EU Bans Cloned Farm Animals, but Approves Cloned Horses and Bulls

The European Union proposed a five-year ban on cloning farm animals and livestock, but the plan is not animal-friendly. 


The ban gives the go-ahead for cloning all sorts of other animals including racehorses and fighting bulls.


The proposal was submitted by the EU’s executive commission on Tuesday and is expected to be approved in the next few months.  It bans the cloning of first generation animals used for food and prohibits importing cloned livestock.


But the proposal does not protect animals and has advocates in an uproar because it specifically promotes cloning for many other purposes – including research.


In a story from The Wall Street Journal the EU health commissioner said, “Clones are for researchers, not butchers.”


Here is a list of cloning scenarios advocated by the EU:

  • Saving a species from extinction
  • Manufacturing pharmaceuticals
  • Breeding performance animals such as racehorses or bulls for bull fights

The EU proposal also allows embryos and semen from cloned animals to be imported and the offspring of cloned animals to be used for their meat and milk.


The commission claims there are no animal health or public health concerns for consuming the offspring of clones.


Animal welfare groups pointed out that cloning is not an exact science and has a poor success rate.

Less than one out of every five animals cloned survives past the first few days of life.


And cloning is very expensive with costs coming in at $15,000 to $20,000 to breed one animal.


On May 19, the first cloned fighting bull was unveiled in northern Spain.  The bull named Got, which means “glass” was identical to his father, a fighting bull named Vasito who died in March.



Creative Commons - Obsolete Hypster


Rhiannon Bloomfield

They are playing with God and its wrong.

Helga S.
Helga S7 years ago

Cloning is just plain stupid. It's scientists trying to play God and that will never end well.

Brittany P.
Brittany Parsons7 years ago

Even cloning for research doesn't make sense, as what's the point on testing clones? It's just like testing the same animal over and over. Sometimes I think the only reason people do this stuff is because they like having the power to screw with what's not meant to be screwed with. Another example of how our big brains do more harm than good...

Janel C.
Janel V7 years ago

Cloning animals for research?? How about STOPPING testing and researching on animals.It is cruel and does not prevent dangerous products and/or meds from hitting the market.
Cloning performance animals? Bullfights,rodeos,circuses,horseracing,the list goes on,and they all need to stop.I just recently saw a video of how "wonderful" Ringling Bros.trains elephants,the adults and the babies. Fear,intimidation,shackles,tethering.The whole business should be shut down.
Just leave all animals ALONE!! In every respect!!

Frances B.
Frances B.7 years ago

Even cloning to save a species is a bad idea - for populations to survive they need genetic diversity, rather than all individuals having the same set of genes. And cloning for the purposes of research is just plain sick. When will people start using the compassion that humans are supposed to have, and respect other life on the planet? We only harm ourselves...

Empress Ginger
Ginger Strivelli7 years ago

Cloning is just dangerous...don't these people watch Sci fi movies?

charmaine c.
Charmaine C7 years ago

This is evil to animals. Cloning for purposes of research?? My hair stands on end when I think of any of this.

Esther Lance
Esther Lance7 years ago

No good ever came out of tampering with nature.

Carol Lopez
Carol Lopez7 years ago

jesus christ is it not that simple to just say "ok i finally used common sense and have decided to protect all cloned animals"?!?!?!?!?!

Suze O.
Suze Q7 years ago

Clones for researchers, how vile does it get. Exploitation to the extreme......amazingling inhumane, stupid and cruel. The EU is really stepping over the line lately with many decisions. What next, clone is just around the corner but they will test the animals to the extreme first. In spite of the deformities, lack of success and pain suffered by the ones that are the experiment.........very disturbing....