“Dumb Dog” Nurses Abandoned Pups


Written by Annette Norton of New Jersey

Kora came into a North Carolina shelter as a stray. She was brought there by a shelter worker and the next day she gave birth to three puppies. When the puppies were about a week old, someone abandoned three other week-old puppies at the shelter overnight under cover of darkness.

Kora, being a gentle and kind soul, took them in as her own, but their peace was short lived. While at the shelter, they all came down with upper respiratory infections and one of Kora’s biological babies passed away.

Our New Jersey-based Wag On Inn rescue group regularly tours shelters in the South and Puerto Rico and brings dogs north with us where they are placed in foster homes until they are adopted. These dogs would otherwise be euthanized if they were not adopted.

The day that Kora and her now-extended family of pups were scheduled to leave for New Jersey with us, a call came in from Kora’s owner. When the shelter staff informed her that Kora was just about to leave for the rescue and that she had heartworm, the woman said, “Well they can have her! I don’t want that dumb dog, I just didn’t want her killed.”

Kora is now in New Jersey under the care of Wag On Inn Rescue. She is in a foster home where her pups were seen by a veterinarian and are now on the road to recovery. Once they are eight weeks old and weaned, they will go to their forever homes and Kora will be spayed and then treated for heartworm. After that, she too will find a home who will appreciate her and give her the good things in life she deserves.  See more of Wag On Inn’s rescued dogs and learn about their work on their Facebook page or website.

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Linda W
Linda W2 months ago

I hope this kind dog finds a good home.

Rosslyn O
Rosslyn O9 months ago

People like that should never have animals or children.

Philippa Powers
Philippa Powers10 months ago

I think it is Kora's owner who is dumb not Kora.

Axa T.
Axa T2 years ago

Thank you

Lady Kaira
None None3 years ago


Axa T.
Axa T3 years ago

Thank you!

Jessica Story
Jessica Story3 years ago

What a wonderful mum Kora is, far more human & caring than her 'owner'.

Henriette Matthijssen

So very pleased, Kora was not dumb & adolpted the 3 homeless puppies & hope they will all be taken to forever loving homes! Kora is a sweetheart & hope she finds her forever loving home! Thanks for the story of Beautifuk soul Kora!

Janis K.
Janis K3 years ago

The owner who gave her up is just mean and stupid! Hope Karma gets her good..

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan H3 years ago