Do You Know Any Green Giants?

Encouraging communities to get more involved in making a difference and supporting those with great ideas is a very popular idea these days. Brands want to connect with people doing great things. Care2 has been able to work with partners to highlight America’s Favorite Schools, Farmer’s Markets and other programs over the past couple of years.  

Green Giant® (a Care2 advertiser), with support of leading environmental organizations including Bioneers, Defenders of Wildlife, Environmental Defense Fund, Green For All, The Rainforest Alliance and others has launched The Green Awards™ program. They are looking for people who are making a giant difference in their community and will be awarding them cash prizes which could be used to help advance their environmental cause.

There are four different categories where you can submit your green idea and get involved:

  • Green entrepreneur — Have you started a great business focused on making a giant difference and a positive impact on the environment? Do you have an idea for the next, great new device that will help people save energy or reduce their carbon footprint? Submit your idea and you may get the seed money to get started.
  • Green local organizer — Is there an area in your town that is a frequent dumpsite? Would you like to organize a regular trash cleanup but need resources to make that happen? This is the category for you. Share how you think $25,000 will help you keep your city looking beautiful.  Do you have a community garden that needs funding?
  • Green parent — Are you worried about how your local playground was built? Do local kids not have a safe, non-toxic place to play in your neighborhood? Apply to become a Green Giant and you could help kick off a new project and educate your neighbors and community leaders about the importance of kids having a safe, environmentally friendly place to play and grow.
  • Green civic leader — Do you work for your parks and recreation center, but have been limited by what you can do to help due to tight budgets? You might have a chance to make that project a reality by submitting it to The Green Awards. Members of the city council, judges, mayors and other civic employees are also eligible to enter in this category.

Submit your Green Idea for a chance to receive $25,000 for your environmental initiative. All submissions must include a one-minute video AND short essay that highlights your initiative, how it will impact the community, and how $25,000 will help make your idea a reality and make a giant difference in your community. For more information, visit The Green Awards website.



Robert O.
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Isabel Ramirez
Isabel Ramirez6 years ago

The awards is a great way to show appreciation to those who are working hard to create a better in world!

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Great article. Thank you!!

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Great idea

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Don Go6 years ago

Hmmm...I wish I knew a green giant gigantic enough.
These things need to turn into household names one day.:

Laurina Bergqvist

We were just out today with our cub scouts picking up litter and were horrified by the amount of garbage in the desert. It'd sure be great to have a green organizer here!

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good to know

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Thank you for the article.

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Noted. Thank you.