John Edwards Proposed to Mistress Rielle Hunter?

The National Enquirer is reporting that presidential candidate John Edwards and mistress Rielle Hunter are engaged.  Hunter is the mother of Francis Quinn, Edwards’ daughter conceived with Hunter during his marriage to his then wife, Elizabeth Edwards. 

However, an Edwards spokesman denies that Edwards and Hunter are engaged, telling People Magazine and UPI “It’s absolutely not true.”

However, Edwards has denied National Enquirer stories in the past, including a story that he was having an affair with Hunter and that he and Hunter had concevied a child together.  Perhaps Edwards has learned his lesson about denying stories that are true and we can believe this denial, perhaps not.  In this case, The National Enquirer might have the better track record.

When I shared this news with friends, the common reaction was increasing disgust for John Edwards and increasing sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards, who was instrumental in the success of her husband’s political career. Certainly, we all agree that Elizabeth Edwards deserved a better husband.

Edwards announced that he was the father of Hunter’s daughter Francis Quinn in a statement on January 21st. 

John and Elizabeth Edwards were married for 32 years, spanning two failed presidential runs and Elizabeth’s battle against cancer.

Hunter is fighting the release of an alleged sex tape of Hunter and Edwards former Edwards aide Andrew Young claims he found in the trash in the former residence of Hunter.

Photo courtesy of People


Sheila L.
sheila l7 years ago

they deserve one another, 2 shallow people joining together into a hollow, meaningless relationship and they add nothing to the world

Mimi S.
Mimi S7 years ago

What a vain, lying egomaniac John Edwards turned out to be. Who cares whether he is engaged or not to Ms. Hunter?

Karen V.
Karen Vesp7 years ago

Sadly, the popularity and financial gain involved with exposing the likes of Edwards and Woods on a vast media scale
only fuels the unfair male stereotype. The majority Men of integrity have been suffering from "MaleBashing" crap for too long. Speak up good guys! I know you are out there. Karen

Pat Prest
Pat Prest8 years ago

The man didnt fall from race, he feel off her!

He is a disgrace, he thought he was the hottest thing in pants, guess what, you are a dog to your wife and children...

Your days in glory are over, no more politics for you big boy!

Sheila L.
sheila l8 years ago

I would believe the National Enquirer anyday over John Edwards, a hypocrit and a major first class liar with no principles.

Lindsey O.
.8 years ago

I don't understand why she would want to marry him. He cheated on his wife (which means he will likely cheat on her). He publicly denied paternity of their child, which is going to be difficult to explain to that child when she grows old enough to learn of what he did.

I don't think much of either of them - but why on earth would she want to marry this man?

Mary Carolyn Perry
Mary C Perry8 years ago

Can't remember a politician who fell from grace so fast and deserves all the disgust we can give him. His kids don't deserve all of this..they are the ones who really suffer!

Judeth B.
judeth B8 years ago

Do all politicians think they can do as they please?

Karen Marion
Karen Marion8 years ago

I understand that everyone has a path...but....SPARE ME...TMI....I would rather use this time for prayer and blessings for Ms Edwards..and her children....what will be, will be...

Wendy L.
W L8 years ago

My condolences to the Edwards children. He has disgraced not only himself, but his entire family. By the way, until one legally is divorced, one cannot legally claim to be engaged.