Even Republicans Agree: Missouri Governor/Alleged Rapist Needs To Go

It’s been a few months since word emerged that Missouri Governor Eric Greitens had blackmailed his mistress, yet somehow he’s managed to hold on to his job.

As new updates on this scandal come out, however, it’s become abundantly clear that Greitens is not fit for public office. That’s why the Care2 community is signing this petition: Missouri Governor Must Resign After Blackmailing His Mistress.

A bipartisan panel of state legislators conducted an investigation on Greitens and learned that he was physically and verbally abusive to the woman in question and also coerced her into performing a sexual act as she cried. I don’t know why more news outlets aren’t outright labeling that incident rape.

She also reconfirmed the previous story that Greitens took photos of her tied up and undressed without permission, then threatened to release the pictures if she were ever to discuss their relationship publicly.

The five Republicans and two Democrats who heard the testimony collectively deemed the witness credible and are expected to formally make a recommendation on impeachment in the upcoming month.

Ideally, Governor Greitens would resign before letting it get to that, but thus far he has refused to do so. Many of his conservative allies who have extended him the benefit of the doubt are changing their tune. That includes Attorney General Josh Hawley, a Republican who asked Greitens to resign immediately because of the “shocking, substantial and corroborated evidence of wrongdoing” contained in the report.

Greitens hasn’t spoken much about the situation other than to insist his affair with the woman was consensual and that it was a “private mistake that has nothing to do with governing.” He refused to be interviewed by the legislators to share his side of the story before their findings were published.

As for the latest allegations, he called them a “political witch hunt. “This is exactly like what’s happening with the witch hunts in Washington, D.C.,” he said. In that he’s likely guilty but plays the victim of a conspiracy in order to avoid the repercussions?

Greitens is already facing charges of “invasion of privacy” for taking nude photos of the woman without her consent. The crime he’s accused of is considered a felony and could put him in jail for as long as seven years. More criminal charges could be forthcoming, too, given what investigators have learned about his sexual abuse.

Take Action

It’s time for Greitens to own up to his action and stop prolonging the inevitable. There’s no need to put Missouri through the impeachment process when he can do what’s best for him and the state and simply resign.

In light of all the details we now know, we’re renewing our call to Greitens to resign. Sign this petition to urge him to end his role as governor so that he’s not tasked with leading the state while facing such serious charges.

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Sabrina D
Sabrina D5 days ago

I've just signed the petiton. You're absolutely right, Julie D.

Julie D
Julie D5 days ago

These kinds of people cannot be allowed to hold any kind of public office. He should have been removed on leave as soon as this evidence was uncovered, and kept out of office until the investigation concludes with his permanent dismissal. He should be barred from ever again holding any kind of public office. He should be in prison.

Nicole H

@ Luna S : I am certainly not GLAD with yr comments. (once again) Whether you comment on animal or political causes, you are so DAMNED WRONG once again. You are one of the most arrogant people I have ever met and I would rather fast for 2 weeks than meeting you. Why don't you stop writing all this crap ?? You would certainly do a great pleasure to a big number of members.

@ Megan S : I'm quite sure that many men in his situation wld try to cover up the story by telling that he either had been drinking too much, or that there was a 3rd party involved who took the pictures and he doesn't remember anything. They must have poured something in my whisky... How many other "FAKE" roles can he play ??? Hundreds and a good lawyer will gladly help him, provided his fees and expenses will be highly compensated.

@ David F : As far as I know - not being an American - the case of Bill Clinton and Greitens have NOTHING IN COMMON. Bill Clinton took advantage of a young woman, and had a sexual relationship with her. But I never heard about rape, assault, threats, etc.. Greitens is lower than the lowest animal on this world. First lure a woman, then tying her up, take pictures and rape her. This can not be MORE different. If I could choose, as a woman, I wld prefer having an affair with Bill.

Nicole H

Extremely GOOD news. Whether Fuhrer Trumpf will pet him on the back or not, is not my concern. I'm happy that he is being kicked out. The most important thing is that FINALLY an agreement was reached, even with 5 Republicans . This man should NEVER have a political or official assignment in his life. He is a vile perpetrator, who took advantage of his political appointment, and now just was served his poisoned dish. Hooray for this woman who stood firm and did not quit because of his threats. I sincerely hope he has to serve his 7 years in jail. Politicians have the obligation to be an example for the population !!

Amongst the whole Republican clan, there are more that need a kick under the but. Let's hope the women involved will not collapse under the threats of these filthy animals or will not drop their charges for a high amount of $$$$ allowing them to buy a nice car or apartment. Whether a politician or a simple laborer, rape and sexual assault remains the same. And they should be sentenced with the same amount of years in jail .

Karen H
Karen H7 days ago

In addition to the sexual allegations, the state's attorney general has evidence of potential criminal acts of wrongdoing with regard to Greitens' campaign. Computer tampering, which is a felony. The Missouri House Investigative Committee also reported substantial evidence of sexual, violent misconduct. Don't forget the blackmail. When Democrat Al Franken was accused of sexual harassment, he went quietly. Republican Grietens, however, is quoted as saying, "I will not be resigning the Governor's office." Trump is probably ready to pat him on the back for his sexual exploits and computer tampering during his campaign.

RONALD Walker7 days ago

I wish I could write more about how bad Greitens is. Greitens is so low I can't come any more than, why he is still in office? Yet the very person Greitens supports is trump! It would not surprise that trump and Greitens are writing notes on what is working with each other. Here is what I am thinking. Hey, Donald FYI do not take nude pictures it does not work. To Ecir from Donald, NDA is not working for me and there is no pee tape. Hey, Donald, can you send me a copy of that pee tape! Sure!

Joan E
Joan E8 days ago

So the Republicans actually DO have a standard? Who knew?

Karen H
Karen H8 days ago

Pretty pathetic. Yes, it started as a consensual affair, but this sleaze took her down to the basement and taped her hands to exercise equipment. And then, he allegedly blindfolded her and took nude photos of her without her consent and told her she was never to mention his name or the pictures would be "everywhere". He ran a pro-family values campaign with ads saying, "I'm Eric Greitens, I'm a Navy SEAL, native Missourian and most importantly, a proud husband and father." Wonder how proud his wife and kids are? Now his GOP pals are telling him to resign.

pam w
pam w9 days ago

SOOOOO...when will we hear he's been dumped?

Patty L
Patty Langford9 days ago

he is a predator! tyfs