Echoing Green Announces Social Entrepreneur Finalists

Echoing Green announced forty finalists yesterday in the Echoing Green Fellowship contest. The contest seeks out thought leaders and social entrepreneurs promising social change.

Raising Visionary Leaders

The mission of Echoing Green focuses on finding people and organizations already working on social problems with ingenuity:

Since 1987, Echoing Green has invested in visionary leaders and their innovative strategies for social change.  From Nepal to New York City, Echoing Green Fellows are developing solutions to deeply-rooted societal problems.  Armed with resourcefulness and drive, these social entrepreneurs are taking bold steps by building organizations that implement untested new ideas to create positive change. Often leaving stable jobs or creating roles where there is a void, Echoing Green Fellows are living examples that change is possible.

The Fellowship

Organizations or projects in the start-up phase may apply. Some of the considered criteria to be a Fellow include:

• Demonstrated leadership potential
• Demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles
• Clear and compelling mission and objectives
• Sound strategy and plan for program development and delivery
• Seriousness of the social problem they will address
• Innovative idea and approach

Winners selected to join the two-year fellowship will earn a stipend of $60,000 for individuals or $90,000 for partnerships, health insurance, and professional development. 

The Finalists

The 2011 Echoing Green contest brought in 2,854 applications, which were narrowed down to 224 semi-finalists in January. Now the forty finalists will go on to interviews in May for the coveted 12-20 spots in the fellowship. The finalists represent 27 organizations from nine countries.

Finalists include an online education project to help teachers measure student academic progress (Drop the Chalk), a company helping other U.S. companies reduce their carbon footprint (Carbon Lighthouse), and a group working with small farmers in Mali to help them increase the profits on their harverts (Malo Traders). 

A full list of the 40 finalists can be seen here.

Congrats to all the finalists!


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Congratulations to Echoing Green for running this contest. I looked at the list, and it so great see so many young people into education, helping youth, entrepeneurs, reducing carbon footprints and farmers not just in the USA but globally. Please keep us updated on the winners
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