Tahrir Square Protesters Support Occupy Oakland


Even though the American media and U.S Department of Justice seem content to ignore the recent violent attacks on Occupy Oakland protesters, this grotesque example of police brutality hasn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the world.

In Egypt, where the people are far too familiar with violent oppression, protesters took to the streets on Friday to show their solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

As demonstrators marched on Tahrir Square to protest the military’s continued control of their country, some brandished homemade signs with words of support for their counterparts in Oakland.

The photos below, taken by Egyptian journalist Mohammed Maree and published on Twitter, show the Egyptians’ messages of solidarity and requests that President Obama prevent more violence against protesters.


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Top Image: Some organizers of the protests of Tahrir Square, Egypt, visited Occupy Wall Street on Oct 24th Credit: Flickr - NLNY


W. C
W. C2 years ago


William C
William C2 years ago

Thank you.

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Gloria Morotti
Gloria Morotti7 years ago

This is obviously a world-wide movement.

Sandra W.
Sandra W7 years ago

Well, it figures that a third would country would identify with this movement. What does that tell you? Yeah, I would want to identify with a country that supports female genital mutilation.

Penny C.
penny C7 years ago

In solidarity:)

Christian R.

Frank M. wrote:
"Yes, World Solidarity. How can the few control the many? It can't be possible; they can't kill all of us."

But they don't have to kill all of us. Just enough of our leaders and protesters to derail our movement, like they did in the 60s, gunning down the Kennedys, MLKJ and the Kent State protesters.
Just like the killings they did in the 30s to drive them out of Hoovervilles and the vicious attacks on the Bonus Army.
Just like the Black Shirts did, murdering their opponents who won at the ballot box in Italy under Mussolini's reign of right wing terror.
Just like they did during the Centralia Massacre.
We cannot be deterred by setbacks and violence from the 1%.
What they do is attack those that are the most vocal, in this case the OWS Patriots, and try to blame the victims.
They infiltrate as Agent Provocateurs, to create problems, as one group have already tried, with a Fox so-called News film crew in tow.
But.. if we all stand together, in very very large numbers, we may overwhelm them (peacefully), and show the world that we are in the right.
Keep the OWS Movement going! Support them if you cannot be there in person. Donate.
Let's all show those who endured the brutality and stood up to Arab dictators that we can practice what we preach. Solidarity! Equality!

Linda T.
Linda T7 years ago

Walk like an Egyptain 99%. Stay strong to all protesters world wide the american people are behind you.

Stanley Balgobin
Stanley R7 years ago

Long Live the 99% Protest! Destined to grow louder as many millions more displaced hard working citizens find it impossible to get a decent wage paying job, have lost their health Insurance, are unable to afford basic food staples for their families and are becoming increasingly homeless! The voices grow louder, as CEO's continue to steal billions with impunity,Corporations squeeze the working poor, students loan debt spiral upwards, and the Government is tied in grid lock with the political games to block legislation. We will overcome, and restore democracy to America.

Joan E.
Joan E7 years ago

It warms my heart that people in Egypt and around the world are with us in our struggle to bring back democracy. May we all, in all our nations, be successful.