Earless Bunny Crushed to Death by Accident

Germany is in mourning for a celebrity rabbit accidentally killed by a TV cameraman.

17 day old Til was born without ears. March 14, he was getting ready for his close up on German TV by hiding in hay. A fatal mistake as a cameraman took one step back and …

The Director of the zoo in the town of Limbach-Oberfrohna, Uwe Dempewolf, said that Til did not suffer. “It was a direct hit,” he told Spiegel magazine.

Germany has become known for celebrity animals such as Knut the polar bear, Heidi, Leipzig Zoo’s cross-eyed opossum and Paul the octopus who predicted Football World Cup winners.

All are now dead. Berlin Zoo has been criticized for failing to hold a ceremony to mark the anniversary of Knut’s death, March 19. Zoo director Bernhard Blaszkiewitz dismissed the criticism, saying: “You mourn people, not animals!”

The Zoo, which was hoping for another celebrity animal to attract visitors, has been offered replacements but, said Dempewolf, “we’d be criticized if we simply said let’s just take another one.”

Til is survived by five siblings — with ears.

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AP Photo/dapd, Uwe Meinhold


Kevin D.
Kevin D.1 years ago

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.4 years ago

heartbreaking,to hear this,thank you

Alexis Preisser
Alexis Preisser5 years ago

I mourn all my animals and others. all life is important though many humans certainly should be ignored o not honoured or exterminated for their unbelievable cruelty.

Marie Hernandes
Past Member 5 years ago

Most people here can't see beyond the accidental death of the 17 day old earless bunny.

The blame goes mainly to the irresponsible owner whose lack of logic on how to handle this manner caused the death of a defenseless animal. Equally responsible for the death of the bunny is the director of the Zoo who with callousness did nothing to provide a safe inclosure for Til. And stating "that Til did not suffer...how does he know...did he receive a message from Til in bunny heaven? This director's only interest is in making money!!!

Ligita Mikelsons
Ligita Mikelsons5 years ago

This is the zoo director saying "You mourn people, not animals"??!! Every life is precious! If he really feels this way, he has no business working at any zoo!

Carrie Anne Brown

sad news but thanks for sharing

Terri Hughes
Terri Hughes5 years ago

Awww...what a cute little bunny. This is so sad that the bunny was accidentally killed. ''RIP''.

Justin C.
Justin C.5 years ago


The reason why I make remarks like this is because I am not a pessimist, I am not an optimist...I am a realist. True, the death of a living being is not funny, however, it happens....more than once a day. That is a fact of life.

I see people on this site wishing for the man who stepped on the poor bunny to suffer nightmares for weeks. Is that constructive?

I merely think that if you look at life for what it is worth, and laugh at it, you will live much happier. That is my opinion.

I do not spend time at home all day an worry about things that I cannot control. I leave my house every day, work very hard, and make a healthy amount of money. Although I cannot change cruelty to animals, I can at least give back by donating a lot of my money to help them.

You people can think whatever you want about me. I do not care.

Loretta P.
Loretta P5 years ago

So sad. Just because the little one was born without ears he was to become a TV celebrity and died because of it. Had he had ears, he'd still be with his siblings. And Justin, your remarks are totally out of line. No death of a living being is "funny". How can you make such a remark? If you can't contribute in a constructive manner, don't leave a comment.

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

I really didn't need to know about this!