Equali-Tees? Target Sells Pride Shirts for Gay Charity

For many cities in the U.S., LGBT Pride marches with a burst of summer heat and sunshine. Taking advantage of the warm weather and prismatic celebrations, Target has become the latest retailer to launch a special line of Pride-themed t-shirts.

“WEAR IT WITH PRIDE,” the store’s website declares across a colorful banner. The men’s and women’s tees feature four different designs promoting love, harmony and, of course, rainbows.

For purchases made between May 20 and June 30, Target is donating 100% of sales to the Family Equality Council. Currently, the limited edition t-shirts are only available online.

It’s a huge step in the right direction for Target, which hasn’t always had a good record when it comes to LGBT rights. In 2010, the Target corporation made a $150,000 donation to anti-gay Minnesota politician Tom Emmer, leading to a consumer boycott and public outrage from performer Lady GaGa.

The company also drew criticism from equality advocates when it filed a restraining order against an LGBT nonprofit organization. That group, San Diego-based Canvass for a Cause, sued and won the right to gather petition signatures outside Target stores.

It’s not good business sense to alienate an entire community of consumers, and it seems like Target has finally learned this. Let’s hope other corporations follow their lead. Maybe we can get Pride sweaters in time for the fall.

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Image captured from Target.com


Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

Hell yeah! I wonder how long before One Million Moms make a big stink about it, and as a result more people hear about it and shop there. I wish they sold them in their stores though. Target always seemed to suck when it came to larger sizes though. It's whatever, people can find shirts in bigger sizes at other stores. I got my pride shirts from Spencers, speaking of which, once I have extra cash again, I want to buy another shirt from them. I like a bit of offensive with my pride, my favorite shirt to go out in when I'm feeling bold and in your face says "taste my rainbow". I want one that says that I kiss girls or something liek that.

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

This is nice to see a large retailer choosing to sell gay friendly clothes.

Lisa Quattrochi
Louise S5 years ago

A step towards peace and progress. Now we need to target TARGET about the over 42 video games with guns on the cover in their toy aisle---they are marketing gun violence to kids everywhere. They sell machine gun replica water pistols with mean looking men on packaging and age limit is 6 years old. They put DVDs with Jolie and Pitt(among others) aiming guns on the covers in cute pink Valentine displays, as a "gift" idea.
Then Target claims it cares about "education".
They profit from marketing gunfire, and we all pay the price.

Lauren B.

About time.

Carole Cherne
Carole Cherne5 years ago

I'm heading to Target in the morning.

Tiffany B.
Tiffany B5 years ago


Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

Good business move although I doubt it is for humanitarian reasons that Target is producing the clothing.

Joe R.
Joe R5 years ago

Guess I'll be shopping at Target tomorrow. (I've finally forgiven them - but I don't really trust them yet.)

Kat Head
Katherine H5 years ago

This is great! I love Target :)

Toni Mueller
Toni Muel5 years ago

Worely, you are a despicable human being. You must have a really ugly god to be spouting all this horror. Try LOVE - it's a lot more fun!!!