Domestic Violence PSA Teaches Women to Cover-Up Abuse with Make-up (Video)

Lauren Luke is a well known British make-up artist best known for her YouTube make-up tutorials which have garnered more than 140 million views.

Her latest video may just stop you in your tracks.

Take a look:

This clever PSA was created in conjunction with Refuge, a domestic violence organization in the UK, to raise awareness of the fact that 65% of women who suffer from domestic violence keep it hidden.

With more than half a million YouTube subscribers, Luke’s PSA has the potential to reach many young women and teenage girls who watch her make-up tutorials. Refuge’s hope is that the video will encourage women and girls suffering in silence at the hands of their partners to get the help and support they need.

What do you think about the video? Do you think itís a clever way to raise awareness about domestic violence?

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Colleen W.
Colleen W5 years ago

Wow - this is an excellent video. I wonder if the shits who should see it will, though.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

I covered up for a year. Good video. At first I thought it was going to be semi supportive of truly covering up abuse, but I watched it. I approve

Bianca D.
Bianca D5 years ago

Whoa. Excellent vid.
Though I think I agree with Luvenia that it's better to not cover up the bruises. Both people in a relationship like that urgently need help; the aggressor to get to the root of his/her rage and the victim to develop what is necessary to leave and not get involved with that kind of person again. Both need to learn what genuine love is.

Mary Mattarelli
Mary Mattarelli5 years ago

Thank you

Jen Matheson
Past Member 5 years ago

I understand what you're saying, Joan. I think sometimes we have to save ourselves.

Joan Q.
Joan Q5 years ago

I've a lot of mouth tonight but when i saw this, i knew i had to run it some more. i AM female and i once had an abusive partner. "Burning Bed" and "Enough" definitely put the spin where it belongs, but those movies hadn't been made when I was being abused. So, I waited for the bastard to fall asleep. Once I heard him snoring, I boiled some hot cereal in a huge pot (the kind one might use to cook crabs), walked over to the bed, and poured it all over the sonofabitch. Now look, I'm not proud of that but I'm damned proud I stood up for myself and kept myself alive. There's not enough money anywhere to make me live with another piece of slime like that. The law doesn't help with its silly paperwork and dismissive cops, at least not when I was being beaten up. It was me or him and I chose me. I don't imagine he's able to find another mate to beat up on nowadays because quite frankly he's a mess to look at.

Latonya W.
Latonya W5 years ago


Lika S.
Lika P5 years ago

This is how many cope, because battered women everywhere are afraid they can't make it w/o their abusers.

Marilyn J Leger
Marilyn L5 years ago

I understand -- and agree with -- the intent. It's the women who are too frightened to speak up and who will learn better cover-up techniques that I'm worried about.

Karen Howard
Karen H5 years ago

The video might help parents/friends/family recognize a victim's attempts to cover up abuse, and do an intervention.
What's sad is that the abusers first destroy the victim's self-esteem, which is why so many women (and men, too) are afraid to report abuse.