Do You Know What the Trump Kids Are Doing?

The President of the United States has been dominating media headlines – protecting Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, blaming Virginia Republican candidate Ed Gillespie’s loss on not embracing the White House, brushing off a Russian probe that is steadily closing in on him and eating steak and ketchup in China. In fact, with so much President Trump in the news, it’s almost as if his children and their spouses have disappeared from sight – and that may well be intentional.

Here is is what has been happening with the Trump kids while their father has been blowing up the airwaves.

1) Ivanka Trump is pushing tax code and globe trotting.

“Presidential adviser” Ivanka Trump is lobbying all across Congress, pushing hard for the GOP tax reform bill that will greatly benefit her family while leaving a vast majority of Americans with higher tax bills in the long run. But while she isn’t whipping the vote and arguing that parents should “invest” more money in food for their children, she’s also globe-trotting as a foreign dignitary for the administration. Last week she visited Japan with her father, giving a speech that very few people showed up for. Now she’s heading to India, where the city of Hyderabad is rounding up and jailing beggars in order to make her trip a little smoother.

2) Lara Trump is a new presidential adviser — and campaign staff?

But Ivanka is no longer alone in her White House role – now her sister-in-law Lara has joined up, too. But unlike Ivanka, Lara – wife of President Trump’s son Eric – seems to be blending lobbying (for a pet project involving therapy dogs for veterans) and campaigning for the 2020 presidential race in ways that have many watchdog groups concerned. “Campaign officials should not be able to access the levers of government for their own gain or use the White House to garner support for political interests, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington told Newsweek, describing [Lara] Trump’s involvement in government affairs while serving as a senior adviser to the president’s re-election committee as ‘unprecedented,’” reports Newsweek.

“‘This is not normal,’ Virginia Canter, ethics counsel for the executive branch at CREW who worked under former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, told Newsweek. ‘To the extent that somebody is actively engaged in political campaigning, it would be inappropriate for them to be sitting in and heading White House meetings. It raises a lot of concerns; you get the appearance that the individual is moving policy for political purposes rather than the public interest.’”

3) Eric’s brother-in-law gets a sweet administration job that he’s not qualified for.

Oh, and Lara isn’t the only one benefiting from her marriage into the Trump family. Lara’s brother, Kyle Yunaska, has a brand new job as well – dismantling climate change regulations. And it will come as a shock to no one that Kyle is not in any way qualified for the job. “In terms of qualifications to lead a policy shop that once directed Obama’s climate change agenda, just four years ago, Yunaska was featured on Inside Edition’s 2013 competition to find Washington, D.C.’s “hottest bachelors” — and didn’t win,” Salon reports. “Not much else is known about Yunaska, who has no prior background or history working in energy policy. ‘His Facebook page lists his position as a tax analyst at Georgetown University and former accounting manager at the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health,’ Axios reported.”

4) Donald Jr. encourages people to vote — on the wrong day.

No one asked Jr. to get out the vote in Virginia ahead of last week’s special election, and that’s probably a good thing. Because if they had, he would likely have shown up on the wrong day, anyway. Donald Trump Jr. hit the tweets on Tuesday, November 7th, reminding all Republicans - TWICE - that they have to head to the polls if they want to support his father’s candidates and stop the Democrats. The only problem? He told them to go vote on Wednesday. Did we mention he did this twice? Two times? Yes, he really did.

5) Jared’s just waiting to get indicted.

Perhaps of all of the Trump children, inlaws and siblings of inlaws, the one who went the most quiet is son-in-law Jared Kushner. At one point Ivanka’s ambitious husband was the number one adviser to the President, involved in every level of decision making. Now, he has all but disappeared. Washington insiders say that is likely because Kushner is keeping a low profile while waiting for more indictments to come from the FBI over the Russian campaign meddling allegations. “I expect there’s a good likelihood Jared Kushner will be indicted for money laundering,” former DNC chair Howard Dean told MSNBC, according to the Hill. “Dean also said he thinks Mueller is working his way up from the bottom. The former DNC chairman expects that eventually ‘either the Flynns are going to plead guilty or they’re going to … cooperate for some leniency.’ ‘And the next step is going to be the Trump family itself,’ he said.”

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons


Marilyn L
Marilyn L3 months ago

OK -- right here, right now I'm just going to say the petty thought that runs through my head every time I see a picture of Donald Trump, Jr. He has such a small, pinched mouth and his hair looks overgrown & greasy. Ah, I feel better for that. Thanks.

Tom P
Tom P3 months ago

Russian roulette with a full chamber even better. Russian you bet.

Marty P
Marty P3 months ago

Hopefully Playing Russian Roulette!

Winn Adams
Winn A3 months ago

They are doing Nothing Good, thats for sure.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E3 months ago

I heard this morning that trump (probably encouraged by his idiot sons) that it could be legal again to import things like ivory as daddy dismantles yet another Obama good thing

Marija M
Marija M3 months ago

Americans voted...

Lorraine Andersen
Lorraine A3 months ago

How sad!!

Kenny Wes
Kenny Wes3 months ago

That's what some people wanted, unqualified idiots to run the country that they can relate to. It was tough with Obama using all those big words and everything.

Debbi Wood
Debbi W3 months ago

The dicktator's empire working behind the scene. None are qualified for their jobs but that doesn't matter. Danny Dumbfutz has everything covered -- at least for now. Hopefully not to long in the future this house/empire of cards will fold and the guilty will end up in prison.

Elaine D
Elaine D3 months ago

Thank you