EMILY’s List Says “Don’t Mess With Mama Grizzlies”

Abortion rights political action group EMILY’s List has gotten a bit more cheeky and irreverent under the leadership of new president Stephanie Shriock, and they’ve got another new video to show it.

As part of their new campaign “Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me,” the women’s group has launched a new video of women in bear suits.

Yes, bear suits.

Much as former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been trying to co-opt feminism for her very anti-choice, anti-health care, anti-family and anti-woman political agenda, EMILY’s List has turned the tables and is redefining Palin’s “Mama Grizzlies.”

“Sarah Palin recently released a video speaking on behalf of Mama Grizzlies.  Well, Sarah Palin, you don’t speak for us….Sarah Palin recently released a video saying Mama Grizzlies attack when their cubs are threatened.  But you want to know what threatens me?  My daughter not having the right to choose.  The fact that if you were in charge of this country, my little cubs wouldn’t have health care.  When the salmon stopped coming down the stream and I didn’t work for three months, guess how we survived?  Unemployment benefits, which is something that you and your gang of candidates want to do away with…Believe me, there are plenty of Mama Grizzlies out there who would disagree with you.   So you’re right — you don’t want to mess with Mama Grizzlies.”

XX Factor calls the video “rather absurd.”  More absurd than the idea of Sarah Palin painting herself as the next feminist icon, or a anti-choice women’s organization campaigning against anti-choice female candidates?   Probably not.

Do you want to let Sarah Palin know she doesn’t speak for you?  Be sure to sign the petition at EMILY’s List.

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Juan Pablo de la Torre

Ban Palin!

Juan Pablo de la Torre

Someone veto her!

Walter G.
Walter G7 years ago

Lipstick on a pig, a grizzly does not make!

Chris L.
Chris L7 years ago

Angela I do think if Hilary was the voice of women they would not have turned on her in 2008. She has to be feeling pretty betrayed.

Heidi R.
Past Member 7 years ago

Even if 95% of the women of America were born again Christian fundamentalists I don't see them choosing Sarah Palin to be their spokesperson. No, I don't see it in any case, not even out of a bear suit.

Angela Bibiane N.
Angela N7 years ago

The woman speaking for America is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Suzanne Manning
Suzanne M7 years ago

I just watched the Sarah Palin video on Youtube. I don't understand why she's comparing the sort of woman she feels she's campaigning for as Mama Grizzlies. Doesn't Sarah Palin also hunt down grizzlies and kill them? So.... she compares what she thinks of as the good women of America to an animal she doesn't even like and wants destroyed. ??? huh???

monica r.
monica r7 years ago

Chris L, I didn't get a chance to look at that yet, but I will. Thanks.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

NO,NO,NO! But as far as I'm concerned neither should EMILY'S LIST.

Anja N.
Justin R7 years ago

Did she skin that bear herself?