Ethan the Dog Poisoned, Buried and Brought Back To Life

A Jack Russell terrier in France had a miraculous escape from death after he was poisoned and buried alive on his third birthday.

For a moment, I thought I was reading a review of Frankenweenie, a recently released comedy-horror film directed by Tim Burton, in which a boy named Victor loses his dog Sparky and uses the power of science to bring him back to life.

But no; this actually happened last week in Charleville-Mezieres, a town about 125 miles northeast of Paris.

Ethan was dug up by a man who was walking on a lakeside pedestrian path and noticed that the ground was moving, apparently the result of convulsions from the dog’s poisoning. The man then got a shovel and dug the dog up. Lucky Ethan — not every random person strolling through the park would react that way!

The anonymous man called firefighters who rushed the shivering dog to a vet who was able to nurse the dog back to life. The terrier was subsequently identified through a microchip that showed all this happened on his third birthday.

From The Guardian:

“It’s extraordinary. We only see this in TV movies,” said veterinarian Philippe Michon. “He came back to life and without a scratch. It’s rather miraculous.”

The vet said when firemen brought the dirt-covered terrier to his office “he was completely cold, he was barely breathing.”

Michon used hot water bottles to warm up Ethan’s seemingly lifeless body. The dog was so cold his veins had collapsed and it was hard to find one to hydrate him but within 24 hours the dog was back on his feet.

Ethan is one lucky dog: between an passerby who noticed the ground moving, the firemen, and a caring veterinarian, the terrier is bouncing with life.

But that leaves the question: why did Ethan end up poisoned and in a shallow grave to begin with?

According to Gawker, Sabina Zamora, president of an animal association in Charleville-Mezieres, Ethan’s owner says he had given the dog away but police are investigating.

France has a remarkable system of health care for people, with all their medical information encoded on to a single computer chip. It’s great to know that animals are covered in a similar way.

Hooray for Ethan!

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Carrie Anne Brown

glad Ethan is ok! thanks for sharing, hope he gets a loving home

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright5 years ago

Can we please get an update on Ethan???? And is it possible that the sub~human who did this horrid act will be caught and prosecuted???? God only knows how many other animals have died because of them and how many more may end up in the same fate as Ethan almost did.

I would hate to have that scumbag running around free in my community.........whomever they are they are a danger to society and need to be locked up permanently.

Catherine Brewt Adams
Catherine Adams5 years ago

So where is the dog now; I hope not with the owner, who may have been the culprit who was so cruel and heartless.....

Julia Tawyea'
Julia Tawyea'5 years ago

I hope that he was adopted by a loving person/family and that he didn't get sent back to the previous owner...

mari s.
Mari S5 years ago

Thank you and merci a million times to all who intervened and rescued sweet Ethan -- let's hope his next guardian will give him what he so deserves -- shower him with care, fun and comfort. Find the cruel idiot who laid this suffering on Ethan -- punish him/her to the max -- society should not allow, not accept, torture, murder, etc. of living beings.

Kate Bates
Kathleen B5 years ago

Dug up from his cold & lonely grave .... to languish for awhile at an overcrowded,shrieking, stinking, dog pound to wait his turn on the humane euthanasia table?
Was this a halloween trick or treat?

Kati Patelaki
kathy P5 years ago

Merci to all those involved in caring for Ethan and hope he finds a loving home.

Shari Markovich
Shari Markovich5 years ago

Hope Ethan has the warm, happy life and home that he deserves! And I agree with Karl M>. Give me 5 minutes with the person who committed this crime and they will beg for the same fate, and he/she wont be unburied....

Sheri D.
Sheri D5 years ago

Thank you to the anonymous man who saved Ethan!

Charli S.
Charlotte S5 years ago

Glad someone saved the dog but I hope they find out who poisoned the dog and who buried him. It's a shame we don't have better care for both dogs and humans in this country.