Does Ken Buck Hate Sex?

Does Colorado senate candidate Ken Buck hate sex?  A new ad from the liberal advocacy group Progress Now Colorado seems to think so.  Some are calling the ad confusing, convoluted, or even anti-child.  Me, I just think it’s sort of cute. 

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments (And if you want to read the ad script, you can read it below the video thanks to care2′s Laura Smith-Gary.)

“Save Sex in Colorado! No Ken Buck”

Video: Hand places a sign on screen that reads “Saving Sex in Colorado in Plain English” and has a crossed-out picture of a man in a suit wearing a Ken Buck button.

Voiceover: “Saving Sex in Colorado, in plain English.”

Video: Hand removes the sign, replaces it with a map of Colorado. As the voiceover continues, the picture changes to an illustration of a man and woman embracing, surrounded by hearts.

Voiceover: “Colorado. It’s a great place to live. We like sex.”

Video: Illustrations flip by, most with a backdrop of mountains  — a man and a woman in a tent; a man and a woman lying embracing behind a tree; a man and a woman facing each other on a bicycle (somehow!); a man and a woman entwined in a ski lift box; a man and a two women lying down in the back of an RV, a man and a woman lying on the ground with a backdrop of rocks and skyscrapers; a man and a woman embracing behind what seems to be a bear statue; two men entwined in the cab of a tractor.  The men and women shown are of various ethnicities and ages.

Voiceover: “Here, here, here, and here (wolf-whistle for the ski lift couple). Here, and here, and here, and here.” (A dog barks happily.)

Video: Illustration of a woman sitting on a cloud, smiling and holding her blue package of birth control pills while a halo floats over her head.

Voiceover: “Thank God for birth control!”

Video: Illustration of a man, woman, child and dog in front of mountains. Illustrations of various kinds of contraception appear around them.

Voiceover: “What would Colorado look like without birth control?”

Video: Back to some of the illustrations of the couples canoodling, but this time with illustrations of children covering every surface, then returning to the illustration of the man, woman, child and dog — now with dozens of children.

Voiceover: “Here, here, here, or here. Damn! Colorado doesn’t look so good anymore!” (Baby cries)

Video: Back to the first illustration of man and woman embracing.

Voiceover: “We can’t let this happen to sex in Colorado.”

Video: Illustration of the man in a suit with Ken Buck button.

Voiceover: “There’s this man called Ken Buck.” (Illustration of Capitol appears.) “He’s running for Senate in Colorado.” (Buck picture frowns as the embracing couple picture appears crossed out) “He hates sex. Well, knowing politicians, he probably likes sex for himself.” (Buck figure shown with a woman in a rocking RV.) “But not for anyone else. Especially women.” (Tires squeal as Buck figure’s RV pulls away.)

Video: Text on screen reads “Birth Control”, and pictures of various forms of contraception appear as their names are said.

Voiceover: “Birth control. You know. The pill, IUD, the morning after oopsie pill.” (Frowning Ken Buck figure appears.) “Ken Buck would make all that good stuff illegal.” (Picture is crossed out.)

Video: Illustration of various men, surrounded by illustrations of condoms changes to an illustration of a sad woman, frowning Buck, and crossed out birth control.

Voiceover: “No worries for dudes. But women? You’re f*****. And not in a good way.”

Video: Illustration of Buck beside Buck quote reading “ ‘I am pro-life. And I answer the next question, I don’t believe in exceptions of rape or incest’ Ken Buck, August 2010”

Voiceover: “Speaking of f******, get raped? Ken Buck will force you to have that baby. Let’s see what that show looks like on the other foot.” (Illustration of Ken Buck in heels with a pregnant belly, beside a sign reading “Baby on Board”. Baby cries. ) “Yeah. No wonder he doesn’t care about women. He’ll never be forced to walk in their shoes.” (Blue high-heeled shoe descends, kicks the “Baby on Board” sign away.)

 Video: Back to the pictures of couples behind trees, on bicycles, and so on. They’re replaced by a frowning Ken Buck illustration paired with illustrations of a man and woman in a tent, a man and woman in bed together, a woman’s reproductive organs, and finally the capital.

Voiceover: “So if you’ve had sex — here, here, here, here, or here, then you’re not going to like Ken Buck — here, here, here, and especially not here.” (the Capitol)

Video: Picture of crossed-out Ken Buck. On-screen text reads “Vote November 2, 7am – 7pm. You like sex, right?”

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Tracy S.
Tracy H7 years ago

It seems a pretty clear cut ad to me. If you like sex, and the ability to choose if and when you use birth control don't vote for Buck. If you like not having a kid every year because you had sex, don't vote for Buck.

Additionally I think Monica R has a point. When I was in HS in Indiana 20 years ago sex ed was graphic about the STI's (Then called STD's) that one might catch and the gross things they could do to you. We also had to watch a movie in which we had the "dr's view" of a woman giving birth. Various forms of birth control were discussed and we were even told that the local Planned Parenthood could answer more of our questions and provide free condoms without anyone having to know.

Michele G.
Past Member 7 years ago


Sarah Solaban
Sarah Solaban7 years ago

Yeah, he's "out there," aright. He'd chance his tune damn fast about no exceptions for rape or incest of he has a daughter who gets pregnant because she got raped and didn't want to have the baby or have it and give it up for adoption!

Carole C.
Carole Chowen7 years ago

A Colorado voter who thinks this is the best ad I have see to show what a danger Ken Buck is to all women, as well as the state.

Mary S.
Mary S7 years ago

I liked the ad, but I don't think Buck will get the gist of it. How many children does this man have? Is one a daughter, and would he really force her to carry the baby full term? No, he is rich enough to go someplace that allows abortions.

Anja N.
Justin R7 years ago

For all I care he can put his..... in a knot.

Jeffrey M.
Jeffrey M7 years ago

The ad isn't against children, just against having so many children that there are insufficient resources to care for them. I mean, there was no room left, so that cartoon baby had to live on a freaking mountain!

Grace A.
Grace Adams7 years ago

Birth control does cut down on the need for abortion. It would also help to get the economy back on its feet so that the vast majority of teenagers could aspire to both a decent job on graduation from high school and plenty of opportunity to pursue further education part time in night school while working.

monica r.
monica r7 years ago

Never mind controlling women or if Ken Buck likes sex.

A lot of Americans like sex. A lot of those Americans are unmarried teens. A lot of those unmarried teens are getting pregnant. A lot of those pregnant teens either get abortions or are locked into the cycle of poverty because their education gets cut short and they are single moms with no job skills yet.

If you want to prevent some or all of those abortions, at least DO NOT limit access to contraceptives, and teach realistic sex ed in schools, especially about STIs and HIV/AIDS, which is rampant in the younger, minority populations.

Some people will do abstinence. It is the only real guarantee of no pregnancy or not getting sick. It is also delusional to expect that most or all people will abstain from sex. At no time in history has the human race completely abstained from sex outside marriage, so why would that happen now?

Kids at my school cut class to have sex. Reality is what it is. I wish they'd abstain, but if they won't, I'd like them to be informed about the consequences.

Hope W.
Hope W7 years ago

lol, this is clever