Saved! Puppy Stuck in Wall

Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS) in southern California has been busy this week with rescuing animals in danger.

On Monday, officers responded to a call about a German shepherd puppy that got himself stuck in a cinder block wall.  Rebel the puppy must have thought the hole was beckoning him in some way.  Maybe he was chasing a small animal – we’ll never know for sure.

When his head got stuck in the wall and he could not help himself, he whimpered until he got someone’s attention.  Rebel’s owner wasn’t home at the time, but her friend was and called RCDAS for help.

“My initial reaction was, ‘Wow, how’d he get in there?’” Riverside County Animal Services Sgt. James Huffman said. “And why is there a hole that big in the wall?”

After checking Rebel’s breathing and determining it was in no danger, Sgt. James Huffman and Officer Hector Palafox each took one side of the dog and tried to ease him out.  The entire rescue took about 30 minutes.  Noticing blood on Rebel’s face and the wall, they wondered why the dog had kept on pushing his way through.

Huffman and Palafox knew Rebel was working with them.  The pup understood they were trying to help him and cooperated any way he could. “He let us know if we were pushing too hard – but he kept working right along with us,” Sgt. Huffman said. “He helped a lot. You could see his hind legs stiffen to assist in the direction we were going. He knew we were there to save him.”

Sgt. Huffman planned on stopping by the next day to discuss covering the hole with chicken wire for future prevention of a similar accident.

Rebel’s rescue was dramatic enough, but then on Tuesday, RCDAS received a call about a quarter horse gelding named Mack that was stuck in some serious mud.

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Photo courtesy of Riverside County Department of Animal Services


Mary T.
Mary T4 years ago

poor little Rebel. hope he learned a lesson and wont go sticking his head in small holes..LOL

Jane R.
Jane R6 years ago

Poor baby. So glad he was saved.

Ioana Boca
Ioana B6 years ago

poor puupy,glad he's alright.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Curious puppies -- whatcha gonna do?!

Carmel Harrison
Carmel Harrison6 years ago

Awww, the poor thing!! At least it got out ok!!

irene davis
irene davis7 years ago

thanks for posting this.

Chris Monahan
Chris Monahan7 years ago

Glad to see the dog got help and thanks to those who helped out.

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

Poor pup, I'm glad he's okay. Cute dog.

Laura S.
Laura S7 years ago

How the heck...? Poor thing.

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p7 years ago

glad rebel is ok.