Did Border Vigilantes Kill Two More Immigrants? (Video)

Two undocumented immigrants were killed April 9 after camouflaged gunmen shot up their truck near the Arizona border with Mexico.

Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Dawn Barkman said that witnesses said a rifle-toting group wearing camouflage clothing yelled “alto” — Spanish for “stop” — then shot up the truck in the middle of the night. The truck may have been carrying up to 30 people. Most fled but two bodies were found, Barkman said.

The dead have been identified as Mexican and Guatemalan.

Barkman said that there have been two other incidents “similar in nature” to the attack in her county, both in 2007. One was identified as being by a “rip crew,” people seeking to rob drug smugglers, and another by rival smugglers.

However Barkman said they were not ruling out border vigilantes as responsible for the latest shooting.

There have been a series of unsolved murders in Arizona’s border country blamed on smugglers but with details that suggest possible vigilante involvement.

After a 2010 incident when five men were shot with high-powered rifles in a canyon near Rio Rico then stumbled across two skeletons, Sheriff Antonio Estrada said: “It’s perturbing to hear of people with high-powered rifles and camouflage. It raises some real red flags.”

National Socialist Movement member J.T. Ready, a friend of former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce (responsible for the ‘papers please’ law), has run “Border Ops” patrols in the area, calling for “plenty of firearms and ammo” and “camouflage or earth tone clothing.”

Ready is now running for Pinal County Sheriff.

Last year, self-proclaimed “minuteman” Shawna Forde was found guilty for the in-cold-blood murder of Raul Flores and his daughter in 2009, and given the death penalty.

Arizona is on the verge of funding a legal armed, civilian militia. SB 1083 would allow armed volunteers to pursue and arrest people they suspect to be smugglers or undocumented immigrants. Volunteers would also be afforded the same immunity as law enforcement.

Watch local 3TV News report — which doesn’t mention camouflaged men — on the latest shootings (via Crooks and Liars):

After widespread outrage over the ‘illegal immigrant hunting permit’ stickers and t-shirt (illustrated at top) last year, Cafe Press and right-wing outlets stopped selling it — however, you can still buy mugs and t-shirts for dogs advertising a ‘liberal hunting permit.’

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Picture by C. G. P. Grey


LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago

Thank you.

Sarah M.
Sarah M7 years ago

These ignorant, racist murderers need to rot in prison!

Rob Dean
Rob Dean7 years ago

It is shameful for these vigilantes to do such a horrible thing - BUT if our federal government would strictly enforce our immigration laws and punish any employer of an illegal criminal alien as well as permanently deport anyone found here illegally we would not be faced with this. Obama has failed at his enforcement - as did Bush and previous presidents. We need to Lock Down the border and fully prosecute all violators of the law - including any legal citizen or resident who hires any illegal for any reason - even baby sitting, house cleaning, lawn mowing. The law is clear, the enforcement is lacking! Hitting an employer in the pocketbook works, but we are not doing that????? A $50,000, non-waiveable fine should be levied against anyone who pays any illegal alien for any job, per incident. And the deportation of an illegal should be immediate and permanent, regardless of age/situation. We can modify our laws to accommodate legal workers with documentation to meet our employment needs but no one should allow any illegal, undocumented criminal to remain here, work here or return here! I do not support the vigilante justice but I do understand their being pushed to the limit. These illegals should never have come to the US to begin with - they should expect us to repel them with force if necessary. They are criminal trespassers, felons and just plain ordinary criminals - they are not wanted!

Lynn C.
Past Member 7 years ago

And these are just ones we know about. This is an ugly state, in an increasingly ugly country.
Any real solutions are rejected because the federal funds that are pumped into war, create a thriving economy. Period.

Patrick F.
Patrick f7 years ago

Too many idiots are assuming that they were illegal aliens, this has NOT been determined. They simply could have been legal immigrants coming back from visiting Mexico. Did these yahoos look at their papers before opening fire on them?

Ernie Miller
william Miller7 years ago

Sounds like murder to me. it happens all the time in this country only differance is here they were laying in wait. in my neighborhood the majority happen when thieves or drug dealers get scared and staty shooting.

KS Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

seth c.
seth c.7 years ago

@ Steve R. - First of all you need to check the facts before you spout something out that makes you look ignorant. The Obama administration have deported more illegal immigrants than the Bush administration had at the same time in Bush's term.
Also, look up migrate and immigrant in your dictionary. Any person who migrates is an immigrant. If they migrate to the U.S. illegally, they are obviously illegal immigrants. Not very hard to figure out.
Now, anyone who advocates shooting or harming illegal immigrants is the most unpatriotic American there is. This country was founded on (legal) immigration, so many of our relatives came from abroad. As the "greatest country" we should never stand for the killing of any person, legal or illegal, who crosses the border. When we stoop to that level, we are no different than Iran, North Korea, etc. I'm not saying we shouldn't enforce immigration laws (another issue altogether), but we need to leave that up to law enforcement instead of a bunch of idiots toting guns.

David L.
David L7 years ago

HOW would a volunteer "border guard" militia group be able to distinguish between "drug smugglers" and "illegal immigrants" on the one hand ~ and innocent hikers, bikers, nature lovers, horse riders, fossickers, hunters, fisherman, local farmers, and tourists who have every right to be there ~ before shooting them ad hoc...

AND then allow those militia groups immunity for shooting the wrong person ?!?

Sure to do wonders for the tourist industry in those afflicted states..

"Steve R." probably brought his special X-ray vision with him from south Africa, that allows him to see through the "ILLEGALS" subterfuges and disguises...

We all know this racist places NO value on human life ~ why must he keep reinforcing that??

IS "Steve R." possibly the long-lost brother of "Jeffrey W." ~ twins separated at birth?