Dispatches From The War On Women: Yes, Girls Can Do Math

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Over the weekend Republicans let slip a truth that maybe is simple enough to explain the chasm that separates their policy priorities from the interests of women. That truth is that, as Robin Marty reports, Republicans are working with “different facts” than women, especially when it comes to the issue of equal pay. It’s not that women don’t make 77 cents to the dollar as their male counterparts, it’s that women don’t understand how to do the math to prove that doesn’t mean they earn less. See the difference there? It’s so hard even Rachel Maddow has a tough time with it according to a Republican spokesman. Except she doesn’t. For the record, CNN fact-checked the exchange and the winner: Maddow.

Here’s another example of “working with different facts.” Abortion does not cause breast cancer, no matter how many times you say it does.

Just like you can’t “pray away the gay” you can’t “rape away the gay” either. I simply have no words for a radio host who suggests to one of his listeners that they go find a friend to “screw his lesbian daughter straight.”

Pennsylvania just made it impossible to save to get out of poverty while receiving public assistance, which seems vaguely similar to conservative attacks on contraception as part of their “anti-abortion” agenda.

New Hampshire parsed through no less than six anti-abortion measures last week, passing two and killing four.

Oklahoma again tightens abortion access in the state. Thankfully the state supreme court makes up for it by unanimously booting the personhood initiative from the ballot in November because it is “clearly unconstitutional.”

Here’s some more good news to celebrate:

In Colorado, Democrats pushed back hard at Republicans’ latest efforts to erect barriers to contraception access.

Meanwhile in Texas a federal district court ruled that the state of Texas cannot unilaterally strip Planned Parenthood of funding because to do so would leave tens of thousands of poor women without access to affordable health care services. It’s a temporary reprieve to the rule which would have stripped almost 50 clinics of funding as of today.

Do you know what happens when you spread lies about the Girl Scouts? People stop donating money to your political campaign, that’s what happens.

Finally, a hearty congratulations to Care2.com’s Annie Urban and this piece in the New York Times!

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Lisa Hastings
Lisa H5 years ago

Although I was always good at math, it wasn't without people giving me a hard time about it, the same they do to all very smart people. They double-down for females, esp. in math and science. I'm sure my almost perfect math SAT helped me get into the college of my choice.

The math myth is such a part of our culture--from White House advisors to teenagers t-shirts--that it will take many years and much work to overcome the perceived deficit, and then it will probably take longer to get rid of the "if a girl is good at math, then she's ugly and not feminine."

Stanley Rampersad
Stanley Balgobin5 years ago

GO conservatives think a female's brain cannot grasp Math concepts?

Stella Nobrega-Garcia


Manasa Rao
Manasa Rao5 years ago

There would be no difference in the mental abilities of man and woman.Very ignorant!!!

Dan L.
Dan L5 years ago

And for the record, I have met quite a few women with some serious mathematical aptitude. I have met more men with such characteristics, but anyone who says girls can't do math is wrong.

Dan L.
Dan L5 years ago

Sandra L.,

If you are any sort of an analyst, you will realize that the 77 cent stat is NOT based on doing the same jobs, it is across the board.

Is there a difference? Yes, but it is more like 10 percent when everything is properly regressed.

Women have the right to go into actuarial science, no one is stopping them. If they are too weak to stand up for what they want, that is not my problem.

Quite a bit has changed since the 70's and 80's. You might want to wake up and be aware of that.

Also, no one has addressed SAT discrepancies. Please explain how women are 'steered' away from getting elite scores on the math SAT?

Sometimes I'm not sure which side thinks women are weaker, far left feminists or far right religious, sexist nuts.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago

Ha I used to be the best in class at highschool!

Pradip Chavda
Pradip Chavda5 years ago

Whoever said or says "Girls cannot do Maths" has their noodles in disorder and they should see a brain surgeon or a shrink PRONTO. In India, there are more females in a mathematics class than boys. More often then not the maths teacher in school or college is a female. By the way my daughter is GOOD at maths and she has done masters in statistics.

Dominic C.
Dominic C5 years ago

Ever heard of Mary Ellen Rudin. She is perhaps, best known, for using box products to construct an example of a normal Hausdorff space whose Cartesian product with an interval is not normal.
She received the Prize of Nieuw Archiet voor Wiskunde (Mathematical Society of the Netherlands) in 1963. She was Vice-President of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) from 1980 to 1981.
She has been Governor of the Mathematical Association of America, elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and elected to the Hungarian Academy of Science. She was also invited to be the Emmy Noether Lecturer for the Association for Women in Mathematics, where she lectured on Paracompactness.
Guess where Mary is from? Ya, Texas in a small town called Hillsboro. Mary's dad was a civil engineer and her mom, an English school teacher.
How come these GOP idiots say girls aren't good in Math - isn't this brilliant Mathematician hails from their conservative country.

Krystal W.
Krystal W.5 years ago

I have learned alot of advanced math, from my High School teacher, Mrs, Luckenbill. She makes all Math very simple. Before I had her, I hated math.