Dog Salon Shuts Down After Owner Is Accused of Dragging and Choking Dog to Death

Paw’sh (“Posh”) Paws in Cumming, Georgia, called itself a dog grooming business, but dogs seemed to be subjected to more of a nightmare than a pampering experience.

Earlier this month, the Cumming Police Department had their first-ever case of felony animal cruelty, when they arrested Michelle Root, the owner of Paw’sh Paws.

Root now faces several charges, including a felony, related to her alleged role in the recent killing of Meko, a dog in her care, and another charge of alleged abuse that led to the death of a dog in 2016.

Meko, a three-year-old Portuguese water dog wheaten terrier mix in perfect health, was brought into Root’s facility to be groomed on October 7. Eric Francis, a friend of the dog’s owner, went to pick Meko up later in the day and was informed that Meko had had a seizure and needed to be rushed to an animal hospital, which pronounced him dead.

The “seizure,” however, was allegedly a cover-up. 

After Meko’s death, an employee of the boutique reported to the police that the dog had been beaten and choked to death by Root.

“Allegedly the owner had the dog by a leash and was kicked multiple times in the side of the head and the dog was drug across the pet salon and was hit up against the table and washtub and was hung by the leash very gruesomely,” Deputy Chief Aletha Barrett of the Cumming Police told Fox5.

Another report, this one obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, stated that Root kicked and choked Meko and then “dragged Meko to the front of the store, banging Meko against the washer and other objects before throwing Meko on the table and attempting to finish Meko’s grooming.” 

When Sean Scott, a Georgia resident, heard about this extreme cruelty, he was heartbroken and furious. Determined to ensure that no more animals would have to suffer at Root’s hands, he started a Care2 petition demanding that the Cumming City Council and the Georgia Department of Health shut down Paw’sh Paws.

“This hurts me to my core. There is no excuse or rationality for brutalizing and killing someone’s pet,” Scott wrote in his petition.

Plenty of Care2 members agreed with him, and his petition gathered over 78,000 signatures.

“Pet owners bring their dogs to their groomer expecting to be able to trust that their family member is in good hands and it sickens me to see that this woman could treat a dog this way,” wrote Dayna Y. from Georgia.

“She needs to be prosecuted for cruelty, pay a fine and go to jail. Also, she should never be allowed to own a pet store again and Paw’sh Paws should be closed for good,” added Nancy T., also from Georgia.


Thanks to all those Care2 members who signed Scott’s petition, as well as the numerous activists who called police and other victims who shared their previous problems with the salon, Paw’sh Paws is now closed. 


Care2 has created numerous successful petitions that seek to bring animal abuse to light and shut it down, including the cancelation of four cruel sheep races in the U.K. If you have an issue that is deeply troubling to you, as this one was to Sean Scott, why not create your own petition? Check out these guidelines and you’ll see how easy it is to get started. Pretty soon Care2 members will be signing up to support you!


Photo Credit: Care2


Chrissie R
Chrissie R2 months ago

Thanks for posting.

Naomi D
Naomi Dreyer2 months ago


Jennifer H
Jennifer H4 months ago

Employees did nothing to save Meko. Possible charges there too?

Sharon B
Sharon B5 months ago

Thank you for sharing

Melania P
Melania Padilla5 months ago

Great they closed! Poor animals :-(
These "people" are sick, anywho abuses an animal is not a normal person. Also, they can be dangerous to kids.

carol anderberg
carol anderberg5 months ago

I still think the employees are guilty 'big time" they should have grabbed Meko from her at the first sign of her attack , grabbed the dog and run outside someone should have called the police. It took her some amount of time to do the horrific things to that poor helpless dog. to the owner i am so sorry for your loss.

Guy C
Guy C5 months ago

A good news, indeed, and justice for the poor Meko who did not deserve to die, having been tortured....
A question: why the employee who attended this scene did not intervene?...
It's time to teach to the children the respect for others, animals and nature ...
It is the essential condition for a more harmonious society for the man of tomorrow....

Kathleen England
Kathleen E5 months ago

Justice for Meko. So, so sad. I would put Root in prison and throw away the key.

Kate Kenner
Kate Kenner5 months ago

Thank you Sean Scott for bringing this into light. There is indeed no excuse to do this to someone's pet or to any animal for that matter. Georgia is not great for animals but let's hope she gets what she deserves as well as not being allowed near animals again. This is yet another reason why in interstate registry is needed.

Maria PETRILLO5 months ago

This is so sad hope she get justice..