Ellen DeGeneres has an Important Message for LGBT Youth

In the wake of a recent spate of bullying-related youth suicides, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has released a video entitled “An Important Message” hoping to raise awareness, to reach out to suffering kids and teens so that they know they are not alone, and to move people to action to help at risk youth. 

Watch it below:

Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

TAKE ACTION: Help end anti-LGBT bullying!

Rutgers student 18 year-old Tyler Clementi took his own life last week by jumping off the George Washington Bridge after his roommate allegedly secretly filmed him in an encounter with another man. Read more about his story here.

13 year-old Seth Walsh, a Californian teenager who spent nine days in hospital on life-support following a suicide attempt, died Tuesday. He was bullied for being perceived as gay.

13 year-old Asher Brown killed himself with his father’s gun following a sustained campaign of anti-gay bullying at school. On the morning he took his own life, he came out to his parents. Read more about their stories here.

15 year-old Billy (William) Lucas took his own life a couple of weeks ago after what has been described as years of bullying over his perceived sexuality. You can read more about his story here.

Sadly, news has emerged of a possible fifth suicide. 19 year-old Raymond Chase, a Johnson and Wales sophomore, is thought to have taken his own life this past Wednesday. Chase was reportedly openly gay. The reason why he took his own life is currently unknown. Read more about his story here.

Don’t Suffer in Silence, Get Help

The Trevor Project runs a 24/7 helpline with trained counselors ready to listen if you or someone you know would like to talk about the issues dealt with in this post.

The Trevor Project Helpline number is 1-866-4-U-TREVOR (1-866-488-7386).

Trevor Project Links:

Take Action, Stop Youth Suicides

Help end anti-LGBT bullying and youth suicide. Sign the new Care2 petition asking Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to include gender identity and sexual orientation protections in anti-bullying programs.

Update: Devastatingly, names of other youths who are thought to have taken their own lives during the month of September are emerging. The New Civil Rights Movement lists four more names in addition to those above: Cody J. Barker (17) of Wisconsin, Harrison Chase Brown (15) of Colorado, Felix Sacco (17) of Massachusetts and Caleb Nolt (14) of Indiana. All but Sacco are said to have been victims of bullying, and all but one are said to have suffered anti-LGBTQ bullying.

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution license, with thanks to ronpaulrevolt2008.


Nancy C.
Nancy Crouse7 years ago

Mark S. It would take more than a half hour to include all of the celebrities and their stories. I see your point though. I Chair an initiative for the LGBTQ students in the board where I am a teacher and openly gay. I have also had students and friends commit suicide. Students who were bullied because of their sexual orientation and whom had take their own lives never gets easier for me to digest. I know what it is like to be bullied and I am saying bullied by peers (teachers) and principals too. Believe me, it crossed my mind but, I thought about who I would be hurting and not helping if I had committed suicide. My own parents have even dumped me!
So my young charges, it will get better, it has to. As humans we are suppose to evolve and not devolve!

Lin Moy
Lin M7 years ago

It is sad that young people take their lives for being differant. It doesn't always start at home. A lot of parents do talk to their kids about differances. It seems when kids get banded together in hate or love, it's easiest to follow the leader, the strongest in that band. Some kids alone would not say or harm another if not for the group. It is hard for all kids who are all searching to find themselves at a young age.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin8 years ago

Valerie Friedman, I see you have ONLY been a member of Care2 for five years. I guess you have totally missed what all the abbreviations stand for. It's understandable. I mean five years is not such a long time to engage in a site like Care 2, with so many projects and issues and petitions, it must just have slipped through while you went to your favorite sites. Or, maybe it's a case of: TL;DR?

jane richmond
jane richmond8 years ago

Prejudice, and discrimination should have no place in a country like the USA which was founded on the principle of freedom.

Valerie Friedman
Valerie F8 years ago

Not EVERYONE know what LGBT means, you know. Perhaps you should explain that somewhere in your text? I can guess it has something to do with being lesbian, gay, bisexual teens? But really, why should I have to guess?

Nicole C.
Past Member 8 years ago

I'm glad this subject is getting so much attention finally.

Mark S.
Mark S8 years ago

This breaks my heart. I'm so happy that celebrities like Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris are speaking up and giving hope to LGBT youth. But I feel like they should go a step further: get several of the openly LGTB celebrities who are popular among young people come together and make a half-hour show about their experiences. I'm sure many of them were bullied as well, and could really help these young people to see that they shouldn't give up hope and that things will get better.

Marla Calderon
Marla Calderon8 years ago

It is a very sad situation and it's getting worse

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L8 years ago

You know the aid quilt help bring awaremess. Perhaps a gay teen quilt for children you have taken their lives could be started and one with a theme of respect for all people.

It is a very sad situation and it's getting worse. We all need to stand up for these kids. Being gay is not a choice, if it was these kid would just start dating hertrosexual partners and walk away from what they believe to be the pain of homosexuality and continue to live.

The blind hate, that is so pervasive in this country and has been louder these past 20 months, is killing our children.

Rose N.
Past Member 8 years ago

If only those who took their lives had been alive to see this...