Educate! Preparing Uganda’s Next Generation of Leaders


I got to meet social entrepreneur Boris Bulayev while covering SOCAP11 for Care2. I loved hearing this story.

In 2002, Boris and Eric Glustrom co-founded Educate!,†a Boulder, CO based nonprofit that is developing the next generation of Ugandan leaders. The organizationís Ugandan Mentors spend two hours per week in each classroom, reaching a total of 1,400 students at 24 partner high schools across Uganda. The mentors are all implementing the organizationís leadership-focused curriculum which involves classroom learning and experiential learning. In addition to the classroom instruction, the students, known as Educate! Scholars, create and implement community projects with the support of their Educate! Mentors.

At the conclusion of the two-year Educate! curriculum, the Educate! Scholars and Educate! Mentors become members of a nationwide alumni program. The network and Educate! continues to serve as a resource to these amazing young people as they scale their ventures and build their careers.†Educate! Scholars have already created 100+ businesses and community initiatives, impacting 15,000+ lives in Uganda.

Educate! Scholar Jane Negesa set up a bean garden during a school vacation, which when harvested earned her approximately $52.00. She reinvested some of that money by purchasing farmersí coffee seeds and then selling them at a small profit to processors. She used the remaining funds to start a grocery stall. Youth in her community approached her for mentorship. The group she formed started an initiative making energy efficient stoves, which prevents deforestation in their region of Uganda. Jane also helped the youth start a savings circle, with funds that the youth earned cleaning the market area. The funds will be applied to their Community Credit Project. Are you inspired yet?

In addition to these achievements, Educate! was invited to collaborate with the National Curriculum Development Center and the UNís International Labour Organisation to create a national social entrepreneurship curriculum for Uganda. The curriculum was piloted last year, and will reach 45,000 Ugandan youth this year. The high school curriculum includes a practical component in which students start their own businesses or community initiatives. A significant amount of the organizationís funding comes from Educate! student clubs located in the United States – a great way to get involved if you are a student in the US.

Educate! plans to bring their model to other countries, so you can follow them on Twitter or†Facebook to see whatís next.


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Photo credit: Educate! staff and students, provided courtesy of Educate!


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