Egyptian Generals Deny Using Force Against Protesters (video)

In the wake of the violence Sunday night in Cairo that left 26 dead and hundreds injured, demonstrators and the ruling military council, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), are clashing over the narrative of what exactly happened. Egypt’s ruling generals are denying that security forces attacked a peaceful protest of Coptic Christians, who had gathered to protest the burning of a church in the southern province of Aswan. Mahmoud Hegazy, a member of the SCAF, which has been ruling Egypt since the fall of Hosni Mubarak, said that “The armed forces would never, and has never, opened fire on the people” — but amateur videos and witnesses’ testimony contradict such claims.

Ahmed Mounir was an eye witness and says that

“Suddenly, armored personnel carriers came around in a scene closer to Friday of Anger and ran over lots of people.”

Mounir also posted this video:

More testimony at websites including and Maspero Testimonies further contradicts the military council’s claims. These claims include accusing a Coptic priest of inciting violence by leading an “unprecedented” protest march to the Egyptian state TV building and deploying the rhetoric of religious unity with statements such as “The power of the Egyptian people is in its unity. …The armed forces belong to the people, whether Christian or Muslim.”

Protesters are contending that the SCAF deliberately provoked the chaos, with the aim of cracking down on Christians and Muslims alike.

Medical reports and autopsies confirm that protesters, mostly Coptic Christians, were killed by guns and were crushed by armored personnel carriers. A lawyer, Khalid Ali, was able to get permission to see autopsy reports from the prosecutor’s office on Monday morning. Here’s what he found:

Out of the 17 autopsies; 10 were crushed under vehicle. one had a sword cut, and the rest were killed by severe gunshots.

As the autopsies were going on, people gathered outside the Abbaseya Cathedral for a funeral procession to honor those who were killed on Sunday night. Amid prayers for those who had died mourners also uttered “blunt and strong chants against the military regime.”

Amnesty International has called for the SCAF to answer for the “bloodbath” on Sunday and, instead of blaming murky “foreign conspirators” for fomenting unrest, to stop evading responsibility:

“If the military police and other security forces were not acting under orders, it raises questions about their ability to police demonstrations in the first place.”

One of those killed, activist Mina Daniel, had requested as he was dying in an ambulance that his funeral proceed out from Tahrir Square, the center of the Egyptian revolution — whose goals and ideals seem more and more under threat.

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Tommy S.
Tommy S6 years ago

A muslim must not respect anything non muslim.
The worst crime in the koran is disbelief,it even supercedes murder and non muslims are guilty of disbelief,they support satan and are against alla, so killing disbelievers is not a crime

Everything before islam belongs to the jahiliyya period and as such is of no value and should be destroyed of course the muslim brotherhood see it slightly different
"A Vanguard of all Muslims must insulate themselves from the sings of jahili society, fortify themselves with faith, numbers and arms, to eventually convert the world to God’s rule.
Thus, a society whose legislation does not rest on divine law (shari'at allah) is not Muslim, however ardently its individuals may proclaim themselves Muslim, even if they pray, fast, and make the pilgrimage (Cline)."

monica r.
monica r6 years ago

Similarly, these Copts are just trying to live their life, so why burn their churches and run them over? I don't understand why Islam feels it must subdue or exterminate the rest of us on this planet, but it is in their sunna, and it has been stated by their prophet, their imams and their organizations. I believe them. That is too many primary sources to ignore.

monica r.
monica r6 years ago

Rob & Jay,
I know they say there will be peace when we all submit (after all, that's what the word Islam means) but I don't believe it.

Here's why. RIGHT NOW Muslims are killing Muslims in droves. Not a day goes by that a terrorist act by one sect against a different sect is done. The Salafis, Sunnis, and Shi'a can't get along. The Wahabbis think any non-Wahabbi is an infidel, and as far as I'm aware, the only Muslims who don't call the Ahmadiyya infidels are other Ahmadiyya. There will NEVER be peace.

Religion of Peace, what a misnomer. I am not sure who coined it, but they were either delusional or have their head way up their a**. By their fruits you will know them. The only fruit they seem to harvest is violence and death.

And so sad, because those Muslim victims of terrorism are ignored by Muslims in the West. The usual pro-Islam commenters on Care2, well, as you see, Abdul here has already said Zionist Jews the CIA and MI-6 are behind every bad event ever. So they don't even acknowledge it. These victims are ordinary people trying to live their life. Moms, dads, kids, shop-keepers, teachers. Why don't their lives matter to other Muslims? They sure matter to me.

