Dunkin Donuts Supporting Cruelty to Animals?

Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain serving more than 3 million customers daily. There are an estimated 6,400 stores in the U.S. alone, offering more than 52 varieties of donuts–and every single donut served contains both egg and dairy products from animals forced to endure miserable conditions on today’s massive and mechanized factory farms. Regardless of your personal food choices, I think we can all agree that big companies like Dunkin Donuts need to be held accountable for supporting animal abuse. See the end of the article for ways you can help.

The Demand: No more eggs.
The kick-ass animal activists from Compassion Over Killing have just announced the new campaign. They’re pushing for Dunkin Donuts to stop using eggs and add some vegan options to their menus. C.O.K. has successfully convinced Boca Buger to phase out all eggs and pushed Morningstar Farms to dramatically reduce their use of eggs.

Why eggs?
Hens confined in eggs factory-farms are likely the most abused animal on the face of the planet. They are crammed into tiny, wire battery-cages. The birds have no room to turn-around or spread their wings. At birth their beaks are seared off with a hot blade. They live a miserable life of intense confinement and stress. When the hens no longer produce eggs at a rate fast enough for the factory farm owners, they are either shipped off to a brutal slaughterhouse or just ground up to be made into cheap fertilizer. If you are going to make one change in your life to help animals, I urge you remove eggs from your diet and move towards a vegan diet.

Dunkin Donuts Responds
After recieving a huge number of emails and letters from activists, Dunkin Donut’s customer service department has responded. They say the company is considering animal-friendly alternatives, but it has not taken any real steps. So keep emailing and sending letters. They are just trying to placate concerned consumers with their customer service hogwash. So don’t be disuaded if you get an email saying they are considering changing. Keep on them!

What can you do?

Compassion Over Killing is asking you to contact Dunkin’ Donuts to urge the company to stop using eggs and dairy in its donuts as well as offer vegan menu items.

  • Call the Company: 800-859-5339
  • Send an email: via DunkinCruelty.com
  • Send a Letter: Dunkin Brands

Attn: Nigel Travis, CEO
130 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021

Learn more at DunkinCruelty.com

photo cred: http://www.flickr.com/photos/psd/


Bonnie C.
Bonnie Ciesluk7 years ago

Although I am passionately against factory farming in any form for dairy or meat, and only buy and consume certified cruelty free products, I think it is a giant waste of time and resources to try to convince Dunkin Donuts to stop using eggs. It will never happen. We should focus on the more realistic and attainable goal of convincing big chains to use certified cruelty free meat and dairy and help put factory farming out of business!

Harriet J. B.
Harriet B7 years ago

I don't think that the use of meat, milk and eggs equal cruelty to animals.

I think that the animal rights people go way too far.

At least, Dunkin Donuts uses real, rather than artificial, products.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W7 years ago

Fortunately, I don't eat Dunkin Donuts.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W7 years ago


GreenseasKat C.
kathryn cook7 years ago


Annie Bringloe
Annie B8 years ago

I used to raise a few chickens and ducks. I loved them all and hated it when one died. My AKC registered Norwegian Elkhound's main job (Oh no! You made your poor dog do any work!) was to protect the flock besides protecting my kids and home. But not everyone can afford a few acres to have poultry and a little vegetable garden. With the ever exploding population and the damage to the environment we'll all be eating flavored pond scum soon if we don't keep our eyes on zero population growth and stopping global warming.

Maria G.
Maria G8 years ago

They not only kill you with saturated fat, but they contribute to the abuse of other mammals.

Elinor Israel
Elinor Israel8 years ago

LIONEL MANN = Good for you that you have lived such a long life. The animals that you consume, however, aren't so fortunate, are they? I know several people who are in their 80's and they are vegetarians (one is vegan) and they, too are healthy. So, what exactly is your point?

And, yes, I think everyone should not eat meat or animal based products. My concern is for the animals. They are at the mercy of humans and cannot speak for themselves.

Renee S.
Renee S8 years ago

Jackie D - Read this slowly and carefully. Get over yourself. I did not say that anyone who writes an article was talking to me. I was talking about people on this forum who directed their comments at me, mentioning me by name. You are right, no one is forcing me to do anything against my will. However, self-righteous, pompous people like yourself will not win anyone over to their way of thinking. If we want people to be kinder to animals, or make any changes for that matter, we have to approach them in a manner that doesn't preach or talk down to people. Pissing people off will not make them listen. In fact, it will probably make them do the opposite of whatever you want them to do.

Renee S.
Renee S8 years ago

Jackie D - read this slowly and carefully. Get over yourself.