“Discomfort” is The Point of Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill, Sponsor Said

When Alabama Republican Clay Scofield introduced a mandatory ultrasound proposal for women seeking abortions, he stated that he assumed most of the ultrasounds would be abdominal, since they could be used at six weeks or earlier.  His obvious misinformation was an attempt to shield himself from the accusation that he wanted to force all women seeking abortions to be manually probed in the process.

Now, he’s is much less concerned about appearing concerned about the feelings, both physically and emotionally, of the women involved.  As the debate over the transvaginal ultrasound proposal continues, Scofield says it’s good for women to feel some discomfort if they are trying to terminate a pregnancy. WAAYTV reporter Rebecca Shlien writes, “[Bill opponent on Scofield constituent Tristin] Basinger says this invasive ultrasound would be a physical and emotional discomfort: ‘I think they should see what they’re getting rid of, but I don’t think they should go through the whole humiliation.  Because I feel like they’re already humiliated enough as it is.’ But Scofield, the bill’s sponsor, feels that discomfort is the point, and this clearer sonogram would help women second guess the decision to end their pregnancy.”

She should be required to “second guess” herself, and be forced to feel discomfort?  How can these bills be seen as anything but a state sanctioned rite to punish women for not carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term? No wonder Scofield, no doubt feeling backlash over his comments, has now said the type of ultrasound should be a woman’s choice. “I want to offer legislation that will simultaneously protect life and show respect and compassion towards women,” Scofield now says.

How nice.  He respects a woman’s right to chose — her mandatory ultrasound type.

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Mark T.
Mark T.6 years ago

How 'bout a little waterboard action while they're at it... not for the patient... for the legislators before they take the oath of office. Let them feel a little discomfort before they decide to inflict it on the population.

Sharon S.
Sharon S6 years ago

So, as per the intro for the article, 'Discomfort is the point of the Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill' Sponsor says. I have an idea, before a male is given a prescription for Viagara, Cialis etc. he should be subject to a mandatory Transpenal Ultrasound/Catheter-the point of which is DISCOMFORT. Whats good the goose is good for the gander!!!

Carole A Kurzawa
Carole Kurzawa6 years ago

I live here in Texas and my local newspaper the Austin Statesman carried the Doonsburry cartoon from the first day. Of course,probably because Austin is a primamily Democratic area.(one of the few in the State) I was happy to know at least I was buying a newspaper that was really not censoring my news. They do editorals from The Left and from The Right every day, Really fair and balanced not just saying it. Just want to give credit to them.

Ness Watson
Inez w6 years ago

en (dot) wikisource (dot) org (forward slash) wiki (forward slash) Freedom_or_death

if you think my foremothers died to get equal rights for women only for this kind of thing to happen you are mistaken! Vaginal ultrasound without consent is rape!

Karen H.
Karen H6 years ago

If you want to talk humiliation, Mr. Scofield, try having an ultrasound probe inserted into you to see how it feels.
Women are only humiliated because men refuse to take responsibility for their actions and then turn around and blame it all on the woman. Women don’t get pregnant by magic—it takes a sperm, and that sperm comes from a man. Tell me, do you abstain from sex except for procreation? Or do you enjoy sex because it allows you feel closer and more loving to your partner? Do you use any form of birth control? If so, do you use it, or do you rely on your partner to do it? Does her insurance pay for it? Don’t shove your moral code on others if you’re not ready to follow it yourself.
I agree wholeheartedly with Lucy—let’s transplant the fetuses into men and let them carry them to term.

Deborah L.
Deborah L6 years ago

he knew what he was signing on for before he lied about it. sorry excuse for a human. wanting women to have discomfort probably turns on this sadistic congress critter.

Alex, you just reminded me of something that I read a long time ago in the repugs favorite book when they want to hide behind something. These "wands" are phallic shaped. God condemned women for using false images of man, so wouldn't this violate that dictate ?

Maggie B: Bravo !

