Euna Lee and Laura Ling Pardoned!

I am so happy to be writing this post. The news has just broken – former President Bill Clinton’s mission to North Korea was a success, and U.S. journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling have been pardoned by North Korean officials. Euna Lee and Laura Ling will be coming home.

According to the BBC News, the official North Korean News Agency (KCNA)  issued a statement saying,”Kim Jong-il issued an order… granting a special pardon to the two American journalists who had been sentenced to hard labour.” ABC News is reporting the journalists may board a plane for home as early as tonight.

Thank you to the tens of thousands of Care2 members around the world who signed petitions calling for Euna and Laura’s release. Thank you to the tireless volunteers who never let the world forget that these two courageous women have been imprisoned in North Korea since March 17th of this year, simply for doing their jobs as journalists reporting on the issue of human trafficking along the North Korea – China border.

Leave your comments – we’ll share all with the volunteers in touch with the families of Euna Lee and Laura Ling.

UPDATE: Read a statement from the families at

UPDATE: Laura Ling’s statement from the airport with Bill Clinton and Al Gore:

UPDATE: Euna Lee and Laura Ling return home and reunite with their families – Euna gets to see her daughter!

UPDATE: Sign the online thank you card to President Bill Clinton!


Annoorani Misbah
Annoorani Misbah7 years ago

well done both of you

Tim Cheung
Tim C7 years ago


Amy White
Amy White7 years ago

This story is awesome! I wish every petition could end so!

Byron Mulder
Byron Mulder7 years ago

I am captivated by this news, a truly heroic success story! Congrats.

Laurita Walters
Laurita Walters7 years ago

It is uplifting to see success

Monica M.
Past Member 8 years ago

There are many different rools with different nations. People make mistakes and pay for them, but, this case can serve as an example how the authority, the president has to be. Euna Lee and Laura Ling are very lucky!

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Lisa Tyree
Lisa Tyree9 years ago

Oh, BTW, my last post was for Gail M.

Lisa Tyree
Lisa Tyree9 years ago

Thanks for the star. :-)) However I don't see how being blond has anything to do with it.

Dr N Bhashyam
Dr N Bhashyam9 years ago

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Saju G.
Saju George9 years ago

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