Abstinence-Only Education Lesson 1: Drink the Spit (Video)

There’s nothing I love more than a clever video campaign for a great cause.

While I thought the recent “Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day” video missed the mark a bit for Movember, a campaign to raise awareness of men’s cancer, I just uncovered a new advocacy video that hit it out of the park!

Enter Amplify Your Voice, a project of Advocates for Youth, which supports efforts to help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health.

Amplify has launched a new web video series calling attention to the ridiculousness of abstinence-only education programs. The video features actual content from abstinence-only-until-marriage lessons that have been taught to students around the country – actual content.

I’ll let the video speak for itself. 

Video Transcript:

Bear 1: What did you learn in abstinence-only class today?

Bear 2: First the teacher passed around a rose and had us each take off a petal. Then she said the rose was now like someone who has had sex before marriage. They lose their beauty and value.

Bear 1: Hmm. Well that is a little troubling.

Bear 2: Then she told us that having sex is like reaching into a bag of candy where some of it has been chewed and spit back into the bag. Who would ever want used candy?

Bear 1: Really? Someone who has had sex is the same as partially chewed and spit out candy?

Bear 2: That is what we learned. Then she told us to imagine a really gross toothbrush that a lot of people have used. If you have sex, you’re the toothbrush.

Bear 1: That is awful.

Bear 2: The next thing is the speaker gave me a sign that said virgin. Then she had everyone spit in a cup. She passed me the cup.

Bear 1: No please don’t say it.

Bear 2: Then she asked me to drink the spit.

Bear 1: No no no, why, why would anyone do this?

Bear 2: She said that is what losing your virginity is like.

Bear 1: Like drinking a cup of other people’s spit?

Bear 2: Yes.

$1.5 billion in federal and state funding has gone to abstinence-only education programs since 1996. Over one billion dollars to teach teens that losing your virginity is like drinking a cup of other people’s spit? What type of education is that?

What we need to do is educate young people about how their bodies work, the consequences of having sex, and the tools to protect themselves so they can make informed sexual decisions.

What do you think? 

YouTube screen shot of video


Past Member
Past Member 5 years ago

I think it is SO WRONG how woman are the ones who are tarnished by this whole crap. What about the dirty filthy boys hey? It is all well and good to say wait til marriage but what happens if your marriage fails? Are you supposed to just spend the rest of your life unhappy and feeling used rather than find another partner? Sometimes things don't work the way you hope or want. The person I thought I wanted a future with turned out to be a liar, cheater and just emotionally unavailable. I was desperately unhappy and not treated well and as hard as I tried to make it work it didn't. I think very few people end up with only 1 partner. Women are already hurt enough without being told they will be impure or some crap!

Cal wallace
Cal wallace6 years ago

It's a clever add. Can't tell if the only objective is to dicourage pre-marital sex, or sex forever. When does someone elses spit become palitable? It seems to me asking a lot of the marriage rite to effect that transition, or put the petals back on a rose. If the message is if any girl(princibly) has pre-maital sex she is soiled forever, that is excessive. Is there no reclemation, or forgiveness in this teaching?
Hardly the Christian attitude I subscribe to, but then so are most of the extreemist "Chritian" teachings. There are better ways to prevent extra -marital pregnancies. I think this video is efffective...but so would telling kids their penises would fall off if they had pre-marital sex. How about telling them sex is a natural drive and particularly strong when they are young...it's essential to the viability of the human race...there is nothing dirty about it. BUT that it, like any other craving has to be managed, and not abused...that "no" means "no", etc....This movie is as much irresponsible as advocating uncontrolled casual sex.

Austin R.
Austin Rotter6 years ago

I think if sex is like pulling pedals, used candy, and drinking cups of stuff you're doing it wrong.

pElAgUS vEgAn
pElAgUS hellot6 years ago

Why has it to sound so nasty? Sex is sex, but it's definitely not something disgusting, even if one has more than one partner in their life!!

Mary S.
Mary S6 years ago

How come it is only the girls that should feel violated? What about the girls that get raped.

Warren Webber
Warren Webber6 years ago

I think abstinence should be taught in a yoga type: brahmacharya. That sex is a good, wonderful thing, but should be treated sacredly, and not as the greatest thing. (Because, there's something- love- that's greater than it) And even if it can't always be successfully abstained, less use of sex is good for one's energy & health.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Wish all parents would just help their children understand that sex is a natural and good part of life, and they are going to be interested in it because their hormones are raging. Since lots of parents judge sex according to religious teaching, lots of children don't get informed (or any) sex education at home. >> Therefore, sex education classes in school. My children had real sex education, before abstinence only was forced on this nation. However, education about reproduction is not all that is needed. Discussions about consequences, responsibility, emotions, hormones should be part of helping young people to understand what's involved. A sperm meeting an egg is only biology; kids need real psychological counseling on emotions and how hormones are affecting them.

Won't get anything righteous like that in this country. Lot of parents would storm the school. Too many parents think that if they don't bring up the subject, their kids won't think of it. No discussion of Think and Protect. Religion says it's bad before marriage. Teenagers WILL have sex. Educate them so that they won't also have pregnancies and STDs. But that's too common sense for America.

monica r.
monica r7 years ago

@Celine Gordon
"look, having sex when you are still in school is wrong, but so is brain washing kids into believing that if they have sex they will lose their pride and dignity."

Well, maybe we should at least warn them, or the girls at least, since boys don't seem to share this issue that they will lose their pride and dignity, like it or not.

Not from the sex, from the classmates (male and female) calling them "ho", "slut", "jayer".

From the boys talking about specifics in front of other students, and naming names. Will she suck? Swallow? Bend it over? Etc? In high school they do ask and do tell.

From a generation that says "All b-----es (meaning women) are hos, except my mama. Even my sister a ho." OR "All b-----es are good for is cooking, cleaning, and f---ing" (these are ACTUAL QUOTES from high school aged males, by the way....so what were you saying about tweens and teens being sexually active and not losing pride and dignity?)

From the rumors that they are "knocked up" (whether they are or not), or have an STI, or HIV/AIDS (whether they do or not).

And my favorite part, is that not only their self esteem, but their value as they are seen by others, comes not from what is between their ears, but between their legs, and what they may or may not be willing to do with it. Talent or intelligence are of no consequence anymore.

I work in a high school. This is what it's like out there.

Celie Gordon
Celie Gordon7 years ago

is this really where all of our tax dollars are going? to this crappy version of two teddy bears trying to bring down the future human population? look, having sex when you are still in school is wrong, but so is brain washing kids into believing that if they have sex they will lose their pride and dignity. for god's sake parents, sit down with your kids and talk to them about this. Don't let your kids get brain washed into "purity" because mr. abstinence bear thing and mrs. abstinence other bear thing says that you are basically a prostitute. wait until you have a proper education, stable income, good housing, and a good husband/wife to live with. then it's up to you two to decide if you want to have a child or not.

Judith S.
Judith S7 years ago

But I bet it was effective, though, as they were real pictures of real people and no one wants deformed genitals.