UPDATED: Early Results Say Walker Wins

At about 10:15 pm CST Tom Barrett conceded the results of the Wisconsin recall election to Gov. Scott Walker.

The original article follows below:

It would appear that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived the recall election. The AP called the election at about 10 pm EST with about 55% of the precincts reporting.

So now what?

Well, to start with we count the votes. Polling is sophisticated but not the ultimate decider of elections and the AP and other media outlets called this race before votes in Milwaukee, Madison and Racine had been counted. As of the time this post was filed Tom Barrett was not conceding yet, nor should he.

But let’s say the early results are right and Walker did indeed survive the recall efforts, does it say anything about November, the state of the Democratic party and the health of our democracy? Well sure.

Our democracy needs help but it is not dead. The amount of money spent to prop up the Walker administration is nothing short of staggering and frankly would cure the state’s budget woes. But it’s impossible to look at the massive movement, built up over a year that forced a sitting governor to defend his seat in the middle of his term as a loss. Far from it. Let me put it this way. The Koch brothers, just now paid twice for the same crappy governor.

Should the Obama administration, and in particular President Obama been more involved in the recall effort? For the recall effort to have legitimacy it needed to be independent. And it largely was. I think the DNC and the Obama administration under-valued the impact their presence would have on morale, but I don’t know that morale was going to change these results. And had the DNC and Obama shown up and stayed in the state, then this would have been more of a proxy battle. Given the president’s strong showing in the state despite the likely Walker win, I’d say they probably made the right call.

What about November? Well, for starters that assumes Gov. Walker will make it to November. Remember he’s got a federal indictment likely looming which means the beloved governor of the Republican party will face criminal charges for ripping off disabled veterans. Lovely, yes, but more importantly it reminds us to think of the long-game and the evidence suggests that the Walker administration will give us plenty to work with there.

Tom Barrett lost once to Scott Walker. We shouldn’t be surprised if he lost a second time. And we also shouldn’t be surprised that Wisconsin, like the rest of the country, remains deeply divided on our most basic issues of governance.What we need to start doing, however, is asking just who that division serves and why they’d spend so much money to keep that division intact?

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Photo from WisPolitics.com via flickr.


Mark Donners
Mark Donner5 years ago

The same old subhuman gang starts bowing to their emperor no matter how much of a criminal psychopath he is..it's the same story from Hitler to Bush to Walker.. and there's plenty of that type of immoral redneck gang living in the backward Wisconsin swamps. Wisconsin is really a peculiar and miserable place to be, there's hardly "free enterprise" and nobody has a career position unless it's given to them by their rich inbred cousin.. Wisconsin can stop pretending it has "democracy", it's a corrupt plutocracy run by rich facists and makes all the southern states look free.

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

History will just keep repeating itself, people are forgetful and will continue to be swayed by smooth talking politicians and refusing to see what is right in front of them. People ARE stupid and will always be no matter where you are. They will all be crying soon when they are turned into slaves and wonder what the hell happened to bring it about.

Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson5 years ago

Just goes to show how stupid Republican voters are. If they were paying any attention and start watching some real news they might see that the Republicans are about to take everything away that women have fought for for years, raise their taxes and let the rich off the hook once again. They've shown over and over that they don't care for the average Joe. They only cater to the rich and the dumb bums just keep voting for them! It's absolutely unbelievable! They vote for the Repubs because they create jobs! How's that working for you? Obama IS creating jobs and they hate him. Yea, it's slow but who keeps voting the President's job bill down? You guessed it. The Repugs! Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Repub voters until there's nothing left of this country as we know it.

The rich will have the power and the rest of us will be living in the streets. If we're lucky they will throw us a loaf of stale bread every few days. Don't count on that, though! After all, they need their billions to just get by.

Rudy Boleslav
.5 years ago

Boy, you sore loser libs can't stop making excuses for the results of the Wisconsin recall. Remember, it was ilk like you in the Wisconsin unions that wanted this race. Get over it and go get a job....


Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thanks for the post.

A N M.
anne M5 years ago

Since people can vote however they want to vote and there is nothing rich superpacs can do about it, it's quite obvious that the folks in Wisconsin love their Teabag Nazi. My question is really how come these pre-election bribes are legal in the US, yet if such blatant bribery takes place elsewhere, Hillary Clinton runs there and screams CORRUPTION. Weird, really. Candidates for political office showing how qualified they are by getting plenty of bribes? Hey, fund-raising is important if you want to ge president of a charity organization but politicians have a captive audience for their funding, taxes you know. So let's outlaw all these fund-raising campaigns and stop trampling the concept of democracy into the dirt. While the US blabs about democracy, obviously nobody in this country even seems to be familiar with the concept. Of course, democracy started in Switzerland and obviously never made it across the big pond.

Midge C.
Midge C5 years ago

unfortunately blue collar non-union people don't understand how important unions are. what would the bar be for any workers pay if not for unions. also they are fed and believe that union people get huge paychecks, way more for the same jobs etc. This is not true, and by most accounts they make the same amount, but fight to get better benefits. republican party always tries (and often like in this case succeeds) in pitting blue collar workers against union blue collar workers, or non-working women against working women, married against not married, christians against other or non religious....and it works because people are lazy and self absorbed. But when upper middle class republicans get kicked to the curb with everyone else....well then who are they going to blame? they usually think they work harder and are better than anyone else making less....based purely on ego.

Sharon D.
Sharon D5 years ago

Walker won because of those who DIDN'T vote!

Sharon D.
Sharon D5 years ago

Walker won because of those who DIDN'T vote!

Cary Moy
Cary M5 years ago

Wisconsin's credibility died last night.