Sex Trafficking Expected to Skyrocket During Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is notorious for many things, but the food-filled football fest has a darker side that is garnering publicity. Sex trafficking of underage girls is expected to increase dramatically during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 6th, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. 

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition asking the Super Bowl to help defend children from sex trafficking.

In January, according to the Dallas News, “the Dallas Women’s Foundation released a study…that says 250 underage girls are victims of sex trafficking in North Texas, a number that child advocates say will increase exponentially during the Super Bowl.” The study reports that over 740 girls are exploited across Texas annually.

However, these estimates are likely on the low end. Lyssa Jenkens told Dallas News, “It could be twice as high.” The study was based off of online ads and escort services and did not include data for underage girls working on the streets or “massage parlors.”  The Dallas Women’s Foundation plans to repeat the study in February and August in the hopes that the data will lead to harsher punishments for those who solicit underage girls.

As reported by Dallas News,

“The foundation also announced a $1 million donation to help build the Letot Girls’ Residential Treatment Center in Dallas — the only residential program in Texas serving trafficking victims and runaways at high risk of being exploited, officials said.

[President and CEO of the Dallas Women's Foundation, Becky] Sykes said about $2 million of $8.7 million has been raised.

The facility would accommodate 96 girls and will be the largest of only a handful of residential facilities across the nation.

The center will be an extension of the programs at the existing Dallas County Letot Center, which provides short-term treatment and shelter for high-risk girls and victims between the ages of 13-17.”

The statistics have been sobering. While the rest of the country eats chips and dip and watches million dollar commercials, there will be a whole contingent of young girls exploited across Texas, and most likely across the entire nation.


Photo thanks to Justin Russell


Fred Hayward
Fred H6 years ago

Update: Just as I suspected (see my comment from Feb 2), this was another feminist hoax!

See expose at

Care2 readers are far too credulous when it comes to men-are-bad/women-are-good stories.

Janice L.
Janice Lawrence7 years ago

This doesn't surprise me at all. It's sad, yes, but completely to be expected. The kind of men who really like football are anything but enlightened beings. Screwing little girls is their thing, when they're not patting each other on the butt and calling it camaraderie.

Petra Luna
Petra Luna7 years ago

The superbowl sexualizes women. It's an uphill battle. But here are two more to help stop the sex abuse of children.

April's Law Petition-

April's Law Wisconsin-

Jeannie Miner
Jeannie Fuchs7 years ago

thanks for the info

Kelly Levans
Kelly Levans7 years ago

There's a good petition on, too:

Georgia I.
Georgia I7 years ago

This is disturbing and disgusting

Caryanne F.
Caryanne Farley7 years ago

They were able to get their information from researching online ads and escort services in hopes to use this data for change. Where are the investigations and punishments for the people hosting these ads and escort services??? This seems a very reactionary way to deal with an atrocious problem, when we should be proactive.

Kate Florio
Kate F7 years ago

i can just picture the girls crying and cringing in the corner.

i am afraid i would be ashamed to be a male - a member of a sex that not only tolerates it but in too many cases, advocates it. these are small and young girls - being engulfed and invaded in your biggness - just so you can have a few moments of 'bliss' during the super bowl.

what do you do/say when you go home to your daughters, wives or sisters, etc. - women/girls you care(?) about? HOW CAN YOU DO IT??? or even tolerate it?

having a few bears is one thing...or indulging in too many hot dogs, etc., but to invade a human life like that, especially of YOUR OWN SPECIES!!!


apparently this country is going down the toilet as it is; by going to the super bowl and ripping these girls' bodies apart, YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO IT!!!

Sue Horwood
.7 years ago

If the number of underage girls forced into prostitution is known then why are not the men who traffic them in jail? How is it possible to know how many girls are in peril without knowing who is responsible?

Leslie C.
Leslie Colon7 years ago

Wow, pretty sad and disturbing info :( i still can't believe this is still going on and it gets worst with time.