Dispatches From The War On Women: Child Hunger No Big Deal To GOP

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The disdain that Republican lawmakers show women, and especially poor women, knows no bounds. The right has seized every opportunity to strip poor women of their rights, erect barriers to economic advancement and trap them into the cycle of poverty. Nowhere is this more apparent than the battle over this country’s food stamp program. Republicans are set on eradicating food support for the nation’s hungry women and children in the name of fighting fraud and when others like Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y) call them out on it they get mocked.

Meanwhile in Michigan, a Democratic woman lawmaker who used the word ‘vagina’ in debate about a bill restricting abortion access was reprimanded because ‘vagina’ is apparently a word that should not be used in polite company.

The ‘pro-life’ label has become so meaningless in the face of other social policies that are harmful to women and children that even some nuns are backing away from the label.

Reproductive health politics in the United States are far different than in China, but this story offers a simple reminder that when the state has the power to tell a woman when she must have a baby, it also has the power to tell her when she can’t.

Is male birth control doomed to fail because of the money shot?

The battle to pass the Violence Against Women Act rages on but House Republicans don’t seem interested in compromise of any sort. Remember that when pundits challenge the idea that Republicans are engaging in a war against women.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit challenging North Carolina’s second parent adoption ban.

Meanwhile 10 GOP Senators filed their brief in support of the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA).

The National Rifle Association has found another way to cash in on the tragedy that flows from ‘stand your ground’ laws and has started offering ‘stand your ground insurance.’

Is there really any such thing as a ‘healthy’ fast food meal for children?

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Photo from miss_pupik via flickr.


Leah h.
Leah H4 years ago

Oh, and Elaine has given herself a new glamor shot! Makes wonder what the real McCoy looks like. My bet: he has a three-day growth of stubble and is sitting in a stained tee shirt, old sweats and eating donuts.

Leah h.
Leah H4 years ago

Joseph B wrote: "Even if you stole all the wealthy's money it still wouldn't make a dent.."

Just FYI, the four hundred richest individuals in the world have enough money to end WORLD poverty FOUR times over. I believe that is what would be called "making a dent" and by only using 25% of their collective wealth they could accomplish it!

You are sadly, sadly misinformed. Try not to let prejudice blind you to reality. The reality will continue to exist, anyway, and be just as real in its consequences.

Jennifer E.
Jennifer E5 years ago

Don't you get sick of the world viewed through stupid men's eyes? When will it ever end?

ryan b.
Ryan B5 years ago

Shouldn't surprise anyone that the gop doesn't want to help those who can't put money into their pockets.

Michael M.
Michael M5 years ago

Does it surprise intelligent and decent people that the pigs of the gop do NOT care about people other then themselves? It should not surprise anyone.

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V5 years ago

Elaine A., do you have a keeper??? I hope so because someone with your obvious low IQ should not be allowed out on their own. I would rather be a liberal loon as you put over a conservative NAZI and that is what you are, a Conservative American NAZI!!!!

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad5 years ago

Poor misguided Liberal loons!

Antonio C.

Joseph B: If there were a prize for falsehood, bad faith, shameless lying, you'd get their Nobel one. But maybe I'm being way too harsh. Maybe the simple fact is that the the Good Lord, when he has handing out brains, decided you wouldn't know what to do with a full set and gave you instead those belonging to a gnat. And He who does all things well, did very well here too, reminding us through single every one of your words and thoughts and deeds that the the poor in spirit, too, will always be among us.

ii q.
g d c5 years ago


Leah H.
Leah H5 years ago

Hunger, want, homelessness - all high on the list of why the Family Values party is a total lie.
They are all about "messaging" and nothing about caring.

Joseph B. - You poor man. You are so tragically misinformed. You can take your gun to bed, but not to town. BTW, taxpayer's do NOT pay for abortions and never have.

I am a socialist and I can plenty about fraud. The difference between us is that you either ignore or are ignorant of the fact that the largest amount of fraud is perpetrated by corporations. Gov. Scott of Florida (Rep) was guilty of millions in Medicare fraud. That does not mean that his organization gave medical care to people who didn't need it (a stupid concept for the most part). It means that his organization charged Medicare for services NOT provided or over billed for what they did provide. I am also concerned about military contractors charging $100 a meal per soldier, many of which meals were not even provided. I am concerned about Halliburton misplacing $9 billion in Iraq and never having to explain what happened. I am concerned about defense contracts that guarantee 20% profit, even if the weapon is never purchased and are allowed unlimited cost-overruns.

Now, that is really a poster boy for free markets, isn't it? No risk and guaranteed profit. Do you have that government guarantee? No? Neither do the people who work directly for the government providing you with services every day. You don't even have a clue as what services you receive