Do Women Have Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities?

International Women’s Day 2010 is fast approaching with the theme ‘Equal rights, Equal opportunities: Progress for all.’ In theory, it’s a day for celebrating the strength and progress of women around the world, but I have to stop and wonder in disbelief, how do we celebrate women having equal rights, equal opportunities—or even consider progress for all—when 200 million women around the world want, but cannot access modern contraceptives? When girls in the developing world are married off at tender ages to older men? When early pregnancy and childbirth are common in the world’s poorest regions? When women can’t make choices about their own bodies, how can they possibly have equal rights, much less equal opportunities in life?

Because having equal rights and equal opportunities is an aspiration.

That’s why Pathfinder has launched the 200 Thousand for 200 Million Campaign. In the days leading up to International Women’s Day we are trying to reach 200,000 video shares on to raise awareness about the 200 million women who can’t access family planning. For every video shared through, a generous donor is giving $1 to support reproductive health care in the developing world—up to $1M!

This is a big goal. Last week when I first mentioned it, Kellie, a Care2 member, commented, “Care2 members alone should help them reach 1 mil in a day or so. Guess the Care2 community better buckle down and start sharing!!!” Well, that was more than a week ago and we’re only at 4,105!

So I’m asking for your help. Care2 members, let’s follow Kellie’s suggestion and buckle down and start sharing! Visit today, right now, this minute, and share the videos with your friends, family, and colleagues. Tweet this blog, post it on Facebook, and join together to take a stand for women.

The more we can spread the word that women’s rights include reproductive rights this International Women’s Day, the more we can not only aspire, but ensure that women can live healthier, happier lives…in the near future actually have equal rights and equal opportunities…and fulfill the goal of progress for all.


Sarah Day 2008


Loesje vB
Loesje Najoan6 years ago

I voted & shared the video.

Ari M.
Ari M.7 years ago

its not fair that men have equal rights and woman dont. we r just the same amount as men.

June B.
June B.8 years ago

Men and women should be paid the same for doing the same job!

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba8 years ago

Women don't have total equal rights as yet. Still a long way to go all aroudn the world. It's a man-made and ruled-controled world "This is a man's world" as James Brown would say.

Pat Tyler
Pat Tyler8 years ago

Some womyn do have equal rights and others do not. Some men have them and other don't.
The balance is found when we all do.

Anne Spearman
Anne Spearman8 years ago

I don't even need to watch the video to know that men and women can never have equality because of their make-up, but the question should be, do women have equality of opportunity? Of course, they don't and of course, they should!

Phillip K.
Phillip K.8 years ago

I`ve probably said this before, but religion is not the cause of the trouble`s and un-acceptable attitude`s,
It`s hypocritical excuses for human`s using religion for their own gain.
and so they deserve whatever come upance goes their way.
As a male christian i don`t agree with any of it.
I see women as equal to us, we are all different be us male or female.
[am i making sense?].

Ellinor S.
Ellinor S8 years ago

thank you

Reg B.
Reg B8 years ago


Technically this was already solved by some of the greatest thinkers of our time thousands of years ago. (Their writings are all available at most school libraries.)

No. Women will not ever be equal to men. Nor will men ever be equal to women. Nature has absolutely no intent of changing that. Women will never achieve the same measures of physical size, strength, and agility, that are inherent in men. We did not make this decision nor can we change it. NATURE did.

Perfectly designed biological specimens created to carry out particular functions towards the greater good of all peoples. This does not mean one gender is BETTER than the other it just means we are better at certain things. Women will always excel in areas men do not and vice versa.

We are a COMPLIMENT to each other; not a competition.

Why do you fight SO hard against the natural order of life you avow to protect every single day on other Care2 cause sites? Can you not see such obvious natural and evolutionary design?

Be happy with who you are and what you were designed for. Do not look with envy to the other side. You will inevitably find their role is fraught with more problems than you can imagine, and you will be less equipped to deal with them. This leads to what we are already seeing; stress, depression, and the shortening of lifespans.

It's basic biology.

carole hagen
.8 years ago

When a woman does a job----she needs to be paid the same wages a man receives---for the same job!