Dispatches From The War On Women: Planned Parenthood Joins The Voter ID Fight

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Maybe it’s a function of necessity, but civil rights organizations have realized the only way to make sure the Republicans don’t lie, cheat, and steal their way to an electoral victory in November is to come together and support each others previously siloed causes.

The latest evidence in this liberal coalition building can be found in the upper Midwest, where Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota has come out to take a public stand against two constitutional amendments on the ballot in Minnesota this fall. One is a measure to ban same sex marriage, and another would pass one of the most restrictive Voter ID requirements in the country.

The group has created two political funds to help defeat the amendments, and as government and public affairs director Timothy Stanley told Minnesota Public Radio, the group is getting involved because both issues matter to the people Planned Parenthood serves. “We work in coalitions with all these groups every day, from doing combined outreach to vulnerable communities that need health care, to working in political coalitions with groups that are fighting for LGBT rights right along side our fight for women’s health care.”

Instead of raising money for Minnesotans United for All Families, the main group working to defeat the marriage amendment, and Our Vote Our Future, the main organization working to defeat the voter ID amendment, Planned Parenthood plans to use its own staff and resources to campaign specifically on those two amendments. Planned Parenthood will be phoning, mailing and using social media to “make sure that people who support Planned Parenthood know that we are standing alongside the communities that are affected by these two amendments and we are calling on our supporters to vote no on these amendments.”
This type of coalition building comes after a historic joining of forces this summer by the NAACP and LGBT groups. The NAACP put its support behind the battle for marriage equality while LGBT groups came out in force over Fathers Day to protest NYPD stop-and-frisk policies in New York alongside the NAACP.

Given the nature of the right’s attacks on civil rights across the board, this kind of coalition building will not just be helpful, it is necessary. And with any luck, it will successfully stem the tide of these attacks and put them to bed once and for all.

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Susan Rodriguez
Susan Rodriguez5 years ago

As for voting, I want everyone to have a photo ID from the secretary of their state to prove that they live in that state, are registered in that state and that this is their picture on the photo ID. I do understand that not everyone has a drivers license, so photo ID can be purchased at the secretary of state's office for $10.00 in Illinois (I am sure other states have similar charges) so it should not be that hard to get. Some are saying they don't have the money, well don't buy that bottle of liquor or that pack of cigarettes and you will have the money. If you want to vote, prove who you are and where you are from. Just be glad we don't have to due like in some other countries and carry a passport or something else to prove who we are. Lets make this election legal without obama's sneaky ways of getting illegals in to vote when they do not have the right to vote. I ant Romney to win fair and square without the Democrats and those other crooks like obama and his gang putting crooked votes in his name like he did last time. we want Romney to win and lead us out of this hell obama has gotten us in.

Susan Rodriguez
Susan Rodriguez5 years ago

I think that a fetus no matter what stage it is in is a child, a human and abortion at any stage of its life is murder and should be treated as such. If you don't want a child don't have sex and if you get pregnant because you didn't take some other protection don't blame the child for what you did. I hope one day it will be a murder charge for abortions and not something women take so casually and just get an abortion like going to the bathroom and it is gone. It is a destruction of an innocent child and nothing in this world can make me think any differently. There are so many ways of "not to get pregnant" so why have abortions. Have the child and give it up for adoption many loving parents are waiting for the child you want to throw away as a problem, as garbage, as a inconvenient situation. Make it a law, abortion is killing a human being, go to jail for it just like killing any child or person.

Naomi A.
Naomi A5 years ago

POWER to the women, LGBT groups and all those who have 'no voice'.
It is time to roar!!

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago

PLEASE sign this, there's only ONE day to raise a protest!

This petition was NOT showing even when I clicked on the 'Canada' section:


Canada: Act Fast to Protect Women's Reproductive Rights

... We have until September 21st to be heard. ...

Karrie C.
Gypsy sage5 years ago

I am A Christian woman and Proud of it and I do love the unborn, being pro life means your pro life in ALL STAGES of LIFE NOT!!! Just one stage the Unborn. You have no right to tell a woman or a couple or an other American to do things the way you think belief is. Just because the Bible states that the unborn is precious and thou shall not kill , you really don't understand a woman's situation why she would make a decision like this. In a Country of freedom's and choices I think we need to stop bullying people about the Sacred of the unborn because not all woman or Americans views the unborn sacred. I think people like storek should remind their own buisness and get out of other peoples bedrooms.

Bill Eagle
Bill E5 years ago

If you live in a Democracy then you are expected to vote. If you are not registered to vote, then you are giving up one of your most important rights and duties.
Good for Planned parenthood in getting people to perform their duties as citizens.

Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Patricia G.
Patricia Gal5 years ago

Women unite and planned parenthood is the womens choice. -


GET REGISTERD and VOTE ......This is the women's election!!!

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage s5 years ago


Sue Matheson
Sue M5 years ago