Dispatches From The War On Women: The Phony War On Religion

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Republican culture warriors insist that the Obama administration is nothing short of outwardly hostile to religious institutions and people of faith. The policies the administration embraces would force the faithful to chose between their religion and the law, they claim. That has been their central objection to family planning services and civil rights legislation. It would be a better argument if it were not patently false.

In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott (R) vetoed $1.5 million in funding for the state’s 30 rape crisis centers as “unnecessary.” Now would also be a good time to remind you that Republicans in D.C. continue to block renewal of the Violence Against Women Act.

In Virginia, twenty of the state’s twenty-three abortion clinics will need to make modifications to meet the states new TRAP laws. The estimated cost of those modifications? $3 million per clinic.

The Guttmacher Institute released a new report that shows the importance of contraceptive access for young people. More than two-thirds of pregnancies among unmarried women aged 20-29 were unintended in 2008. Unintended pregnancies increase social disparities making an unintended pregnancy early in life an almost certain guarantee of a life of economic struggle.

What impact has social media had in the War on Women?

The Atlantic offers this Time Capsule: The ‘War on Women’ Circa 1945.

The new HBO television show “Girls” has caused quite a stir. Here’s Anna Holmes giving a very smart take on it all.

At one point Scotland Yard thought it was necessary to conduct surveillance on the suffragettes. The result is some pretty awesome photographs of some even more awesome women.

The BBC will try and tackle the stigma surrounding abortion by broadcasting live from a clinic.

Finally, victims of sex trafficking will get both justice and cash.

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Samuel Williams
Harley W5 years ago

War on women is over the top rheteric dsigned to inflame people so they do not stop to think. What we have here is antiabortion activits bening so boneheanded that in order to stop abotions they are removing goverment funding for women's health care.

Now I am for funding health care for all the poor men and women. Women also need Planned parenthood to be funded for the poor. That should be a given. But instead of arguing for this point we have people working to incite others. Can we not talk to others reasonably or has screaming and instults replaced dialogue?

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

When people deliberately lie and spread false rumors that end up costing others money, I would call that an illegal activity. This is not 'free speech' in action. This is criminal and those doing it should be stopped, arrested, fined, with most of the money going to repay the orginizations that were harmed. Then those liers need to be removed from governmental offices and have their voteing rights recinded. This kind of nonsense has gone on long enough!
Haveing a care2 profile is a way of saying you have the matureity and self respect to show us who you are and that you'll stand by what you say. If that is a 'devisive liberal tactic', then so be it and good riddence to the sleaze.

JH Mccallum
JH M5 years ago

Yes, and I didn't list the War on America by Obama too!

JH Mccallum
JH M5 years ago

Frances C-
Works for me! Oh, and thanks for making my point!

JH Mccallum
JH M5 years ago

Why is a profile posting significant to the validity of anyone's comment? Or is that just a discrediting tactic you're using to create the same old liberal diversion off the topic?

Carol M.
Carol m5 years ago

Pieter , you are right ....I guess they feel the need to keep the population down? HMMMMM

Pieter Jacobus O.
Pieter Jacobus O5 years ago

What about the war on unborn children? What about those of us who care about life? We care2 yet this site doesn't.

Kenneth D.
Kenneth Davies5 years ago


Beth K.
.5 years ago

JHM, speaking of "inane and vapid", why don't you have a profile? I didn't think care allowed that. Something you're ashamed of?

M R Coleman-Dion

Romney may have been for choice then but he has seldom kept his word on many things he claims to support. For example he say's he was for gay rights but he donated $10,000 to the NOM. He also donated via his "Free and Strong America PAC" but you won't find his donation listed in his filings to the FEC. Does he truly support women and their causes?
I would say NO!