Dog Meat Farmers Cancel Festival


Thanks to pressure from animal rights activists, a festival in South Korea to promote the consumption dog meat has been canceled.

The Korea Dog Farmers’ Association had scheduled the festival for Friday in an open-air market in a city just south of Seoul.  AFP reported, “It would have showcased various canine delicacies including barbecued dog, sausages and steamed paws.”

The event also planned to sell cosmetics and spirits with canine ingredients. And it would have tried to raise public awareness about the conditions on dog meat farms by featuring videos of canines being raised in clean environments.

Public opinion has taken a downturn in recent years, especially from younger Koreans who oppose the practice and consider it an “international embarrassment.”

The Association had hoped the festival would change public perception and increase sales for the approximately 600 dog farms in the area.

John Woestendiek, creator of the ohmidog blog recently returned from South Korea and the marketplace where the event would have taken place. He said the Moran Market is a block long outdoor bazaar that sells fruit, vegetables and all types of animals for human consumption. About two-thirds of the dog meat sold in the area comes from this market. For $100- $150 individuals can select a live dog and have it butchered.

The growing animal welfare movement in the country helped turn the tables on the dog meat festival. Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth ran an online campaign which ultimately forced the cancellation of the event.

“This is making our country an international laughing stock, and making the whole world mistakenly believe that all South Koreans eat dogs,” said Park So-Youn, head of Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth.

“Canines are the animals emotionally closest to humans. You can’t just publicly celebrate killing and eating them.”

The continued protests led to retailers backing out on renting space to the group. “We couldn’t possibly go on with the plan due to endless phone calls of complaint … now there are few willing to rent us a place for the event,” Ann Yong-Geun, an adviser to Korea Dog Farmers’ Association and a professor of nutrition at Chung Cheong University said to AFP.

Photo: Creative Commons Brett McBain


Valentina R.
Valentina R6 years ago

A lot more should be done about the dog/cat meat trade in Asia.

Tolga U.
Tolga U7 years ago you all Koreans and all the other nations that torture and eat dogs and cats. China is at the top of the list. I wish they all would die in pain. I hate those nations that don't have any respect for the animals at all.

Nicole B.
Nicole B7 years ago

Why is it sad to eat dogs, but in the US we slaughter pretty much what ever we want? I find this hypocritical, unless one is already vegetarian or vegan. Slaughter is ALWAYS cruel.

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Zarafonetis7 years ago

I'm glad this is getting the attention it needs so awareness is moving up for people to know the horrors of what is done to these poor animals!!! :(

Laurie S.
Laurie Siederman7 years ago

Culture my a**. If cannibalism was being practiced would we have to respect their "cultural differences?" I find their eating dogs repulsive and cruel.

Linda E.
Linda E7 years ago

Progress is being made in Korea. First international outrage stops the dog meat festival. The young Koreans find the practice an international embarrassment. Now is the time to ban dog meat entirely, for the barbaric practice that it is.

It makes me outraged, powerless, and sick to think about people paying $100 to choose a dog to have slaughtered for their food.

ryan b.
Ryan B7 years ago

I think we should smuggle all animals out of those crazy countries and nuke the rest of the inhabitants. That's right, not humans, inhabitants. Humans treat animals humanely and don't beat, kill and eat pets or any animal for that matter. I am not against eating meat but against the way the animals are treated every second of their lives before they become a meal.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B7 years ago

why would they set up a festival like that in the 1st place?

Rita Flynn
Rita Delfing7 years ago

Show how they keep their dogs in clean environments? Well that is a load of crap my friend lived there for 5 years, and took many pictures of what was done to dogs in Korea. The have the same technique as factory farming and the way they kill them is anything but humane. I am glad the youth of the country are realizing this needs to stop. Good on them that the festival was stopped.

Donna W.
Donna W.7 years ago

So happy to hear our petitions worked!