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Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown8 years ago

Wow, that's a pretty big challenge, but I believe he can take on that challenge. First things first---As President he has to clean up Bush's mess of the last 8 years. Then he can work on the problems for us. There's always going to be immediate problems to deal with and lumps and bumps to get over. Nuclear wars will destroy us all--there's no winners here---we will all parish and it doesn't matter who pushes the red button or not! It's not a winable war if nuclear bombs are set off. The World Will Parish.....

Ron Bradbury
Teddy Bear B8 years ago

A very impressive man, but who can lead a nation out of the mess the US is in.

Here's a test for him, one to put human life and avoidance of human suffering before the major economic slug to the USA of stopping the sale of weapons - DESTROY YOUR STOCK OF LAND MINES NOW. You see that can't happen because it is a necessary weapon of war.

So instead MR Obama, commit to going out and retrieving those left behind in places like Vietnam and Iraq (right now) as the plan to withdraw should include taking home unexploded devices and providing hope for those the US chose to liberate.

set up hospitals for recovery of ordinary citizens who will suffer terrible illness as a result of the conflict arguably worse than the suffering they faced from their despotic leader.

A major reduction in nuclear proliferation is a worthy and admirable objective and I wish you success but handing out love and care to those who suffer innocently now and for many years to come from the conflicts your predecessors and now you have chosen to be involved in, justifiable or not, will bring recognition of a nation which truly cares for more than it's own human and economic needs.

America needs to export more compassion and understanding for the victims of it;s actions.

Do this and you can one day make another acceptance speech of substance this time as a worthy recipient, which, by your own words, at this time, you are not.

My challenge to you, become a worthy recipient or give it back!

Aletta Kraan
Aletta Kraan8 years ago

Thank you !!!

Pam Rhia S.
.8 years ago

His speech was upbeat, but with humility and gratitude. He even addressed some of the greats that have won before him and the actions that those who will never win a nobel prize or any prize fot that matter, but they do their work daily, quietly, and without praise, just seeing the good they do daily for others with less than them. It made me proud to see President Obama get the Nobel Prize. I feel his actions so far deserve it, and I feel as the next 3 years plus unfolds he will have far greater things that support him getting it also.

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Pam A8 years ago

A positive speech; It is easy for people to be armchair critics - let us be positive and support Obama.

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