Simon A: Thank you for your empathy and humanity, something the republican party has none of when it comes to the health of women across America.

Mit Wes
Mit Wes6 years ago

Pennsyvania state senators continued...

•Piccola, Jeffrey E. (R) - District 15

•Pileggi, Dominic (R) - District 9

•Pippy, John (R) - District 37

•Rafferty, John C., Jr. (R) - District 44

•Robbins, Robert D. (R) - District 50

•Scarnati, Joseph B., III (R) - District 25

•Schwank, Judith L. (D) - District 11

•Smucker, Lloyd K. (R) - District 13

•Solobay, Timothy J. (D) - District 46

•Stack, Michael J. (D) - District 5

•Tartaglione, Christine M. (D) - District 2

•Tomlinson, Robert M. (R) - District 6

•Vance, Patricia H. (R) - District 31

•Vogel, Elder A., Jr. (R) - District 47

•Ward, Kim L. (R) - District 39

•Washington, LeAnna M. (D) - District 4

•Waugh, Michael L. (R) - District 28

•White, Mary Jo (R) - District 21

•White, Donald C. (R) - District 41

•Williams, Anthony H. (D) - District 8

•Wozniak, John N. (D) - District 35

•Yaw, Gene (R) - District 23

•Yudichak, John T. (D) - District 14

Mit Wes
Mit Wes6 years ago

I have a question. Where are the Care2 petitions to the state legislators of Pennsylvania and other states where this is being considered, or is now law, to vote against it or rescind these heinous laws and bills ? Here are Pennsylvania's state senators:

•Alloway, Richard L., II (R) - District 33

•Argall, David G. (R) - District 29

•Baker, Lisa (R) - District 20

•Blake, John P. (D) - District 22

•Boscola, Lisa M. (D) - District 18

•Brewster, James R. (D) - District 45

•Browne, Patrick M. (R) - District 16

•Brubaker, Mike (R) - District 36

•Corman, Jake (R) - District 34

•Costa, Jay (D) - District 43

•Dinniman, Andrew E. (D) - District 19

•Earll, Jane M. (R) - District 49

•Eichelberger, John H., Jr. (R) - District 30

•Erickson, Edwin B. (R) - District 26

•Farnese, Lawrence M., Jr. (D) - District 1

•Ferlo, Jim (D) - District 38

•Folmer, Mike (R) - District 48

•Fontana, Wayne D. (D) - District 42

•Gordner, John R. (R) - District 27

•Greenleaf, Stewart J. (R) - District 12

•Hughes, Vincent J. (D) - District 7

•Kasunic, Richard A (D) - District 32

•Kitchen, Shirley M. (D) - District 3

•Leach, Daylin (D) - District 17

•McIlhinney, Charles T., Jr. (R) - District 10

•Mensch, Bob (R) - District 24

•Orie, Jane Clare (R) - District 40


Sandra W.
Past Member 6 years ago

I agree with Lucy ... whole heartedly.. since men want to stop women from having abortions then we need to let them carry the unwanted children.. How long to you think it would take for men to change their minds? About one week I think.. So you scientists out there, please find a way for men like Clay to carry the child to term, feed it all day and nite long, change all the diapers. make the meals, and work as well please.. We need this tomorrow. I would glady volunteer to be the first transplant lady..

Simon A.
Simon A.6 years ago

Dear all, firstly, i am a male and in the UK. I followed a posting from Facebook to this site out of interest as i didn't know what the link was about. I cannot believe what i am reading here and cannot believe how this moron Clay Scofield still has a job. This bill is right out of a vile Nazi Germany experiment handbook. It is barbaric, sadistic and mentally/physically unhealthy. Honestly, ' discomfort is the point' ??????? This is mind blowing.
I have no opinion on US politics so will not comment on that but i urge all women to fight against this. You have no option. This is invasive and attempting to control your bodies when no-one has right to that. To read this article doesn't make me ashamed to be male, it makes me ashamed to be human. This is the thin end of the wedge. You must all stick togther and stay strong.