Dispatches From The War On Women: The GOP’s Personhood Problem

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Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is a prominent supporter of fetal personhood and the Republican party has now enshrined into their platform the idea of granting embryonic cells the full rights associated with legal personhood. So it can’t be good news for the Republican party that Personhood USA failed to come up with enough valid signatures to get a personhood measure on the Colorado ballot this November.

Now THIS is what we’re talking about. Women are fed up. We’re tired of the relentless assault on our rights, our dignity, our humanity. And in case it wasn’t clear enough, the Renegade Raging Grannies are here to help set the GOP straight.

If three out of four Americans support contraception, why are Republicans trying to criminalize it?

There’s nothing to say about the fact that two RNC attendees threw peanuts at a black camerawoman other than the Republican party needs to clean house. If the people attending your convention feel comfortable enough to openly flaunt their racism then your culture is toxic. Seriously. This stuff needs to stop.

A federal appeals court slammed the state of Texas, unanimously holding the state’s redistricting plan was intentionally discriminatory. The court was “overwhelmed” by the evidence that Republicans intentionally drew all electoral maps with the intent of unseating minority representatives and diluting minority representation.

There are at least 5 stark differences between President Obama and Mitt Romney on education. Meanwhile, No Child Left Behind, a cornerstone of Republican education reform has managed to take good schools and make them struggle.

Unfortunately, we can’t expect the tone in politics to change anytime soon. Mitt Romney’s camp has made it clear they’ll keep lying as long as the media lets them get away with it.

The California Assembly passed a ban on using ex-gay therapy on minors. Excellent news, long over-due!

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Deborah W
Deborah W6 months ago

War on Women surfaces AGAIN. When will any group combine with any other group rather than branch off on only one injustice or another ... so many to choose from. If kept isolated within one cause, and all that takes to conclusion (so far not gained), the split/divide, hate/anger and fear will further splinter democracy. Isn't that the long-range goal, unnoticed by many?

TONYA M5 years ago

Thirty-eight years ago Romania’s president, Nicolae Ceausescu, dealt a crippling blow to women when he banned what we now call “abortion-on-request”. His reason: concern about the low rate of population growth. He wanted to impose his plan to increase the country’s population from 23 to 30 million by the year 2000. He began his campaign in 1966 with a decree that virtually made pregnancy a state policy. "The fetus is the property of the entire society," Ceausescu proclaimed.

Almost 10,000 women (9,452 to be exact) died because of the demographic policy of the communist regime in Romania in the 1966 - 1989 interval.

Unwanted survivors often ended up in orphanages anf thousands of homeless childre non the streets.

Ceausescu made mockery of family planning. He forbade sex education. Books on human sexuality and reproduction were classified as "state secrets," to be used only as medical textbooks.

The government's enforcement techniques were as bad as the law. Women under the age of 45 were rounded up at their workplaces every one to three months and taken to clinics, where they were examined for signs of pregnancy, often in the presence of government agents - dubbed the "menstrual police". The same was done to high school students.

mmmmm... sounds great...but oh that's not what the Republican policies are about …. They wouldn’t go this far would they ?

Paul P.
Paul P.5 years ago

Frances you are showing your jealousy and coveting

Patricia H.
Patricia H.5 years ago

let your voice be heard VOTE

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Interesting how Mrs Romney was trying so hard to woo the women...she just loves us so much. She forgot too mention how she would fight for our rights. How she thinks that women are intelligent enough too make our own decisions. How she doesn't think that old men in Washington should take away our contraceptives or abortion rights. For her it wouldn't matter how many kids she had...she has nannies, maids, drivers, mansions, many bedrooms and bathrooms. She doesn't have to go to work every day then come home to cook and clean. And never has to worry about enough money to get through the month.

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

GOP are not persons- Jesus told me so.

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

Elaine A.......what ?????

a             y m.
g d c5 years ago


aileen cheetham
AILEEN C5 years ago

Well Well Well, reading such tripe about womens bodies and Sperms "doing their jobs" is very unsettling. I thought to hold a political post you had to have had at least a basic education.

aileen cheetham
AILEEN C5 years ago

Well Well Well, reading such tripe about womens bodies and Sperms "doing their jobs" is very unsettling. I thought to hold a political post you had to have had at least a basic education.