Egypt: Have Activists and Journalists Been Targeted in Tahrir Square?

By Tarek Amr at Global Voices

Egyptian riot police  attacked the tent-camp set up in Tahrir Square for a sit-in that was started by many activists and protesters after last Friday’s demonstration. Tear gas, rubber bullets and bird shots were used, injuring scores of people.

Among those who were injured is Malek Mostafa (@malek), who has reported lost an eye. (Photo above)

Lobna tweets@lobna: Malek’s left eye has lost its function. He’ll have an operation today only to fix its shape and position.

Netizens describe Malek as a blogger and one of the bravest activists who have been doing much to their country. There was an out pour of reactions after his injury was announced.

The Big Pharaoh tweets: @TheBigPharaoh: Malek the brave, kind and humble one who sacrificed much for this country lost his eye!

Boody adds:  @BooDy: Malek is like a real brother to me, the bastards shot his eye, enough with peaceful protesting then.

Malek was imprisoned with Alaa Abdel-Fattah (who is currently detained) in 2006 under Hosni Mubarak’s regime. His latest blog posts were about his hunger strike in solidarity with Alaa and all other civilians detained after being tried in front of military courts. Alaa’s wife Manal Hassan tweeted about what happened to Malek, and how it is believed that the current Egyptian regime knew whom they were targeting.

@manal: My dear friend @Malek has lost his eye today in #Tahrir he was in prison with @alaa in 2006. They want to get rid of us all

According to reports, it seems that activists and journalists who were trying to report what was happening today were all targeted by the security forces . Ahmed Abd El-Fatah, who is a journalist, photographer and  blogger was shot in the eye too.

Journalist Nora Younis reports: @NoraYounis: Both @AhmedFatah and @MaLek now undergoing right eye surgery @ same hospital after getting shot by police #Pigs #NoSCAF

News later emerged that  he lost his eye too, however Nora later tweets: @NoraYounis: Please don’t spread unconfirmed info on @AhmedFatah . We r at hospital & doctors didn’t confirm his state yet. Be responsible & pray 4 him

Blogger Mahmoud Salem also added about Malek: @Sandmonkey: Just left the hospital, @malek will be out in another hour & half & needs ur prayers. There might still be hope.

And Dalia Ezzat adds: @Daloosh: The more eyes we lose, the clearer our vision will become. Time up #SCAF and co. #Tahrir #Pigs

Others have also reported arrests. Sanaa Youssef tweets her own arrest:

@SanaaYoussef: I have been arrested

And journalist Abanoub Emad tweets his experience covering the protests:

@abanoubemad: I was pulled on the ground and beaten up by informers, under the watch of a colonel and a brigadier when I was covering the break up of the sit-in at Tahrir. They also took away my camera which belongs to Al Masry Al Youm [newspaper]

Rehab El-Bakry tweeted regarding the Egyptian Press Syndicate reports  @Rehab_Elbakry: @acarvin The press syndicate is reporting 2 journalist injured and 6 detained claiming they r targeted. #Egypt #tahrir

Finally, there sure will be debates all over the Egyptian media about the legality and the reasons for the sit-in, but Sarah tweeted that at the end of the day, there are no excuses for attacking the protesters. And the very same tweet was the last one for Malek to retweet before getting wounded.

@shmpOngO: You can agree or disagree with the sit-in and it’s reasons, it’s up to you, but the protection of protesters is a basic human right.

This post is part of our special coverage  Egypt Revolution 2011.

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Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago

sadly noted

Christine Stewart

How awful for journalists and activists to be treated so brutally- the governments do not want to bend to the will of their own people- but I do hope the people will prevail.

Bruce Van Tassell

For sure these are the ones most likely to get the truth out. Has anything changed since the deposed dictator sounds like it may have become worse. Much like in the French Revolution maybe minus the famous blade.

Shirley Marsh
Shirley Marsh6 years ago

Religions keep us chained to the dark ages, where the denigration of women as second class citizens is a given. Until we grow up, evolve, leave outmoded religions behind and instead embrace the idea that we are all ONE with all creation, that there is no Heaven and Hell, only Love, until then there will be no real democracy anywhere.

Watch this amazing video; it makes it all so clear and banishes the despair and frustration so many of us sometimes feel.

monica r.
monica r6 years ago

Well, back when you all were cheering the "Arab Spring" as Mubarak was ousted, there were a few who said it would come to this, that the Muslim Brotherhood would be imposing shari'a and a more oppressive totalitarian theocracy than Mubarak ever could have dreamed up.

Here it comes.

These people are standing up to that, but the police and military are in an uneasy alliance with the MB. The majority of Egyptians stated in polls that they favored shari'a before the revolution. We'll see how much they like it once they have it. A lot of financial hardship will result, because female tourists aren't going to want to wear burkas even at the beach, and westerners will want the occasional cocktail, but it will be forbidden, at least that is what the MB envisions for Egypt. Tourism income and jobs are going to vanish. And so will a lot of people who don't want this for Egypt.

Penny C.
penny C6 years ago


Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago


TERRY R6 years ago


Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

The Egyptian government is learrning how to treat activist and journalist by watching how the americans do it. Trust me we are not saints.

Kathryn B.
Kathryn B6 years ago

As far as I'm concerned, there is NO country in the middle east or anywhere else that can EVER be a democracy that are such woman haters. How do you equate what democracy means with the THOUSANDS of years of oppression, disfigurement, torture and murder of women these cultures represent? It's complete an utter IDIOCY!