Ending Rhino Horn Poaching (Video)

“Rivaling the price of gold on the black market, rhino horn is at the center of a bloody poaching battle,” says National Geographic journalist Peter Gwin. 281 rhinos have already been slaughtered thus far this year, reports TRAFFIC, a Global wildlife monitoring network, and by the end of the year, it predicts over 500 more will be murdered.

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The good news is that recently at least one of the rhino dealers has been brought to justice and his story is particularly compelling.

Double-crossing antiques dealer David Hausman of New York posed as an advocate for the rhinocer0us but then in the end showed his true colors. He actually tipped off the authorities about an illegal sale of rhino horns and afterward tried to secretly buy the horns himself. He currently faces up to two years in prison. Hopefully, his fate will be a warning to other dealers.

However, he is just one of many who need to be stopped. Please take the time to sign the Rhino Poaching petition and stand up against this atrocity:

The facts are clear. Poaching is undoing decades of rhino conservation success and putting African rhinos on the fast track to extinction.

Fact: Africa used to support hundreds of thousands of black and white rhinos. Today, there are fewer than 25,000 of both species.
Fact: Rhino poaching is up 3,346 percent since 2007 — an all time high. Last year, 448 rhinos were killed in South Africa alone.
Fact: Every day, two more rhinos are murdered for their horn, a coveted resource for poachers.

We’ve brought rhinos back from the verge of extinction before. With your help, we can do it again.

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Photo Credit: Jim Epler


ER C4 years ago

Signed it . . . I think the poachers should have their heads crammed up their own butts til their toes turn blue...to remind them of what they really are.....demonic **** heads. That's ugly, I don't usually get so mad, instead I pray. However, tonight signing petitions & venting via comments feel GOOOOOOD. I appreciate the petitions!!

Ans Weevers
Ans W4 years ago


Colin Guest
Colin Guest5 years ago

The only good poacher is a dead one. There needs to be more involvement by the military as is the case in South Africa to shoot dead all poachers. It is little point in having them arrested as the sentences handed out are far to lenient, with the poachers soon back to work.A dead poacher is unable to come back to carry out more poaching once released from prison. It is the ring leaders and unscrupulous customs officers who need to be put in jail for long prison sentences, along with confiscation of their property. The middle men are the ones who make most money from poaching and these should be severely punished. Without them the poachers will no longer have quotas to fill as at present. Apart from this of course is the total lack of support from China in stopping the trade in wildlife parts for so called miracle cures. With the ever increasing wealth of thousands of its citizens the demand from China will only get worse and worse. They have to understand that once all elephants and rhinos have been killed there will be unable to purchase any more horns or tusks. The way things are going at present this unfortunate situation of poaching these animals will continue.

Mark Donners
Mark D5 years ago

Wildlife poaching smuggling rings like this "antiques" dealer shouldn't get two years they should get a lifetime sentence or execution.. what they are doing is far worse than drug smuggling and murder. They are assaulting the future of the planet.

Vernon W.
Vernon W5 years ago

How about pre-emptively replacing the horn with a plastic replica, making it useless for use as knife handles or medicine? People will have to find alternatives if it is not available.

Sheri D.
Sheri D5 years ago

Signed. This has to stop!

Nadine H.
Nadine H5 years ago

Already signed. Now this is what I want my taxes to go to!!!!!!!
The USA has spent so much money on nonsense, this is something that we NEED to spend money on. Hey Mitt, you have millions?????

Susan G.
Susan G5 years ago

Again and again and again.....

Susan G.
Susan G5 years ago

Petition signed!

Katherine Wright
Katherine W5 years ago

POACH THE POACHERS..........you have our blessing to shoot and kill these bastards on sight. They are nothing but the scum and filth of the earth.