Similarly, these Copts are just trying to live their life, so why burn their churches and run them over? I don't understand why Islam feels it must subdue or exterminate the rest of us on this planet, but it is in their sunna, and it has been stated by their prophet, their imams and their organ

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S6 years ago

Abdulaziz, you are always spouting the most fantasy-like things about Islamic countries. Now you go again with how everyone has lived in such joyous harmony ever since Islam invaded & conquered Christian Egypt & forced them to be second class citizens in their own country & pay a high Jizya - the Muslim tax on non-Muslims to try to force more people to convert.

The Coptic Christians are what remains of the original Egyptian people before the Arabization that has happened all across North Africa with the wiping out of Christian societies & the establishment of Arab/Islamic rule & the second-class status of all others. That is what 'peace' & 'tolerance' mean in Islam - 'peace' when all non-Muslims are 'subdued' & 'humiliated' under Islamic Law, & 'tolerance', meaning that Islam 'allows' them to continue to exist & live. Not quite the same meaning we have in free, democratic countries.

Please take off your blinders.

We met a young Coptic couple - refugees from Egypt - who told us how hard life was there for Xtians, discrimination in employment (tho they are the most educated), the near impossibility of repairing/building churches, harrassment etc. We believe them over you since you even defend the cesspit, Pakistan.

Here's the Copt's story:

AndyILLNOMAIL Oefinger
Past Member 6 years ago

Thank you Abdul ~ I knew it was only a matter of time until someone blamed Israel! Yes, we certainly know that Jews are at the root of almost every problem in the world. Typical anti-Semitic BS.

Thank you Lydia for your insightful comments. A star to you. If there are indeed "moderate" Muslims in Egypt, where are they? If that is supposedly true, then why are they not out in droves, protecting their "Christian" brothers, especially if they outnumber the "radical" so?

Lydia S.
Lydia S6 years ago

Frank M wrote: "Looks like Egypt might need another revolution to root out the rest of the bad eggs and this time give POWER to the PEOPLE so that they are in charge of their own destinies.

Which "people" might those be? The islamists? The Muslim Brotherhood? Seems like they already have the "power", since the Christians are only 8-12% of the population!

Lydia S.
Lydia S6 years ago

Yesterday, I met a Christian Egyptian doctor. He asked me to pray for the Christian people in Egypt. He said the persecution is simply horrific. He couldn't understand why the media here is reporting so little on what is going on. The Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR connection is very obvious.

Once again, many are silent on the atrocities being committed by muslims against Christians. There is a worldwide campaign of violence against Christians around the world!

Of course, the perpetrators and their Apologists/Defenders say it's not true, or that "real muslims" wouldn't do these things! You have the "delusionals" who bring in the usual "CIA, Mossad, Mi6" Conspiracy Garbage to cloud the issue -- which is ISLAMIC INTOLERANCE OF RELIGIOUS & ETHNIC MINORITIES!

Fourteen Hundred years of oppression has created a very clear record ... it continues till today!

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A6 years ago

USA, ISreal, Egyptian army and many others were never happy to disposal of Mubarak and his cronies. Army has always supported the rulers with the army back ground and Mubarak was one of them. He also enjoyed great treatment from all above for a very long time.

After the Awakening of the Egyptian people, these parties had no alternative but to show that they supported the revolution (but they never did) as they saw their advantages with Mubarak will no longer be there for them after his departure.

They have all been trying with CIA, Mosad and the army to create an unrest in order to keep their grip on power or to bring in another dictator to do their dirty work for them. I a place where all communities have lived peacefully for centuries, this is the result of their rulers or supporters of their rulers being unhappy with the current situation. They want their own people in power not of the people themselves. Unless they have it their way, the world can look forward to more unpleasant scenes from Egypt.

If it became peaceful then what are CIA, Mosad and Mi6 etc for???

stan b.
Stan B6 years ago

What a bunch of lying bastards. I watched the footage on tv and that's exactly what they were doing. Still, I suppose they were only killing Christians.

AndyILLNOMAIL Oefinger
Past Member 6 years ago

It's kind of hard to preach "peace" as you're running over the heads of Coptic Christians, making the "brains explode out of their heads," as several witnesses were testament to. There will be peace someday alright, and that will be when they kill the last remaining Christian and burn down the last Church. And our government sits by and does nothing, as it is just not politically correct to get involved in any Muslim matters that effect the genocide of any ethnic or religious minority.