Dog Trainer Offers Free Sessions If Pit Bull Owners ‘Give Up’ Their Dogs

Dog trainer Salvatore Piazza, owner of K-9 Services Unlimited in New York, has made it abundantly clear on his business’s website and Facebook page that he does not like pit bulls and refuses to train them.

It’s a free country (for now at least) and Piazza has the right to do this, but it’s pretty troubling. It’s not a whole lot different than, say, a school for humans turning away some students only because of the way they look.

What’s really troubling is this special offer that appeared earlier this month on the K-9 Services Unlimited Facebook page:

“ATTENTION: Anyone who gives up their Pit Bull and get’s [sic] another breed, we here at Piazza’s K-9 Services Unlimited will TRAIN that dog Free of charge. We want to keep our communities safe therefore, you have a Pit Bull and can’t afford training, bring it back to where you purchased it or adopted it, and we will train any other dog you get free. …Just show proof you surrendered the pit bull.”

The backlash to this egregious offer was almost immediate, especially after pit bull advocate Shorty Rossi brought attention to it. The post has been removed, but hundreds of comments criticizing it have been left on the K-9 Services Unlimited Facebook page. The business’s Yelp rating dropped to one star.

The impetus for Piazza’s offer was “Eight or nine people calling us with complaints that the dog’s going after their children, going after their pets, so I said bring it back to the humane society, get another dog, I will train it for free,” he told WKTV. “So that’s where that post started from. Maybe I should have explained it better.”

He could maybe also better explain why he referred to pit bull owners as the “Jerry Springer’s [sic] of dog owners” on his business’s Facebook page. “Very angry because we won’t train their Pit Bull Terrier,” he wrote. “Again, if you want it in crayon, NO PIT BULL TERRIER ACCEPTED HERE!” Piazza apparently stereotypes people just as he does dog breeds.

“I want the people to understand this: I’ve been training dogs for a long time,” Piazza told WKTV. “We don’t hate any breed.”

If this is true, why is he promoting what amounts to the killing of pit bulls? According to the K-9 Services Unlimited website, Piazza has been a dog trainer for over 38 years, which seems like sufficient time to learn not to judge dogs based on their breeds or looks.

It’s since been removed, but there used to be a statement on the K-9 Services Unlimited website saying that for the safety of communities, Piazza would not train pit bulls. He cited PETA’s stance that the breed should be banned, yet did not mention the fact that every other major animal welfare organization – including the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States and the American Veterinary Medical Association – oppose bans and breed-specific legislation because they unfairly generalize the behavior of dogs based on their looks.

And as for the safety of communities, perhaps Piazza is unaware of the fact that public safety has not increased in places where pit bull bans have been enacted.

In response to Piazza’s deplorable offer, another trainer in the area is welcoming pit bulls with special offers. Through February, Victoria Porter of Evolutionary K9 Academy in Richfield Springs, N.Y., is providing two free training sessions and a half-off discount on the remaining sessions for pit bulls or bully mixes.

“It’s been overwhelming. I woke up with like 2,000 notifications on my phone this morning and more messages coming in than I can reply to,” Porter told WKTV. “I don’t believe any dog is born bad; I think it’s in how they’re raised and socialized and trained, and every dog needs training from day one. I honestly love them, they are so loving and so loyal.”

Although it seemed like a positive sign that Piazza removed the anti-pit bull statement from the K-9 Services Unlimited website, his awareness has apparently not been raised.

“When we first posted in regard to the Pit Bull, our goal was to raise awareness to get people talking about how to stop the weekly attacks that are happening,” he wrote on Facebook Jan. 21. “This has gone more than viral. This is beyond anything I could have hoped for. It has gotten people all over the world talking about the Pit Bull Problem.”

I don’t know what “weekly attacks” Piazza is referring to, but this is definitely true: His horrible offer has gotten people all over the world talking about the problem of discriminating against pit bulls.

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Carole R
Carole R2 months ago

Awful man.

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michelle t
michelle m5 months ago

Death wish to this scumbag dog discriminatory POS.I have never met a dog that I have disliked,however I am unable to say the same about all humans.

John B
John B9 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Christel K
Christel K10 months ago

incompetent jerk

Margaret B
Margaret B10 months ago

If he is so damn good, why isn't he offering free training sessions to pit-bull owners, to make them 'safer' dogs. What a twat!!

Mike H
Mike H10 months ago

Evil ignorance

Richard A
Richard A10 months ago

My Staffies have been mostly of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier type, not a large animal, weighing only 30 to 40 pounds. They have all been amazingly sweet, puppies of love.
None of them have been aggressive.

Helene L
Helene L10 months ago

I guess it's a good way to advertise his disdain for pit bulls and his ugly heart.