Dog Guards His Dead Mate In Middle of Chinese Road

For six hours, a stray dog stayed near his mate after she was hit by a car in the middle of a traffic-filled road in Zhangzhou, in China’s southeast Fujian province. The dog licked her face and head and nudged at her; when she did not wake, he positioned himself at her side, never venturing too far and dodging cars, says the Daily Mail. Eventually, he lay down at the female’s side.

A butcher on the street, Xiao Wu, said that he had recently started to feed the golden brown-and-white female.  A week ago, the male appeared with her. “Then I realized she had a boyfriend. They were together all the time, playing and in love,” he said.

According to Xiao, the male dog even sought to “hug” the still body of the female with his forelegs. After she was finally moved to the side of the road, he stayed beside her, as these photos show.

Some comments about this video asked why the person taking the photos did not move the female stray’s body to safety. I suspect this did not happen simply because human observers were afraid to step into the heavy traffic on the road — all the more highlighting the devotion of the male dog in protecting his mate.

Both dogs have the pointed ears and wedge-shaped head that links them to prehistoric dogs like the dingo. Indeed, stray dogs in India — which has tens of millions of stray dogs and where thousands report being bitten every year by them– are probably descended from an “ancient Chinese immigrant.”

India did pass a law in 2001 forbidding the killing of strays. Currently, China has no animal welfare laws in place and, back in June, one member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly proposed sending strays to China, where they could be slaughtered.

Dog meat has been considered a delicacy in China but, recently, things have been looking up for dogs. Animal activists have began to demand change, as Care2 blogger Judy Molland has written. Hundreds of dogs destined for the slaughterhouse, to be butchered for meat or for their fur, have been rescued, but it is just a start.

This past February, the China Beijing Hearing-Dog Association started a program in which stray dogs are trained to assist the elderly and those who have hearing disabilities. Under the program, dogs are chosen from an animal shelter and trained for 180 days by Japanese instructors to understand hand-sign language. The dogs are trained to react to sounds such as a knock on the door.

36-year-old Liu Yan has a hearing disability and has been benefiting from the training of a hearing dog named Pan who, among much else, alerts her to when water is boiling on the stove. But while guide dogs in the U.S. can enter public places and use public transportation freely, there are no such policies in China. Pan cannot accompany Liu on the subway and bus and taxi drivers refuse to allow the dog on.

But is it not a sign of changing times that, according to the Daily Mail, it was a butcher who first fed the female stray dog in Zhangzhou and then observed her mate’s tender care for her after she was killed by a passing car?

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Photo from a YouTube video uploaded by teletechnology


Laura Saxon
.4 years ago

Very touching. Thanks for sharing.

Charles W.
Charles W4 years ago

Absolutely tragic and heartbreaking ... I have seen this behavior (whether it be love, loyalty, compassion, protection, or something else) exhibited by several different animal types in my lifetime ... Makes you wonder whose soul is on the higher plane ... I have been told that animals and plants lack a moral sense ... Really? And we humans have gobs of morality... yea -- right ...

.4 years ago

heartbreaking,very very sad,thank you for sharing

Kylie Koh
Wendy Koh4 years ago

This really moves us to tears!
A lot of times, we do not understand what is going inside the minds of people in China today!
They ought to have just a little bit of compassions to help tens of thousands stray dogs

annie s.
christine s5 years ago

Yes truly heart breaking and the people just stood and stared or simply walked away ,the traffic carried on as if nothing was happening . Ok I would have to have been cautious as the dog might bite but at least I would have tried my very best ---disgusting absolutely ,no more than robots.

Patrish Dehler
Patricia Dehler5 years ago

Society is slow to change, and it comes one step at a time even if we wish it would go faster. It was the same for the blacks and the gays in American. If you change one person's think, they may change 1 or 2 people, who in turn, change more. That is how society changes for the good (and for the bad). I have a strong dis like for the China nation as a whole, but necessary every individual in the society. Their society belief are responsible for 'shark fining', depletion of wild species, etc. I try not to buy stuff China too, but so much is labeled 'made in China' sometimes it seems a lost cause.

Fiona T.
Past Member 5 years ago

This is doggies' love

Amanda A.
Amanda Ashworth5 years ago

This is so sad. I wish there had been a happy ending for the dog left behind. I hate them for how they treat dogs. They are the scum that floats on my dirty bathwater, Still eating dog. How backward.

Diane L.
Diane L5 years ago

Kathleen, do you have a cell phone? Almost all of them are either made in China or their parts are. You are posting on the internet. Much of your computer was made in China. If you have a cat or dog, some of the ingredients in their food came here from China, even though it was packaged in the U.S. Nice to delusion yourself that you don't buy ANYTHING made in China, but it's virtually impossible not to. Check out organic salad mixes sold at Whole Foods. Supposedly, all natural, all organic. Read the fine print. Some of the products came from China. Buy a Stanley screwdriver. Says "St. Louis, Mo." on the package, then far down in the fine print, "Made in China".

Kathleen S.
Kathy S5 years ago

The Chinese Government will not stop the killing and consumption of cats and dogs so I will not buy anything made in China. If all animal lovers did this and China started losing money, maybe they would start to react. When I go to buy something and it says "made in China" I would rather go without it than give in to a government who cares little about animals and people. For me it's personal.