Enbridge Promises It Learned Its Lesson From Previous Massive Oil Spill, Won’t Happen Again


Enbridge Energy Partners, the company responsible for the massive 2009 oil spill in Lake Michigan during which a reported one million gallons of oil leaked into Talmadge Creek says it can learn from the accident and avoid the same issues with the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

Some, including the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, say that while Enbridge took responsibility for the spill, they have not been apologetic. Deborah Hersman, head of the National Transportation Safety Board, said that it should not have taken the company so long to realize what was happening. Enbridge responded by saying the company believes it was complying with all regulatory and industry standards at the time of the Michigan spill.

Whether the $3.7 million fine for the spill and the harsh comments from Hersman have any effect on the progress of the Northern Gateway remains to be seen. People in BC have been fighting the pipeline for months, but the project moves ever forward. It is currently under review by a federal committee.

The Harper government is not shy about showing its support for the pipeline insulting environmental groups and people from outside the country speaking out against it. They have also been openly discussing trade with China and have threatened the US that Canada will trade its oil with China if Americans refused the Keystone XL pipeline. The Northern Gateway is how oil would get from the oil sands in Alberta to oil tankers on their way to China.

Enbridge says it is planning a PR campaign to demonstrate to Canadians – especially those in BC most directly affected by the new construction that they are serious about the safety of this new pipeline.


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Terry Vanderbush
Terry V6 years ago


Mark Donners
Mark Donner6 years ago

All led by that that filth Harper. Harper should be treated as the criminal psychopath he really is. No less than life imprisonment or capital punishment is justified for him and all the nightmares that follow him, including "Enbridge", a terrrorist organization worse than the death camp builders of the Nazi era.

Laura R.
Laura R6 years ago

WHAT A JOKE!!!!! First, Enbridge has learned NOTHING. It has An extremely LONG history of spills and leaks. Research Crystal Falls, MI November 1999 (Detroit Free Press had an article). One of its pipe systems leaked into an isolated bog area and the oil got into the aquifer. That mess can NEVER be cleaned up. That was Enbridge’s Lakehead line, the same line as in the Kalamazoo leak two years ago, and the deterioration problems with that pipe were known by Enbridge LONG beforehand.

With all the hoopla I’ve read about Northern Gateway and Keystone XL, I seldom see the long term impacts mentioned. Not only is the land FOREVER changed by the construction (despite the FALSE promises that the land “would be restored to pre-construction condition), there is permanent air traffic along the route.

I live on one of Enbridge’s subsidiary’s routes (Vector) in Michigan. Not only was my property ruined, there are weekly helicopter flyovers. The helicopters are so loud you can hear them when they are miles away and cannot even be seen yet. They fly over so low that my windows vibrate. Picture that in rural area where there is livestock and, more importantly, in the forested areas such as what s in B.C. The wildlife would be terrified. It could cause them to permanently migrate away from their historically native areas. I doubt that the native peoples in B.C. that are fighting the pipe are aware of that. Does anyone know how to contact them?

Kecia W.
Kecia A6 years ago

I live in one of the communities affected by the Enbridge spill. All I can say is, from one BC to another, NO!

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M6 years ago

Petition signed. Enbridge - you are becoming a joke!!! and the Conservative Government of Canada along with you!!!

Carl Oerke
Carl O6 years ago

Enbridge Energy Partners who's safety record is shoddy at best and spilled more than one million gallons of oil into Lake Michigan wants us to believe that they have learned their lesson and it won't happen again. Do they also want us to believe in the tooth fairy. Too all of those Republicans who repeat the "Drill Baby Drill" chorus I humbly ask one question. Where is the upside for our country? The oil sands are Canadian property and the oil is to be purchased by the Chinese. I understand the downside. Enbridge pipelines have leaked like a sieve in the past and those leaks have caused massive environmental damage in our country and are likely to reoccurr with their lousy safety record. Where is the upside for the US? Some short term jobs while the pipeline is being built. More money for the greedy oil companies would should not be receiving tax payer subsidies in hth first place. Best to end and Keystone once and for all.

Carole H.
Carole H6 years ago

Enbridge said it all 'they thought they had done all they needed to - to comply with the law and regulations' - and not a bl**dy thing more - spill what spill! trust them? - gives us a break...

Larry C.
Larry Cowden6 years ago

Petition signed! No pipeline! The Harper government is fooling no one. The oil was going to be sold overseas from the start! They just wanted the refineries to process it. They are destroying their own envrionment recklessly just to satify the greed of the oil companies. Same as the US politicians. Both taking payments under the table to push for destruction of the environment. Unfortunately it may take more aggressive actions to shut down these pipelines from spreading. Enbridge cannot be trusted! The only thing they learned was what they should do to prevent getting caught the next time. They sure as hell won't take any measures to prevent any spills.

Kimberly Simms
Kimberly S6 years ago


paul m.
paul m6 years ago