Dexter The Abused Kitten Dies From Medical Complications


There is sad news to report about Dexter, the kitten that survived a vicious beating with a baseball bat at a Florida park in June. The sixteen week old kitten was euthanized Monday following a series of uncontrollable seizures.

Last month it was reported that Dexter was well enough to leave the PetLuv clinic where he was being treated for severe head trauma and be adopted by vet-tech Tiffany Sroka. The tech had fostered Dexter in her home every evening during his recovery and brought him back for care at the clinic each morning.

Sroka also diligently kept Dexter’s 3,000 Facebook fans informed about his progress with updates and videos.

Cathy Fitzgerald, manager of PetLuv, told Tampa Bay Online that Dexter’s recovery has been an “emotional rollercoaster” for her and the other staff members who watched the little kitten start to get well and then take a turn for the worst.

Last weekend Sroka noticed the seizures that Dexter had been having since his attack were becoming more frequent and severe, so she brought him to the clinic.

The kitten and his sibling were allegedly beaten with an aluminum baseball bat and doused with water by Wilana Joenel Frazier and her two young sons (5 and 8). Frazier was reportedly angry with her children for playing with the stray kittens because she thought they might carry a disease.

Dexter’s littermate died at the scene, but Dexter was rescued by one of four boys who witnessed the abuse at a neighborhood park.

Veterinarians tried to control Dexter’s seizures with various medications during the weekend, but by Monday they realized the humane course of action would be to euthanize the kitten.

“You could tell he was in pain. He was so scared,” Fitzgerald told Tampa “I’m heartbroken.”

“This is all very new and it’s still hard to talk about,” Fitzgerald said. “At the same time, Dexter touched more than 3,000 people’s hearts and brought attention to the topic of animal cruelty.”

Frazier was charged in June with animal cruelty and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Her next court date is September 2.

Sroka wrote a final installment on Dexter’s Facebook page. “Dexter helped to show me strength and love despite what life may throw at you. If one person is changed by this or helped by this then it was all worth it. I would like to leave everyone with a sense of the love that we shared as a family and one that I would never forget.”

Take ActionPlease sign Dexter’s petition below to see that justice is served to his abuser.

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Photo from petluv via flickr.


William C
William C3 months ago


W. C
W. C3 months ago

Thank you for caring.

Ken A.
KEN -2 years ago

Rest in peace, together with your brother now 😢

Ivana D.
Ivana D2 years ago

Rest in peace, together with your brother now 😢

vicky T.
vicky T2 years ago

Rest in peace little sweetheart, you're with my Harry now

Miranda M.
Miranda M2 years ago

I read the article about what This sweet little baby boy went through and he has come into my mind off and on for months. I sooooo wanted to give him a big hug and kiss and show him some love . I didn't know he died. I am so saddened by his story. He really touched my heart. I find comfort in realizing he probably received tremendous love and affection from the wonderful people who cared for his medical needs I hope he and his sibling are having a wonderful time romping around up in heaven with my late Buster cat who was my best buddy for 17 years. RIP dearest Dexter. You were loved

M s
M s2 years ago

Wilana Joenel Frazier should be beaten with a baseball bat .Why is she charged with only 1 count of animal cruelty? what a joke! those kids should be taken away from Wilana Joenel Frazier .She will abuse them .. Wilana Joenel Frazier should be HEAVILY FINED ,garnish her wages or her welfare check .She most likely expects people who work to support her lazy ass.

Dorothy W.
Dorothy Watkins2 years ago

So sad. I will never ever understand how people can be so bloody cruel. I sometimes despair of this world and wish that the human race would just all die out ... but then I think of people like Tiffany and Cathy - and the posters on this thread who also want to rip that woman and her kids apart - and it gives me hope ...

Fi T.
Past Member 2 years ago

Work for fewer unlucky ones

Oliver Webb
Only Me2 years ago

To beat a kitten like that takes a special kind of stupidity and cruelty - the people that did it are primitive in the extreme, very frightening people.