Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says Older Lesbians Just Couldn’t Find A Man

Like everyone else who has seen this video and commented on it, I am completely floored that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is allowed on national television.  Although she is certainly not afraid of spouting controversial (and often just plain crazy) opinions on topics as rich and varied as abortion, the morning-after pill, stalking, and Erin Andrews’ choice of dress, her latest insight into lesbianism has (rightfully) sparked much internet outrage.

As the ladies of The View speculated on the rise of “late-blooming lesbians” (thank you, Whoopi), Elisabeth Hasselbeck put in her two cents:

“I’ll tell you what’s happening, it’s that older men are going for younger women, leaving the women with NO ONE.”

Joy Behar responded forcefully to Hasselbeck’s logic, which does seem to strongly imply that being gay is a choice, saying, “Being gay is not just holding hands and walking through the tulips.  I don’t think you suddenly wake up one day and say, ‘Oh, I wanted to do that.’ You wanted to do it, but you were just trapped in a system that has just said, ‘get married.’”

Hasselbeck then tried to back down, saying that perhaps said older women simply wanted companionship, but not a sexual relationship.  Which is of course absurd, and plays off two damaging stereotypes about women – that we are not as sexually desirous as men, and that we are not independent.  And of course, apart from being sexist, it’s homophobic.

As usual, I find The View to be an inane show (and this conversation did not bode well to begin with), but I really do question why we continue to pay attention to people like this.  And of course, by writing this post, I’m helping to fan the flames, but it frustrates me endlessly that anyone takes her seriously, or that this kind of homophobia is tolerated at all.

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Terry Porter-fahey

Elizabeth should definely concentrate on herself, looks like she's a full-time job.

Jacquie B.
Jacqueline B7 years ago

She should be made to apologize, right before they fire her. If you aren't gay then same sex sex will not do a thing for you. Lesbians are lesbian because they are desperate? No it is because we love women and want to make love to them.

bj Jung
bj Jung7 years ago

stupid is the only word that comes to mind!!

Robyn F.
Robyn O'Neill7 years ago

I watch the View usually to see what they are saying, especially Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Joy. Whoopee has disappointed me in the past (especially regarding her attitudes toward dogfighting and whether she should pay income tax or not), but often I like what she says. Ms. Sherri can't help her background (a lack of education and a questionable taste in clothes). Elizabeth, however, presents herself as the ultimate in taste, knowledge, mothering, wife-ing, etc. etc. Oooops, I left out "fashion design" -- she's a self-proclaimed "designer" (what I've seen of her "designs" is pretty pedestrian). She's a self-proclaimed expert on "everything" ... and I'm also sick and tired of seeing this supposedly "conservative Christian" with her skirt up almost to her waist. We know where her wonderful babies came from, does she have to practically show us where?

Lily B.
Past Member 7 years ago

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Christian A.
Christian A.7 years ago

Geez everybody, chill out. Her theory actually has some research and credibility behind it--whether by coincidence or because she's actually well-informed on this issue, who can say. Currently, human sexuality is thought to be biologically based, but also to occur on a continuum, meaning that on one end you have people who are VERY heterosexual, on the other end people who are VERY homosexual, but quite a few people who fall at various points in between. I have treated many folks over the years who feel attraction to both genders, and have chosen relationships based on factors other than gender. Women, in particular, often seem drawn to lesbian relationships when their emotional needs go consistently unmet by men. So it's a complex issue, with a high degree of variability between individuals and circumstances.

Beng Kiat Low
low beng kiat7 years ago


Lilithe M.
Past Member 7 years ago

I agree with the author... WHY do we evean PAY ATTENTION to people who say stupid shit?!? Why the heck do we give any of our power giving sttention to the Limbaugh's, Beck's and Hasselbecks of the world anyway?

Tammy Davis
Tammy Davis7 years ago


Rebecca Gunn
mary gosney7 years ago

She proves she's an idiot on an almost daily basis.