago. Polititians have turned a blind eye to crime by illegals fasr to long.
@ Gayle S “Maybe we should concentrate on improving conditions in the areas in which gangs proliferate” I can’t think of a better improvement in the areas than the deportation of gang members of foreign citizenship.
@ Past Member Please......” all , or at least most of us, people in USA are immigrants “ Another person with language problems. Anyone born here is NOT an immigrant no matter whether their ancestors were. Illegal immigrants also get put in jail, 25% of those in California ADMIT to being illegal migrants. @ Qaslm M “thank them that they are doing the jobs that you will never do for the money they get” Thank them for taking jobs ratcheting down wages to be equivalent to slavery ? I don’t think so.

clara H.
Clara Hamill6 years ago

Good this country is doing poorly for it's legal residents we don't need illegal people here.

Nina L.
Nina L6 years ago

I must say I am quite shocked about a lot of the comments!
I cannot imagine why you, who are reacting so heartless to this issue of deportation are part of this site.
I thought it is a community of people who can look deeper into "things" and are not willing to judge people ... and look at things with great compassion.

Can you imagine that you have to leave your country because you cannot support your family in your country? Can you imagine how it feels, maybe to be not with your family for a long time? Can you imagine getting treated like you were an outcast??

The foreigners in your country are there to teach you to understand the needs of others and to have more compassion. And they do the dirtiest works with the least money.

We are one family .........awaken to this fact ..... before it is too late!!

M.E. W.
Mary W6 years ago

I'm American, lived in several countries abroad and made sure that I had the appropriate documents to live/work in the country. Every country has laws regarding legally entering their borders - why should the USA be any different?

Kathy Browne
Kathy Browne6 years ago

why is this wrong? They are illegal & that is their crime.

Vaughn A.
Vaughn Anderson6 years ago

If USA laws are broken, then the guilty must be properly dealt with. SNEAK into the USA and you are a LAWBREAKER.

Randi L.
Randi Levin6 years ago

GOOD, BUT there many more to shuffle back over the border--to their home and out of ours!
I mean no disrespect but if you want to live here then make any and every means to become legal citizens and if you choose not too them stop asking for and expecting free handouts!!!!!!!!!!

Guy Kimble
Guy Kimble6 years ago

It's a great start! Now just finish the job and get the rest of the border jumpers out of here. They broke the law as soon as they crossed the border between the United States and Mexico.