Dispatches From The War On Women: Firebombs In Texas


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Texas State Senator and Planned Parenthood supporter Wendy Davis had her Ft. Worth office firebombed on Tuesday afternoon, providing yet another reminder of the very real danger advocating for women’s health can pose.

The sponsor of Idaho’s mandatory ultrasound bill thinks his legislation is necessary because women lie about getting raped just so they can get an abortion.

Legislators in Tennessee push a junk science bill that could pave the way for health classes to teach students that abortions cause breast cancer. Which they don’t. But that’s not the point.

Is it time for an underground railroad for contraception and reproductive health care? It just might be.

Republicans in Washington continue to attack health insurance coverage, this time trotting out Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to work his budget magic and erase insurance coverage for over 48 million Americans.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (R-CA) and other congresswomen would like to remind everyone how beneficial health care reform is to women in light of the “brazen” Republican attacks on women’s health. It’s also a good time to consider what’s at stake in next week’s health care reform arguments.

While I still think the Affordable Care Act should be safe, even from the Roberts Court, there is reason to be concerned. The Supreme Court’s conservative block held that states are immune from lawsuits should they violate the Family and Medical Leave Act’s “self-care” provision. That’s the part of the FMLA that allows a person to take time off from work to care for a major medical condition — like pregnancy and recovery — sending the clear message to pregnant women that what little protections they have from employment discrimination are on the ropes.

In the good news department, there’s a new campaign to combat street harassment and former Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth will take on Tea Party crusader and dead-beat dad Rep. Joe Walsh for the Eighth Congressional District seat in Illinois come November.

Do you knit? How about knitting your favorite anti-choice congressperson a uterus?

Come back tomorrow for another round-up of the latest news and commentary on the War on Women. So long as the battle rages, well cover the latest. And thanks to those who have submitted story suggestions already Im hard at work on a couple already, so please check back!


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ERIKA Sabout a year ago


Judith Emerson
Judith Emerson5 years ago

Science means little when RELIGIOUS EMOTIONS take over ... especially if GREED is also a possibility. :-(

Olli M.
Olli M5 years ago

@Bruce D. You can do a little research on how human a fetus actually is and how he is capable of perceptions, experience, pain and memory, even on Youtube. I happen to be regressive therapist and have taken back many an individual to the prenatal area, as far as conception, and these recordings and pain storage can be reached and relieved to a marked, even complete positive change in the being, character, bearing, emotions, intelligence and social life of the person. :-)
@Julie C. You are absolutely right. In fact there exist a multitude of organizations that specialize in taking care of orphans and babies/children who cannot be raised by their parents, but there can never be too many of these. :-)

Julie Cook
Past Member 5 years ago

@ Roseanne S.
I agree that the best scenario is to care for children, whether they are born or not, the sad truth is that child poverty rates are increasing. Here is just one link that shows that the number of poor American children is on the rise, and that being the case, it makes much more sense to me to help the kids we already have rather than to bring new life into the world if you have no real hope of caring for them.

Roseanne S.

There are countless people world wide who want to adopt and care for children.
So there are no unwanted children really, just unwanted pregnancies. Women in crisis, it highlights the needs of people not being met. I think it is the injustices that need to be tackled in our world. Situations where people think there is only one way out. There is always an alternative to death in any situation, there is life, if only people would choose it for everyone.
If only people would care for one another when times are hard!
Bruce, it is not just a theory as to the foetus being human, it is actually fact as Ollie has said.
For info regarding life before birth, go to Voice For Life, Right to life and Family Life International sites or just Google life before birth - you'll be amazed!
It is awesome to see the wonder of your own development, the intricacy, the detail, the miracle of life that each person is as a unique creation. The miracle of life in our every day!

Jennifer Walsh
Jennifer Walsh5 years ago


Julie Cook
Past Member 5 years ago

Ollie, who is going to stand up for the thousands of unwanted and uncared for babies that are born to parents who are either too poor or unfit to care for them adequately? I don't seem to hear a lot of you advocating for the rights of the children we already have.

Bruce D.
Bruce Dame5 years ago

Ollie, I appreciate your theory about when the fetus becomes a person. But it is just that; a theory. Many others (including me) have a different theory. At this point neither of us is "right" or "Wrong."

Olli M.
Olli M5 years ago

Who is standing up for the little guy the fetus? He has rights too, a right for a life. He is a human being.

Mario A.
Mario A5 years ago

How can people call them self a Pro-Life when the bomb a place and put others life at risk?