Dispatches From The War On Women: All Eyes On Health Care Reform

Welcome to Dispatches, your round-up of the latest news from the front-lines of the War on Women. Have a story from your state or an idea on how to push back? Share them here and  fight back against the War on Women.

We are exactly one week from the start of Supreme Court arguments over the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, a landmark piece of legislation that, among other things, ends the systematic practice of gender discrimination in health insurance pricing and coverage. With all the attacks and misinformation circulating around the bill it’s easy to forget all it has already accomplished, especially for women. Thankfully the National Women’s Law Center put together this video to help remember the millions of Americans covered and billions in health care costs saved thanks to Obamacare.

Meanwhile the battle for choice wages on in the states. Despite some early signs that lawmakers were getting cold feet, Idaho passed it’s own mandatory ultrasound bill on Monday. The bill now goes to the governor for his signature.

In Ohio, anti-choice advocates have started performing exorcisms at clinics in addition their usual protests.

Tennessee is advancing a dangerous bill that would publish medical information for any woman who has an abortion and any doctor who performs one.

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) insists he has a Tenth Amendment right to strip Planned Parenthood funding if he wants to.

And from the fighting back category of stories is this awesome video from a Rick Santorum rally, because sometimes just doing the obvious is the most effective form of protest. And because whenever possible I want to end this post on a good note. Like this heartwarming engagement.

Come back tomorrow for another round-up of the latest news and commentary on the War on Women. So long as the battle rages, we’ll cover the latest. And thanks to those who have submitted story suggestions already–I’m hard at work on a couple already, so please check back!


Photo from Army Medicine via flickr.


Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago


Roseanne S.

Optimism, is about being positive, being empowered and making a real difference.
The real change always comes from the grass roots upwards.

Last time I checked, the Catholic, nor any other Christian church, is a cult.
Muslim people, are NOT all terrorists!
Most are peaceful people.
A breeding programme sounds a rather bizarre concept!
I am unsure on what premise you make these claims, Jane.
The only time I have heard of human breeding programmes, was in the days of African slavery.

I really don't think world domination, is the goal of people who are standing against human rights violations against the weakest members of our society.
There are corrupt regimes that enforce policies that are unjust and dehumanising.
Western governments are democratic - by the people, of the people and for the people.
This means all people, not just some. Upholding human rights for all.

I hope "backlashes," doesn't mean violence!
Mistreating and killing people has been the source of humanity's problems.

People who have had or been involved in abortion, are NOT being condemned.
No one has the right to do that to any person.
Standing for the right to life for unborn children, is to stand for life for everyone, since each person was an unborn, as well as a born, human being.

It seems unclear as on what Jane bases these ideas.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Optimism, praying and hoping does not solve problems, never has before and never will. Only our leaders and our governments have the power and money to "control". They are the ones who make "policy". Their policies are the deciding factors on which way the world will go. Right now there is a Christian/Muslim breeding war going on and their goal is world domination. The Catholic regime is the biggest mega-cult in the world and as long as the Pope officially forbids birth control, death, destruction and starving babies will continue unabated. As long as the oil barons keep America on OIL, there will never be any peace. It isn't the "people", the "masses" who are causing this fury in the world, it's the crazy cults and the dictators. Ask yourself why thousands of people in Syria are dying? Is it because the poor people just "decided" they didn't like living in peace? No, their government is killing them. The Catholic cult and the GOP diktaters are behind OUR war on women. The American birth rate is flat and the Pope wants women to pop out more Catholics and the GOP wants more babies for their war machine (oil). They have teamed up to force their way into our government to forward their agenda, illegally, I might add. There will be a huge backlash and women are not going to shut up and pray and "be optimistic".

Roseanne S.

I'm an eternal optimist, I guess! I believe that ultimately justice will triumph over injustice and that the common good will prevail over greed. A fair go for all attitude!
It is people who can solve the problems in the world. All the people in the world at this present time, could easily fit side by side on Tasmania. Does that really sound like overpopulation?
Consider all the disasters, famines, wars and diseases that have happened.
Consider the smaller families, the declining numbers in the successive generations.
Consider the growing desert areas of the world.
Humanity could actually be an endangered species.
People kill one another.
People treat the world with violence and abuse - people, animals and the environment.
People can decide to be different, have the ability to change themselves and the world.
People are really the world's greatest resource for this reason.
We are one people, one planet.
When people work together in harmonious ways, as one, it is amazing what can be achieved.
The resources of this world that are currently being squandered, can be preserved.
We can all decide to care, about each other, about our world!
It is the little things we do that finish up making the really big difference!
Life is precious, we need to preserve it, for a future for everyone.

Ilona Randall
Ilona Randall5 years ago

Personally, I think we should have population control. I say bring on birth control and such. We should be thinking about what's best for the planet. Sounds radical but a lot more people are going to die, if we overpopulate than if we control our population and stabilise it. We need to calm our hormones down and stop or make less babies for a bit. Why the need of so many children anyway? I never understood it.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

If hundreds of billions are "killed" by abortions then I guess that isn't enough. We need to kill hundreds and thousands of billions then. We need to stop population growth now before it's too late. Maybe it's too late already. The polar ice caps are melting so fast that perhaps we are doomed no matter what we do. The NRA gun runners have been given free rein to kill off every last bit of our wildlife. Poachers in Africa have almost destroyed everything in just a few years. What hope is there? Even China took control and put limits on population but there is a Christian/ Muslim breeding war going on right now. The Pope still forbids birth control so there is no hope, is there?

Carmen n.
Carmen n5 years ago

@CarolS: "Obamacare is generally disliked by the electorate."

...generally disliked by the electorate... but not for the reasons you suppose... Personally, I dislike it because it failed to include the public option, much less even consider single payer health care.

Carmen n.
Carmen n5 years ago

@ IngaS: "Only when the father wants to care for and raise the child should a woman be forced to continue an unwanted pregancy!" Forced, you say? A man who wants to raise a kid a woman doesn't want should be asked to prove he can be a good parent, and if found competent, should then RESPECTFULLY ask the reluctant pregnant woman to cede this baby to him, and, it should go without saying, at that point he becomes responsible for the expense of the pregnancy and all related costs.


Beverly Johnson
Beverly J5 years ago

Roseanne claims to think people matter so much. If this is so has she considered that we live on a single planet that has limited respources?

Recently on the news I saw the Catholic Church anounce that we have kept our cammandment to "be fruitful and multiply". Whe have now reached the 7 billion mark.

Isnt that irresposible and immoral?

What about the ecological rights? What about the rights of other creatures on this planet? 15% of them are in danger of extinction because of our population.

Does money and power matter more? No nations, persons, or species have the right to exceed the carrying capacity of the earth as we have. Does Roseanne consider having each and every zygote mature to completion more important than the specific and urgent callenges this planet is facing?

We need to control and reduce our population. How does Roseanne suggest we do that?
Wake up from you slumber Roseanne! The war on women isnt about people or life, it's against it.

Power trumps justice, special interests trample the common good, greed displaces fairness.

Roseanne S.

mounts of money being spent onabortions were used to help women, what a differnce it could make. Let's support life, not take it!