Dispatches From The War On Women: Did You March For Women’s Rights?


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On Saturday, April 28, women and men across the country gathered to voice opposition to the Republicans’ ongoing assault on women’s economic and reproductive rights. I attended the rally in Madison, Wisconsin where the event had an additional air of urgency with the recall elections in the state fast approaching. Speakers railed against Gov. Scott Walker (R)’s repeal of equal pay laws, relentless assault on reproductive choice and family planning and, of course, his campaign against worker rights. But those attending the rally wanted it to be clear that they were out not just to be against Gov. Walker’s policies, but for policies that place Wisconsin women and families first. Did you attend a rally? What did you think?

An Indiana teacher is suing her former employer and the Archdiocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend after she was fired for undergoing in vitro fertilization.

When asked about his position on the Reproductive Parity Act, one Republican gubernatorial candidate’s response to the woman asking for his position: get a job.

The GOP’s woman’s problem: caught on tape.

The Colorado Senate passes a civil union bill while a California bill set to expand access to safe abortion care gets stuck in committee.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) vetoed another TRAP law saying the bill unfairly targeted abortion clinics.

The New York Times offers this look at the human cost of zero tolerance policies.

Finally Democrats are starting to notice the misogynist behind Mitt Romney’s “Judicial Advisory Committee” and say something about it.

Rachel Maddow handles some mansplaining by GOP consultant Alex Castellanos like the pro she is.

It’s really tricky to discuss sex work and sex workers, but this documentary does a pretty good job of it.

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Philip Amos
.5 years ago

I've said this before in a lengthier comment, so now I just iterate the point. Re the War on Women, and other issues, women and men must go into the streets and in very large numbers. The Republican Party in its present state is a huge danger to the U.S., and the opposition to their most horrendous policies, particularly at the state level must be made apparent. They must, indeed, be frightened.

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

John Z.
John Z5 years ago

David, read this:

http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/forced-abortions-continue-to-savage-chinas-women-chens-field-notes?utm_source=LifeSiteNews.com Daily Newsletter&utm_campaign=18543e6ef6-LifeSiteNews_com_Intl_Full_Text_05_01_2012&utm_medium=email

Carol O.
Carol O5 years ago

I can't participate in marches anymore dur to plantar fasciitis in both feet, but I definitely lit a candle for those who did march.

Lyn V.
Lyn V5 years ago

No but if they had one here is Brisbane I would

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

Marched for The Equal Rights Amendment in 70s - which because the US never passed is why we are in this mess today!

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

"Sins" are a big crock. How many of you woman have RAPED anybody? How many women have "MURDERED" anybody. How many women have LUSTED AFTER YOUR NEIGHBOR'S WIFE? How many women have LIED AND THIEVED like Newt Gingrich? GET REAL!!!!
SEX is not a SIN!!!! ABORTION is not a SIN!!!! SEX is LEGAL!!!! ABORTION is LEGAL!!!!

Joan-Chamonix B.
Joan B5 years ago


Whatever you viewed, it could NOT have been a real abortion. Abortions are not performed with knives slicing "little bodies" to "pieces" and because a fetus is not conscious and has an undeveloped central nervous system, the mere idea of one trying to fight for it's life or avoid pain (which it is incapable of feeling) is preposterous.

Instead of getting your facts/information from people who have an 'anti-abortion' position and only provide 'evidence' that supports their bias, try searching for impartial MEDICAL information and research into the subject. If you do that and you still don't accept what is right before your eyes, then it is you who refuses to see the truth.

Karen Smith
Karen Smith5 years ago

David,abortion is wrong, its sin. I would sugest that you use your computer and type in abortion live ,or what ever it takes to find it, and watch it, ive seen it and its not pretty, seeing a baby, yes baby fighting for its life and feeling the pain from those knives and other shape objects they choose to use, they are struggling with their little live bodies trying to get away from the pain of having their little bodies sliced to pieces a little bit at a time, untill they are all torn apart from the so called mother. I sure wouldn't want that to have been my mothers choice. Please David, watch an abortion live on your computer, its murder, and sin. A woman and man made their choice when they desided to make that child,and not use protection to prevent pregnancy, that was a choice. When does that baby get a choice, we should not make that choice for that breathing baby to kill it. Im thankful my Mom allowed me to live, we all deserve that right. God Bless You David, and please have a look at an abortion, if you have even a little heart, you just might have a change of heart, I hope. Please think about this, its cerious stuff.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

i really wish i could have gone to one of those feminist/women's rallies. maybe another time